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Investing in Commercial Real Estate can be as easy as A-B-C - alright maybe not, but knowing your ABC’s can save you a lot of time and frustration. Certainly when your deciding what and where to invest. Commercial properties are defined -or classified- by a letter system. While classifying can ge...
Keeping your emotions in check is a good idea when buying Apartment buildings ( just a little food for thought)Too many times investors walk into a deal with the mindset of a homeowner. This is a business, your major focus needs to be on cash flow, not what color the tenant painted his living roo...
Choose an area for the greatest success. So then how do you choose a neighborhood to buy an apartment building in? You want to shoot for an area that would be considered the ‘bread and butter’ area.  A property which is slightly lower than the average building in the area.  Remember the principle...
Here are a few more things to consider when your setting those goals for buying apartment buildings in Chicago. Be specific, state exactly what you want. Instead of just saying you want to be financially independent; put a number to it.  I want to have a monthly income of 2,000 a month. Set a dat...

This morning I read this post from Lisa Von Domek from Dallas.  Not only was this a great thing to read first thing is the morning, I also happen to enjoy the book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill.  Lisa points out how negative breds negative and with the economy, real estate market and the...
A few things to consider when investing in real estate.  This  has been said over and over again. And, if your like most people your probably tired of hearing the same thing from everyone. At this point you just want to get started buying apartment buildings. Unfortunately, there is a reason that...
You’ve decided to invest in real estate. Okay, so you’ve made the commitment. Your all dressed up and ready to do, but where to start.Run out and buy business cards, for-rent signs, letterhead. Yeah,  these are all good things, but all in due time.The first thing to consider is in what neighborho...
  The Eviction Process… 7 Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes I realize that most investors start out with a great plan and eviction probably wasn’t part of it.  I know , buy a building at a great price, may do some minor repairs, find a decent tenant and sit back and collect the rent. … Right?  Evicti...
    Wow! I am seriously behind in my 'liking' campaign.  Well, at least posting about it anyways. I have been behind the scenes going around checking people out, yeah I know back to my lurking ways again.  Just don’t tell Alan.  The one thing I have noticed and this maybe a duh!! moment here, bu...
Some other common mistakes first time investors should watch out for. Not having enough cash reserves should be considered a big one. Being in this position can set you up for all kinds of problems. Performing sub-standard repairs comes to mind first, which eventually leads to sub-standard tenant...

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