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Commentary regarding issues affecting local and national real estate markets. This includes tools to make finding and researching listings easier, faster, and more complete. I also comment upon contemporary issues that we, as Americans, must take action upon to insure that we do not give up our freedom and liberty to those who mean us harm. Domestic policies, while generally well meaning, must be examined closely for their long term ramifications. Currently, we are being rushed into policies and commitments that impose burdens on our country that promises to reduce our standard of living enormously.



The virtual office technology for Connect Realty brokers is being installed on servers as this is being drafted. Roll out is scheduled for March 1. This is a terrific benefit to Connect Realty brokers.. all this included in the annual affiliation cost of $300. Anyone with experience knows that th...
With the passage of the most recent economic "bailout", America has almost certainly sealed its fate to become a nation with a very dim economic future. President Obama and our congressional "leadership" has failed us. The idea that we can borrow these enormous sums and somehow create financial ...
Update: Obama has signed the gigantic "borrow and spend" bill. Congress voted on this before anyone in Congress had time to read it. Imagine our country's future under the "leadership" we now have. Here are some tidbits from the bill: Stimulus, or Pork? Congress at work. Here are just a couple of...
FNMA released guideline changes recently.. They've decided that investors aren't that bad after all.  Well, those with deep pockets anyway!  Imagine that. FNMA recently limited investors to 4 loans total- for 1-4 units. The limit has been raised to 10 loans.  There are some added conditions, howe...
Down Payment assistance from Nehemiah, Ameridream, and others was disallowed late last year. But a comeback is being considered.. which would allow FHA financing for buyers who obtain their down payment funds from charitable organizations.. as was possible before. For the most current status of t...

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