mortgage lending: Illegal Aliens with ITIN Numbers... I need an expert!!! - 03/26/09 07:05 AM
I have a unique situation (for me anyway).  I was referred an illegal alien (undocumented).  His family came to this country from Mexico when he was 16 years old (illegally).  He is 38 years old now, married to a US citizen for 5 years with 2 children.  He is the sole breadwinner, has been on his job - the same job for 22 years.  He is W2'd and files taxes under his ITIN number.  He has a bank account.  He has never returned to his homeland.  He wants to buy a house in Georgia for himself and his family.  He does … (0 comments)

mortgage lending: 2009 Tax Credit... TOP NEWS - 02/27/09 07:55 AM
The homebuyer tax credit forms and rules are now in place for 2009 !!!
I just wanted to let all of my realtor friends be informed of this new tax credit and use it as a tool to get your fence sitters into action... if you are in Georgia... feel free to send them to me for pre approval - I will include the tax forms in their closing package along with their appraisal and homestead exemption forms.
The Treasury Department has approved and put into place this portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
The Treasury and … (0 comments)

mortgage lending: 2009 - Is Going to be FINE ... or as FINE as WE MAKE IT ... Let's See... - 01/01/09 03:03 AM
Time to strategize and get a new mind-set.  I don't know how you all feel, but me... I AM NOT A QUITTER.  I absolutely REFUSE to be empowered by NEGATIVE energy or "sit in the Government waiting room".  Below are some POSITIVE things that 2009 holds in store:
2009 Will Be a Great Time to Buy or Refinance a Home. The median home price has fallen 20% since the housing market's peak in July 2006, according to the National Association of Realtors. This is good news for first-time home buyers or anyone who doesn't have to sell a home before they buy.  Interest … (2 comments)

mortgage lending: Disclosing Owners Coverage Title Insurance on a Good Faith Estimate - 06/20/08 03:11 AM
I would like to provide all of my client's with an accurate Good Faith Estimate... this is very difficult to do when closing attorneys "sneak" in owner's coverage title insurance - AT CLOSING.  I try to make it a point that when the request for title commitment is sent to the chosen closing attorney that I ask for:  Insured Closing Protection Letter, Title Commitment with property tax information and Chain of Title, Wire Instructions, Email address for closing package AND a list of borrower's fees associated with this closing.  I use the fee sheet given as a tool to prepare an accurate … (4 comments)

mortgage lending: Improving your Credit - follow up to credit myths - 06/11/08 08:09 AM
1. Always make payments on time. 35% of your credit score is based on credit history. 2. Only apply for credit when you need it. 3. Check your credit regularly. The three reporting repositories offer one free credit report per year to every American (keep in mind that this does not include deciphering it or a credit score). You should review your credit report once a year to verify accuracy. 4. Finance Companies - buy now, pay later accounts can have an unfavorable impact to scoring compared to other types of debt. 5. Credit card balances exceeding 50% of the available … (0 comments)

mortgage lending: Sale of personal property to qualify for home of your dreams - 06/10/08 01:38 PM
Short Money to Close or to use as a down payment?  There are some loan programs that allow a sale of personal property.  Please be careful when doing this to qualify though, there is paperwork that has to be retained and submitted.  I just had a closing where the buyer sold a hot tub to his mother in law... why we didn't just do it as a gift is beyond me.  I didn't know the kinship until the end of the process.  Well here is what I had to have:
1.  An appraisal of value - now I deal with real estate … (11 comments)

mortgage lending: Basic Credit Scoring Myths - what does and doesn't effect your credit score - 06/10/08 07:44 AM
The Basic Credit Scoring Myths
There's a lot of bad information being given as advice about what does and doesn't hurt your credit score.  Below please find some common myths of credit scoring.
Closing accounts can help your credit score. 
No, no, no.  ABSOLUTELY NOT: Closing accounts can never help your credit score, and may hurt it. 
It's true that having too many open accounts can hurt your score...messing up your debt to income ratios.  But once you've opened the accounts, you've done the damage.  You can't repair it by closing the account, and you can actually make things worse.


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