michigan: Morning Sunrise - 02/19/14 01:39 PM
On Wednesday morning I was out on the road early and captured this moment of natures beauty.  There was a shot I wanted to get a few moments later which would have shown a half moon shaped sun upside down, but I was driving and there was no where to stop.  So it must remain in my minds eye, and until they develop a camera that allows me to transfer it digitally, I must keep it there for now.
However, here is the shot I did get:


michigan: Blizzard Wednesday, Here We Go Again... - 02/04/14 10:59 PM
Yesterday I had to venture onto some slippery back road, and even got mired in a icy area at one point and had to get out of the car and knock the ice off my tires to be able to move.  Yesterday, however, the skies were blue despite the cold.  
Today however, we are in another blizzard here in Southwest Michigan.  Yay! Just what we needed! I was supposed to drive to a state offered continuing education class in Kalamazoo today.  I was really looking forward to it, but after looking outside and hearing the travel reports from others, I … (7 comments)

michigan: Saying Goodbye to January 2014 - 02/01/14 01:05 AM
I thought I would share my last photo taken in January 2014, as a sort of tribute and parting with a difficult month weather-wise.  I took this photo after I had to trudge through knee deep snow to do a property evaluation on a foreclosure for a customer.  I was looking back at the way I had come when I was about half way there.  The home was about 500 yards back from the road, and I had to trudge down an unplowed driveway to get to the front door.  Quite the tiresome task in 3 degree temps.  I am hoping … (8 comments)

michigan: Count the Deer in the Woods - 01/31/14 01:28 AM
I was traveling along a snow covered back country road a few days ago, and I looked up and there was a group of deer standing in the road about 100 yards ahead of me.  I slowed down, and grabbed by camera but they had moved off into the woods.  As I approached where they were, I could see them in the woods.  Here is a photo that I took.  Can you count the number of deer? Some of them are hiding...


michigan: The Icy Fingers of the Polar Vortex - 01/28/14 01:48 AM
This morning when I got up I checked the weather like I do every morning.  This morning was another cold one.  I thought I would share with everyone what an almost surreal weather report looks like on my acuweather app on my iPad.  
It is kind of a shock to the system to just see -10 degrees on the screen before you even venture outside to see what it feels like.  Another app said it was -13.
We have had a few colder days than this in January 2014, but what is funny is I seem to find myself become … (9 comments)

michigan: The Glow of a Winter Sky - 01/24/14 11:43 PM
I spend a lot of time driving around as a Realtor, and sometimes I am compeled to grab my camera that I keep next to me and take a few shots.  Sometimes I look back on them and see that I have captured something quite interesting or beautiful without knowing it.  Here is a shot I took of a winter highway I was driving on, and after I cleaned up the image with a little exposure adjustment it came out quite interesting.  I thought I would share this 'glow of a winter sky' image on my blog.


michigan: Birch Tree Against Blue Sky Near Sherwood, Michigan - 01/22/14 10:27 PM
I was traveling around last week checking out some property just south of Sherwood, Michigan and on the road back I turned a corner and took this photo.  It is a birch tree with some snow on it against a blue sky.  The leaves are of course gone for the winter, but the white bark was quite beautiful.  
It is right now 4 degrees outside here in Michigan where I am at and our hgh today is expected to be 10 degrees.  


michigan: New Book~ Land Contract Homes: The Top 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make... - 01/19/14 11:35 PM
I just released my newest book entitled: Land Contract Homes: The Top 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make... And How to Avoid Them!  It is currently available as an eBook on Amazon, and the print edition will be available sometime next week.  I am waiting on the final proof to review before I make the paperback available.  The print edition will be available on Amazon and other retailers by the end of January, or early February.  If you would like to order the eBook now, click here.
This book covers the subject of seller financing and addresses the top ten mistakes home … (6 comments)

michigan: Snow Covered Barn in January - 01/16/14 10:46 PM
I was driving around the last few days taking photos, and came across this barn.  The colors were a rich red, and the combination of the fence and snow on the roof made for a classic setting.  


michigan: Bronson Fire Hydrants - 01/10/14 11:27 PM
Last week during the low temps I had to drive down to Bronson, Michigan and take a few photos of a house for a client.  When I was in the area, I was reminded that the entire town has all of their fire hydrants painted purple and yellow to match the high school sports colors of the Bronson Vikings. Seeing these hydrants against the snow was quite colorful.  It is really nice to see a community that is supportive of high school sports and has a general spirit thoughout the town.  


