downtown battle creek: Walking Through Downtown Battle Creek - 06/30/11 04:01 PM
Yesterday, I decided to take a walk through downtown Battle Creek for an hour or so, and take my camera with me.  I was working on a project to address a matter with the City Commissioners about my concerns about the system of parking in downtown.  I was taking photos for evidence to present a case for reform of the current policies.  In doing so, I found many beautiful things to take photos of as well, and I thought I would share some of the beauty of the downtown Battle Creek, Michigan, also known as the 'Cereal City'.


downtown battle creek: Mixed Use Neighborhoods - 05/26/11 01:10 PM
A recent National Association of REALTORS® study reveals Americans favor walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods over those that require more driving. Such "Smart Growth" communities are characterized by shops, restaurants and local businesses in walking distance from homes.
According to NAR's Community Preference Survey, nearly 80 percent of survey respondents look for neighborhoods with abundant sidewalks and other pedestrian-friendly features when searching for a home.
While space is important to home buyers, many are willing to sacrifice square footage for less driving. Eighty percent of respondents would prefer a single-family detached home and a shorter commute, but if that isn't an option, 60 … (4 comments)

downtown battle creek: Ice Sculptures in Downtown Battle Creek - 12/25/10 02:48 AM
Every holiday season, in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan our community generally hosts a festival of lights which includes a parade.  Also included each year are ice sculptures that are carved by local artists in Mill Race Park.  The ice sculptures in downtown Battle Creek are more than just a tradition they are a symbol to many that the holidays are here. 
Thus, as you can see many of the carvings are Christmas theme related in some fashion.  This year was no exception.  I went downtown yesterday on Christmas Eve to take these photos, and although there were fewer this year than … (5 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Battle Creek Downtown Transformation - 11/14/10 04:23 AM
The city of Battle Creek has been working on a project called ‘Battle Creek downtown transformation' which is a plan for revitalization for the city.  The plan includes an $85 Million dollar project for redeveloping the downtown area with improved curb appeal. 
Part of the project involves the Kellogg Corporation establishment of the Food Production Training Institute and the Global Food Production Institute.  The plan also includes an expanded presence of the Kellogg Company in downtown, and their continued expertise in food and nutrition research.  The business of food science and research is the core of the development plan, and is … (4 comments)

downtown battle creek: Rivers in Downtown Battle Creek, Michigan - 07/26/10 04:35 AM
Not many communities can boast having a river in their downtown area.  There are two rivers in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan.  The city was originally founded as a milling community, as these two rivers were the draw for the founding of a city. 
The Rivers in downtown Battle Creek consist of the ‘Battle Creek River' and the ‘Kalamazoo River' which pass through the heart of the City.  Beautiful walking paths have been established along these rivers, and there is even a very long biking, running and walking trail called the ‘Linear Path'. 
One can go to the rivers in downtown Battle … (5 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Mill Race Fountain in Downtown Battle Creek - 06/19/10 01:25 AM
The Mill Race Fountain in downtown Battle Creek is a popular local attraction.  It symbolizes a rich history of milling that founded the City in the early 1800's. 
When pioneer Sands McCamly first visited Battle Creek around 1830, he discovered that the confluence of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo river in what is now downtown Battle Creek, was the ideal spot to build a mill race. 
What is a mill race?  A mill race is essentially a man-made channel between two rivers or bodies of water, ideally with one body of water on a slightly higher plain than the other (as … (6 comments)

downtown battle creek: Cereal Fest 2010 & The Quest for Sugar Bear... - 06/15/10 04:09 PM
This is my story of Cereal Fest 2010, and the Quest for Sugar Bear...
The Cereal Fest 2010 in Battle Creek afforded beautiful weather for all who attended.  If you have never been to this part of the country in June, is well worth checking out the Cereal Fest.  Where else in the world for one time a year can you eat breakfast with ten thousand other cereal loving people? 
The main supporters of this annual event are Kellogg, Post and Ralston Foods Cereal companies, which all have their factories right here in Battle Creek.  Literally tons of cereal is donated … (19 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Burnham Brook Community Center in Battle Creek, Michigan - 05/24/10 02:25 PM
The Burnham Brook Community Center in Battle Creek, Michigan is a great resource for the downtown district.  The Burnham Brook Community Center offers Community activities for its membership.
A minimum age of 50 is required for membership, and the facility offers meeting rooms, libraries and clubs that interact with the community.  Some of their clubs include book clubs, photography clubs and line dancing clubs. 
There is also the ‘Area Agency on Aging' located within the Burnham Brook Community Center building, and also a ‘Community Action Center'.  
The Burnham Brook Community Center in Battle Creek, Michigan is a sizeable building in downtown, … (2 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Masonic Temple in Downtown Battle Creek - 05/24/10 01:50 PM
The Masonic Temple in Downtown Battle Creek is a landmark building intimately connected with the surrounding community.  The building boasts an all brick façade, with columns and a dated ‘1913' granite marker on the left front corner. 
There is a granite boulder on the front lawn with a special brass plaque that reads: "The tablet erected by the citizens of Battle Creek in connection with the centennial celebration 1931, marks the place which was builded, in 1831, the first dwelling in Battle Creek." 
I find it interesting that the word ‘Builded' was used in place of ‘Built', but perhaps that was … (3 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Battle Creek Federal Center - 05/18/10 07:14 AM
The Battle Creek Federal Center buildings have been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1976.  It has been on the Register of Historic Places for both the State of Michigan and City of Battle Creek since September 1989. The reason for this distinction of the Battle Creek Federal Center is not merely that the buildings are old, big or important looking, but because of the many historically significant things which have happened in the location in the past 150 years.
In 1876, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg became Physician in Chief of the Western Health Reform Institute, the first health … (4 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek, Michigan is a Treasure of the City - 05/18/10 06:00 AM
The Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek, Michigan is a treasure of the City. 
An Arboretum is defined by Wikipedia as: "A place where many varieties of trees are grown for research, educational, and ornamental purposes".  Another definition I found on the web describes it as: "a protected park-like environment where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are studied for their capacities to thrive in the ecological zone where the arboretum is located; more recently, to that function has been added the role of helping to sustain the genetic diversity of the various species".  In either definition, the Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek, Michigan … (0 comments)

