fun: Anyone for Oreo Cookies and Milk? - 06/04/12 01:54 AM
Looking out my window the other day at my office, I spyed an Oreo Cookie delivery truck.  I quickly grabbed a little friend I had in my office and staged this photo or 'yearning for cookies'.  I can remember hot summer days dipping Oreo cookies in milk, sharing them with my brothers and sisters without a care in the world.  The only thing on our schedule in those days as a kid was what games we were going to play, and what adventures we were going to have.  We never cared about what we ate.  That was mom's job.  We just … (2 comments)

fun: Puzzles Around the Holidays - 01/03/12 02:13 PM
Every year between Christmas and New Years, my wife and I have a tradition where we complete a puzzle together.  Last year I selected this incredibly complicated puzzle that took us the full week to complete, and we ended up finishing it a few hours after the new year celebration.  This year, she chose the puzzle.  It was a Norman Rockwell theme, and much more fun and interesting.  It took us only three days, mostly in the evenings to complete it.  It is our quiet time to do something together, and we enjoy it each year.  It is our common period … (6 comments)

fun: December Challenge: A Statue That Needs a Caption... - 11/30/11 04:42 PM
We have all seen it at one point or another.  That sign in that tacky tourist trap you have somehow stumbled upon in your travels and you ask yourself, how did I get here and what is that supposed to be?  Well here is a challenge for you for your first day of December.  I came across this sign at a Gator Park I visited which was part statue and shall we say, wacky-erotic animal art on a large Coca Cola can?  Think it needs a caption?  I do!  Can you write one?  Let your creative imaginations roll!  Caption this photo!


fun: Ever Kiss a Toad? She did. Almost... - 11/30/11 02:31 AM
When I was in Miami, Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend my wife and I visited an Everglades site seeing place just outside if town.  After taking a boat ride through the everglades, and looking at alligators and other wildlife, we returned for a small nature show in a little theatre they had set up.  As part of the show, the man putting on the show pulled out a large toad and walked into the audience to have a lady right behind me kiss it.  She did not really kiss the toad, but posed for a photo pretending she was.  I … (3 comments)

fun: Sea Monsters Are Everywhere... - 11/06/11 03:42 AM
I was driving home last week, and could not help but notice the new artistic creation that suddenly was on display in front of one of the art centers around Battle Creek, Michigan.  It is a scuplture that depicts a sea monster of some sort coming out of the ground.  It definitely catches your eye when you drive by. 
I finally had to go back by there a few days ago, and despite it being a fairly busin road, I pulled over and snapped a few photos of it to share here on my blog.  I never expected to see a … (8 comments)

fun: UKC Dog Show in Kalamazoo, Michigan - 06/19/11 10:44 AM
I am a volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  This weekend I was looking for something unique and different to take my little brother to.  We had already been to the zoo, car shows, the movies, and worn out a bowling alley over the winter months.  I had called him on Saturday morning, and he did not call me back until late Saturday afternoon.  We ended up planning to do something on Sunday. 
I furiously was looking for something unique and original to take him to that we had not done before.  I came across on a Michigan festivals website that the … (3 comments)

fun: The Faces of Little League Baseball - 05/12/11 01:13 PM
Every spring and summer, in the park across the street from my house, there are little league baseball games.  From our home you can see the baseball diamond and backstop, and one only need walk a short distance to be standing on the sidelines of the field of dreams. 
I love baseball, so for me you might say this is a distraction.  Nonetheless, I still find myself pausing my work as a Realtor for an evening and wandering across the street to see the action.  In Piper Park, there are several age groups that play, but last night it was the age … (6 comments)

fun: Butterflies at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - 04/19/11 07:43 AM
It has been a few years since I visited the butterfly exhibit at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I went there this past Sunday with my wife, and we spent several hours there. 
The exhibit runs from March 1st through April 30th, and the butterfly exhibit offers an escape from the bitterness of winter.  When we went, it was windy and chilly outside, but when you walk into the enclosed exhibit, it was hot and humid, so you soon removed your coat.  Butterflies are warmer weather creatures.  There is a nice ventilation system in the … (5 comments)

fun: Have a Whale of a Wednesday! - 04/06/11 01:37 AM
I was showing some houses to some friends of mine last week that were looking for an investment property.  One of the men brought his daughter along, who proudly introduced me to her friend 'Free Willy' the whale.  Willy of course accompanied her throughout the showing, and at one point when her daddy and grandpa were engaged in conversation off to the side, she asked me to hold her whale while she went to get another toy from the car. 
So there I was holding her stuffed whale, while the gentlemen were discussing how much to offer.  The good thing it that they … (7 comments)

fun: Cake Contest Winner - 03/26/11 06:39 AM
Last weekend my wife entered a cake contest at our local church.  She asked me to help her make it the night before, and so I know some of the ingredients, but not all.  Most are in her head, as she has such a culinary background that she can walk through a cooking or baking project without a recipe throwing in ingredients completely from scratch and create a masterpiece. 
This one was entirely organic, and it included graded apples (personally labored over my me) and organic flour, cocoa, cane sugar and the glaze was a mixture of agave necture, cocoa and … (12 comments)

fun: A History of French Toast - 03/20/11 03:14 PM
French toast is one of my favorite breakfast meals of all time.  The origin of French toast goes very far back in history.  It was created by medieval European cooks who needed to use every bit of food they could find to feed their families.
They knew old, stale bread (French term "pain perdu" literally means "lost bread") could be revived when moistened and heated. Cooks over time have added eggs for additional moisture and protein.  It evolved into one of the most favorite morning dishes for breakfast through time.
A picture below shows a batch of original French toast that … (11 comments)

fun: The Secret Rule of Abundant Peppers Revealed! - 05/24/10 01:18 PM
How is that for a headline: The Secret Rule of Abundant Peppers Revealed! 
I have been gardening for about 7 years now, and although some years I have not planted as much, I always grow some peppers.  Up until last summer I did not know the secret rule of abundant peppers, and it was a fellow gardener that passed along the tip to me.
I used to plant my peppers much like I did my tomato plants, wide with room to grow.  Although this works, and you will get peppers from what you plant, I was never satisfied.  I tried to … (2 comments)

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