blog: 5 Must-Do Improvements to Sell Your Guilderland Home Fast - 03/17/18 06:04 AM
Are you planning to put your home up for sale this year? 
There’s a difference between selling a home, and selling a home fast.
For a home to sell fast, it must be appealing, priced right and move-in ready. You have to make the effort to make your Guilderland NY property stand out against the competition.
How do you make your home attractive to buyers? Here are five must-do improvements to get the offers rolling.
Spruce up your curb appeal. When selling your home, your home’s first impression is the only impression. The first thing a buyer sees even before they step in your property … (0 comments)

blog: Watervliet NY Homes For Sale - 02/26/18 03:08 AM
Watervliet is a town along the Hudson River in Albany County, NY. It features beautiful homes replete with history and culture. It is only minutes away from Albany, the capital of the state of New York, offering the best of accessibility and retreat.
If you are in the market for real estate, let me tell you that getting a home in this location is a smart move. Whether you intend to move in or simply to invest, homes for sale in Watervliet NY are exactly what you need!
A Haven for Nature Lovers 
Buying a home here in Watervliet gives you access to some … (0 comments)

blog: How to Prepare Your Cohoes NY Homes to Sell Quickly - 02/02/18 05:29 PM
Getting your home ready to sell? 
Gone are the days when you simply have to post a “For Sale” sign on your front yard.
These days in a highly competitive real estate market where there’s a sea of houses for sale in Cohoes, you need to step up your game and make all the effort to ensure your home stands out.
It’s not just about standing out and being more appealing, it’s also about getting the best price.
Make your buyer fall in love with your home  
If you are wondering how to sell your home fast and for top dollar against … (1 comments)

blog: North Colonie Homes for Sale - 01/04/18 02:14 PM
Why North Colonie Homes?North Colonie offers a diverse economy. In recent years, the town has seen continued, but more stable growth in its economy whether for business, industrial, or recreational opportunity. Its diverse economy, which includes healthcare and social services program, housing accommodation, several dining establishments, schools, residential and commercial real estate, and much more, create opportunities for career growth for community’s residents and visitors alike.
It’s perfect for you and your family!The community, which has desirable neighborhoods, quiet streets, coupled with cultural advantages, will make you appreciate more where you live. It is also a promising community to be part of … (0 comments)

blog: 🏡South Colonie Homes for Sale - 12/14/17 11:16 PM
Grab the chance to visit the game changers of real estate properties in South Colonie! 
The neighborhood in South Colonie, NY is everything a buyer could want in a new place! There are approximately 60 houses that are actively listed for sale and some of these are likely to sell quickly.
You may wonder, how can you make your house sell fast in South Colonie like most of these homes? I’ve come up with several steps that have proven to work wonders!
Make your listing fly off the shelf!  
Never underestimate the effect of good photos. This is will definitely increase the … (0 comments)

blog: 💵What Are the Closing Costs to Sell a Home in Cohoes NY - 11/27/17 05:53 PM
Closing costs in Cohoes, NY vary widely based on the market and the kind of property 
While many of us think that costs are only associated with buying a home, not many realize that selling your property also comes with certain fees. Having a clear understanding of this will prevent you from a lot of unwanted surprises when it is time to close the sale.
It’s no secret that the price of a house depends a lot on where it’s located. Same thing with closing costs. These are more expensive in places where the cost of living is also higher. These are … (0 comments)

blog: 🏡What Are the Closing Costs of Selling a Home in Colonie NY - 11/15/17 07:11 PM
When closing a deal to sell a home, it is important to know what closing costs to pay. 
Once you’ve accepted your buyer’s offer and negotiations are finally winding down then you’re left with the remaining concern of closing the sale. If you’re reading this now and you are contemplating on selling your property or in the middle of the process, please continue reading because the topic is relevant to you.
Getting a clear idea of these things ahead of time is always a wise choice because this will give you ample room for any adjustment or challenges during the final walkthrough. If … (0 comments)

blog: 🏠What's My Colonie NY Home Value? - 10/10/17 02:10 PM
If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the biggest concerns that you have to address is how much your property is actually worth.
It is highly important to set an accurate value for your home before listing it for sale. If you try to sell for a price that is too high for the home or the location, your home might get overlooked entirely.
So how do you know for sure what your Colonie NY home is worth?  
First, let us take a moment to determine what true market value really means. Market value is what buyers are … (0 comments)

blog: Homes for Sale in Cohoes NY - 07/20/17 01:27 AM
What makes the homes in Cohoes NY stand out? 
Cohoes, NY is an integrated city. It is the second largest city in the north eastern corner of Albany County in the United States. It’s known for the name, Spindle City, due to the growth of textile manufacturing in the 19th century.  
And true to its name, Cohoes draws its community together through the diverse and comfortable real estate properties this place offers.
When is the best time to move into one of the homes for sale in Cohoes NY? 
That would be now.
Expect a promising economy, educated population and nearby recreational activities for all … (0 comments)

blog: What’s My Cohoes Home Value? - 06/04/17 07:07 PM
If preparing your home for a successful sale or wanting to know the value of it  are what you have been thinking of lately, allow me to make things easier for you and turn this into a beautiful experience and get the outcome that you want.
Congratulations on putting so much work into making your home valuable and always at the top of the line.
Now,  seeing the fruit of your labors is beyond rewarding.
This is what makes my job more meaningful and fun. To help homeowners, like yourself, have a clear understanding of where you are at when it … (1 comments)

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