calgary condominiums: Calgary's Premier Historical Building Anderson Estates - 01/27/11 10:04 AM
Do you love historical architecture yet enjoy modern convenience? If so you might be interested in living in Anderson Estates.

Anderson Estates was built in 1912 for a cost of $150,000. It's original purpose was to be a bachelors hotel. The building was very prestigious and able to charge $60 a month for a one bedroom suite. The building was designed with its U shape to let natural light into the original 63 suites.  

The building was converted into condominiums in the 1970's. The building has been historically restored with a marble stairway, original brass elevator, and stunning woodwork throughout. Suites feature … (0 comments)

calgary condominiums: Calgary Condominiums. #1 On Google. - 11/02/10 07:14 PM has the number one Google ranking for the search term "Calgary Condos" and "Calgary Condominiums"
My Website is your full access to information about Calgary Condominiums with no log in required to see MLS Listings.


calgary condominiums: Would You Hire A Proctologist To Give You A Nose Job? - 09/17/10 08:38 AM
Both are doctors and surgeons but they deal with specific parts of the body at different ends none the less. If you wouldn't get a surgery done without a specialist why would you buy a home from someone who doesn't specialize in that area?  The anatomy of a condominium is different than a house. You are not only buying a property, you are buying a piece of a corporation with all of the assets and liabilities that corporation may incur. So you can see that it may be important to use someone that understands how the insides work. It is easier … (2 comments)

calgary condominiums: Calgary Downtown Condos Just Listed September 16 2010 - 09/16/10 08:41 AM
All new listings in the Calgary Downtown area are featured on the first page of my website 
Listings are updated hourly.  Make your source for condo information.  Many pre-searches by area are already done for you.  No log in is required for you to get up-to-date and complete information. 
I am a certified condo specialist so if you do find your dream condo I am right here to answer any questions you may have regarding condo documents, reserve funds or the many other issues condo buyers face.  You can call me at 403-294-1500 with any questions you may have. 

calgary condominiums: Red Flags for Buying a Condo - 04/05/10 12:53 PM
Red Flags for Buying a Condo
Condominium ownership is a very new alternative to traditional property ownership. The ability for a group of people to each own their own units, but share common expenses, and still live in harmony has created some huge benefits for buyers. However, if you didn’t know at least some of the benefits, then you likely wouldn’t be considering purchasing a condo in the first place. We will leave the benefits aside for now…
The items that most of our clients want to know about are the red flags. What items should I look a little more into before I purchase … (2 comments)

calgary condominiums: Your RRSP Can Help Make You a First-Time Homebuyer - 04/05/10 12:28 PM
Here’s a nice thought for hopeful first-time home-buyers – if you’ve been tucking away money into your RRSP, you may have that elusive down-payment. Your RRSP can help you make your house dreams come true. Under the Home Buyer’s Plan, you can tap your RRSP and borrow from yourself tax-free to help with your home purchase. You then pay yourself back later.
Of course, your RRSP savings are always accessible (it’s your money after all), but when funds are withdrawn, they are taxable in the year of withdrawal unless you comply with certain rules – and being a first … (0 comments)

calgary condominiums: First-timers key to reviving market - 06/09/09 04:08 AM
 The expected return of first-time homebuyers to the marketplace is seen as key to the rejuvenation of Canada's housing sectors, says a real estate industry executive.
A growing number of newbies to home ownership-- considered the largest single buying segment--have been sitting on the sidelines since it became obvious Canada wasn't going to avoid the global recession, says Phil Soper, president and CEO of Brookfield Real Estate Services.
At the height of the housing boom, which started to deflate partway through 2007, first-time buyers accounted for as much as 70 per cent of all transactions, he says.
One of the key … (0 comments)

calgary condominiums: Buyer who hesitates ends up losing out. Low interest rates joining federal incentives - 06/09/09 04:03 AM

To jump or not to jump.
I guess the question that plagues new home buyers is "should we jump in now, or should we wait to see if the market is still dropping?"
Well, if you know someone in this situation, they may have already missed the bottom.
Let's take a few key indicators of what's going on in the market : - Because of the low interest rates there has been a flurry of new home buyers who didn't have to sell their home because they were renting.
People didn't want to list their homes because of the price … (0 comments)

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