michigan: TGIF - January 10th, 2014 - 01/10/14 02:23 AM
With the last week being nothing but brutal weather-wise all over the midwest to the northeast, with the arctic blast we all received, I think we can all breathe a sign of relief that today is Friday.
Sure the weekends are different when you are self-employed as a Realtor, but it sure feels nice to look forward to Saturday and Sunday.  Here is a photo of my dog Blue teaching me how to relax last summer at the pier in St. Joseph, Michigan.  It is nice to remember the warm sunny days where snow was not even a thought on the … (12 comments)

michigan: I Want to File a Restraining Order Against Mother Nature - 01/06/14 11:34 PM
Is it possible to file a restraining order on Mother Nature?  How is this enforced if I get one? Has anyone ever tried to do this? Who do you talk to about this?  Boy, do I need one.
Not only did we get a gazillion pounds of unsolicited snow dumped on our yard, I had to shovel it out of my driveway over and over again the last few days!  I am a Realtor, Author and a photographer: not a snow shoveler!  Take your cloud poop elsewhere!
Next, as some sort of wicked retaliation to my groans and complaints she lowered … (11 comments)

michigan: Home Values Improve Across Southwest Michigan - 01/02/14 12:55 AM
Now that we have closed out another year, it is always a good idea to look at the final market numbers on the year.  In comparing the medium home value in Calhoun County in 2012 ($79,948) to the medium home value in 2013 ($95,123) we see that there was approximately a 16% increase.  This information was taken from the Southwest Regional Information Center Multiple Listing Service (MLS)in review of all sales in Calhoun County.
Medium home sale values are on the increase in Southwest Michigan.
In Branch County as a comparison there was a 14% improvement over the same time, however in St. … (0 comments)

michigan: Merry Christmas 2013 - 12/25/13 12:27 AM
I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas.  It is snowing where I live in the world, and the temperature is in the 20's outside.  The feeling of Christmas never changes despite the temperature or conditions.  May you all have a warm holiday with cheer and good tidings!


michigan: Christmas Eve Winter Beauty - 12/24/13 07:15 AM
Today is Christmas Eve. My wife and I decided to take a drive north to spend a few hours engaging in one our joys, which is photography.  The winter conditions were perfect today for some beautiful photos.  We had an ice storm a few days ago, and the temperatures have not risen above freezing long enough for the ice on the branches to melt, and last night we had some snow and this morning clear blue skies.  The temps still remain in the 20's but the result was some beautiful winter photos which I am sharing here.


michigan: Sheep ready for Winter - 12/15/13 11:44 PM
A few weeks ago before the heavy snow started falling, I stopped by a field and took this photo of some sheep in a field.  Now that we are into the holiday season, it seems appropriate to share on my blog.  They always remind me of the story of the manger in Bethlahem... Happy holidays!


michigan: Winter River Beauty - 12/15/13 05:01 AM
A few days ago I was driving to an appointment in a rural area and came across a bridge over this river.  I had to stop on my way back to snap a photo.  Wehn I got home and looked at the photo I found I had captured a unique reflection in addiction to the snowy landscape.  I thought I would share this.


michigan: 12 Tips for Driving Safely on Winter Roads - 12/15/13 02:11 AM
Having lived in Michigan for well over twelve years now, and traveling around as a Realtor even on heavy snow days, here are a few tips to stay safe this winter:
1) Don't be in a hurry.  Whenever you have to go somewhere snow is the order of the day, factor in added time for travel.  For example, I just made a drive this morning to Charlotte, Michigan from Battle Creek.  During normal conditions, travel time is roughly 35 minutes.  When I am crusing, I can make it in 28 minutes.  However, my drive this morning in heavy snow falls and … (10 comments)

michigan: Snow Falling in December - 12/09/13 12:01 AM
Well it is that time of year again.  Snow has begun to fall all over the country, even as far South as Texas.  For some reason this year mother nature decided that our side of Michigan would be spared for a few days, while the rest of the country got dumped on.  Finally, our luck ran out last night and by this morning we have about 6-10 inches on the ground.  More is falling.  
What is December without a snowfall?  It kind of chimes in the holiday spirit, and makes the season seem right.  I can remember Decembers where there … (4 comments)

michigan: Happy Thanksgiving Snowfall! - 11/28/13 12:13 AM
Today is Thanksgiving!  At this time of year it is usual to think and ponder about what one is thankful for.  As a youth I always thought in terms of material items and other forms of similar comfort.  As I get older with each year I have come to realize that none of these things are important.  
What I am most thankful for on this holiday could span many subjects.  I could say I am thankful for my own good health, and the good health of my family.  I am thankful for having made it through another challenging year, with … (3 comments)

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