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A practice-based look at branding, social media, marketing, technology, and Web 2.0 focusing on its successful integration into your business.
In my last post, "Lovecats, Likeability, and a Plan to Save the World", I discussed the teachings of someone very influential to me. Tim Sanders, New York Times bestselling author of "Love is the Killer App", "The Likeability Factor", and most recently "Saving the World at Work" has been teachin...
Epiphany (def): a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. Many of us have had these monumental life-changing moments of discovery. Sometimes they come in the ...
<   Neo – “Why do my eyes hurt?” Morpheus – “Because you’ve never used them before.” One month ago I took the red pill and woke up from the Matrix.     I think it’s important to point out here that this is not a swipe or downplaying the importance of the community. The contributors ...
The Humanizing of the Social Web for Business 4-29-09 - Dollinger The Humanizing of the Social Web for Business 4-29-09 - Dollinger Matt Dollinger " In this presentation that I did for the Chicago Sparkt event ( I touched the "Rules for a Changing Game" for real estate and business...
The Ten Commandments of Twitter (Real Estate Version) Thou shalt completely fill out thy profile Thou shalt read Nik_Nik’s E-book before posting (Download it Here) Thou shalt LEARN from those you follow FIRST Thou shalt embrace a mentality of COLLABORATION Thou shalt SHARE thy knowledge with tho...
Disclaimer:  I can use the term "Redneck" because I was born and raised a "Redneck" learned to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, drove a tractor before a car, thought that duct tape was one of the five food groups, and still... love going to the Rodeo. Redneck Home Inspection Issues Redneck Home Inspectio...
The following was originally a comment to a comment to a comment on my post "The Future of the Real Estate Office... and Company" here on Active Rain (and published on For those brokers that are fearing the 100% commissions or trying to build a company of attraction for agents, I have ...
A note of thanks to Marc and Brian of 1000Watt Consulting, Joel Burslem of FOREM, and Ash Munshi of Terabitz for their contributions to this topic. Picture this… You own a brokerage in a major city. You are an established name. And like everyone around you, you currently suffer at the hands of th...
You have lost your consumer You need to solve this problem by making it someone else's problem You said you were going to change You said you were going to connect You were going to understand their needs You were going to become integrated You were going to find out what makes your client tick Y...
(In Follow up to an original post at The You Factor) And while we're all hopped up on the topic of Twitter, I wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blogger who I THINK (personally, me...) has probably put together the best list of Twitter Applications around. Twitter apps are all over the place....

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