perennial herbs: Yarrow the Legendary Healing Plant - 08/24/11 04:13 AM
The herb Yarrow has a long history as a healing plant.  It is a legend that Achilles used this herb to heal wounds of soldiers during the Trojan War.  In fact Yarrow was used as a healing herb on the battlefield up until the Civil War, where the plant was crushed and applied to wounds.  Its properties were said to be very effective in healing wounds from iron weapons.  The Latin name for Yarrow is 'Achillea Millefolium' and its name is a tribute to the legends surrounding this well-known healing plant.
Today, Yarrow is a popular addition to many herb gardens.  … (4 comments)

perennial herbs: Horehound is a useful herb that grows well in Battle Creek, Michigan - 09/26/10 05:52 AM
Horehound is a useful herb that grows well in Battle Creek, Michigan which is a zone 5 growing climate. The name ‘horehound' derives from the ‘Horus' the Egyptian god of sky and light. 
In ancient times, herbalists prescribed horehound as a remedy for a variety of ailments, including fevers, malaria, rabid dog bites and even snake bites.  A native plant of Europe, it was introduced into North and South America and has thrived as a hardy perennial of the mint family. 
It can become an invasive species if not controlled.  One of the more commonly known uses of horehound is its … (5 comments)

perennial herbs: Bee Balm is a part of American History - 06/19/10 12:00 PM
Bee Balm is probably one of the most original looking flowers that you may come across.  It may come as a surprise to some, but Bee Balm is a part of American history.  Most Americans do not know how significant it is to our history. 
When you look at the blossom, one can say it breaks away from the norm, and does its own thing; much like the original American Colonists appeared to the world as they broke away from rule of the English crown. 
Bergamot or 'Bee Balm' is a source of tea which was a popular substitute for the … (18 comments)

perennial herbs: My Personal Greenhouse in Michigan - 06/08/10 07:52 AM
My personal greenhouse in Michigan is my favorite place to escape to. 
About 5 years ago I built my greenhouse from a kit I purchased from California.  I researched online all kinds of personal greenhouses, and finally decided on a redwood greenhouse kit.  When the big freight arrived I was suddenly overwhelmed with boxes of parts, instructions and a huge assembly project.  The ultimate test of an assembly project, believe me!   
At one point I began to despair, thinking maybe I had taken on too much.  I finally called a contractor friend of mine and he helped me get the … (9 comments)

perennial herbs: Perennial Herbs that Grow Well in Michigan - 05/26/10 10:00 AM
Some perennial herbs that grow well in Michigan, and are great for tea are Lemon Balm, Bee Balm and all varieties of mint.  Being a fan of a warn cup of tea before ending off my day, I began exploring perennial herbs that grow well in Michigan a few years ago. 
I used to devote my time in the greenhouse to growing culinary herbs, but most were annuals, like basil and coriander.  About 5 years ago I decided that I wanted to create a perennial herb garden around my greenhouse that I could have as a resource for fresh tea all … (2 comments)

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