downtown battle creek: Spring Into the Arts in Battle Creek, Michigan - 05/17/10 09:44 AM
The Spring into the Arts in Battle Creek, Michigan featured a showcase of local art walk throughout downtown Battle Creek, courtesy of the Battle Creek Downtown Partnership, on Friday, May 15th, 2010 from 9-5 PM.  The Spring into the Arts in Battle Creek is an exciting mix of many fields of the arts. 
At the recent Spring into the Arts, visitors were able to see throughout downtown merchants' spaces and artist venues, nearly every kind of art imaginable, from the simplicity of paintings at varying locations, original chalk drawings on the sidewalk, to the diversity of a wearable art fashion show. 

downtown battle creek: These Two Beautiful Rivers Run Through Battle Creek, Michigan - 04/13/10 08:35 AM
These two beautiful rivers run through Battle Creek, Michigan.  The Kalamazoo River runs through Battle Creek, and joins with its tributary river, the Battle Creek River, right in downtown. 
Along the banks of the Kalamazoo River, one can see the Kellogg company headquarters, silhouetted in the background by the two towers downtown.  From a bridge over the river, one can see the manicured lawns adjoining the waterway inviting an afternoon stroll along its banks. 
When one walks or takes a bike ride just a few blocks to the North, one crosses the Battle Creek River.  The Battle Creek River, follows the linear … (0 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Fallen Officer Memorial in Battle Creek, Michigan - 04/12/10 01:02 PM
The Fallen Officer Memorial in Battle Creek, Michigan is a tribute to the history of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  The project to design and create the memorial followed the aftermath of the loss of one of Battle Creek's finest officers: Laverne Brann, a detective whom was killed by gunfire in 2005 while making a visit to a suspect's house during an investigation.
Having personally met Mr. Brann on one occasion at a public ceremony and having had the honor to be present when he received numerous awards for valor in the line of duty, I can say … (3 comments)

downtown battle creek: Conference Centers for Businesses in Downtown Battle Creek, Michigan - 04/06/10 06:46 AM
Conference centers for businesses in downtown Battle Creek Michigan are provided by the Kendall Center, which also offers lifelong education resources.  Students attending programs here can earn degrees in Manufacturing Engineering, Business Administration and Professional Teacher certification among some of the programs on their curriculum. 
Being essentially a branch of the Western Michigan University, conference centers for businesses and private and civic organizations are available.  Located in the heart of downtown Battle Creek, the Kendall Center was a gift to the University from several community and private organizations and is a symbol of the shared commitment of Western Michigan University and … (1 comments)

downtown battle creek: The Kellogg Company Headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan - 03/30/10 11:46 AM
The Kellogg Company Headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan sits at the helm of one of the largest food producing companies in the world.  Kellogg's, with 2008 sales of nearly $13 billion, is the world's leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles, and veggie foods.
The Company's brands include Kellogg's, Keebler, Pop-Tarts, Eggo, Cheez-It, Nutri-Grain, Rice Krispies, BearNaked, Morningstar Farms, Famous Amos, Special K, All-Bran, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Club and Kashi. Kellogg products are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries around the world. … (4 comments)

downtown battle creek: Limestone Carvings in Downtown Battle Creek, Michigan - 03/29/10 04:52 AM
Everyday people walk by the intricate limestone carvings in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan and few take time to notice the details.  I admit, I myself have walked by many such buildings without noticing them.  However, when you look at this work, it is hard not to admire the detail.
Here is are some photos of one of the towers of Michigan Avenue.  It features some wonderful limestone carvings in downtown Battle Creek.  Notice the one detail of the gargoyle face in the upper left (see photo below)?  When I took this photo, I never even noticed that one! 
When I have … (1 comments)

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