montgomery county short sales: Montgomery County PA Short Sale Assistance - 09/10/09 03:37 PM
Montgomery County Short Sale Assistance
There are numerous ways that you can lose a home, but to do it in a way that destroys credit totally (Foreclosure), can be very stressful.
For any homeowner in Montgomery County PA or the surrounding counties, who is behind on payments and facing foreclosure, you may qualify for a short sale to help sell your home before foreclosure.
A short sale occurs when the lender agrees to lower the amount owed to them in order for you to be able to sell at a reasonable price. When the housing market dropped in Montgomery County, house … (0 comments)

montgomery county short sales: Short Sales in Montgomery County Pennsylvania - 08/09/09 02:25 PM
I was pulling up some statistics in our local MLS system. According to Trend, there are 167 short sale properties that are actively for sale in Montgomery County PA. These are homes that are Active and have not gone under contract.
There are 52 Pending properties that are being advertised as short sales.
A short sale occurs when a homeowner owes more on the mortgage than what the home is worth, and they make a request to the bank to lower their payoff in order to sell the property.

If you are in need of short sale assistance in Montgomery … (0 comments)

montgomery county short sales: Sell your home before it goes to foreclosure - 12/09/08 12:12 PM
I have a question for you?
Why would you not try to sell your home prior to it going to foreclosure?
I understand fully what homeowners are dealing with when it comes to this tough subject of losing their home. However, I have found that it is always better to sell your home rather than having a foreclosure on your credit report.
And there are many things to consider in this process. For instance, if you owe more than the home is worth, the bank will potentially lower their payoff to enable you to sell the home. This is far easier … (0 comments)