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So I posted this earlier today, but only a couple of people looked at it... I think it got lost in the mid-day noise that is Active Rain sometimes. I am posting it again, because this is one of the most important things to happen in our industry for quite a long time... and one of the most positi...
Just thought that I would share a link to help everyone make sense of  H.R. 3221 - The Housing Stimulus Bill.  This is a direct link to the NAR page that gives a complete overview of the bill, what it means to YOU, what it means to YOUR CLIENTS, Foreclosures, and more.   This is great information...
Video: It's the talk of the blogosphere from listing presentation to testimonials. Unfortunately the cardinal rule that many forget in marketing is that, "Everything that goes out, is posted, or released to the public with your name on it IS a reflection of your business!" Here's how I think that...
I'm going to make this short and sweet.  Everyone needs a testimonial from a recent client.  Why? Makes you feel good. Excellent marketing from a 3rd party. 3.  Makes you feel good. Your clients think you really care. So, you want a testimonial?  Here's how you get one in less than 5 minutes... G...
  So I’ve already said that I’m a numbers junkie. Stats, trends and all of those numbers that horrify some people make me giddy with excitement. A number of months ago we at @properties released our 2007 Market Report based on micro-neighborhood findings here in the Chicago area. I talked extens...
So  I've been blogging on Active Rain for a couple of months now and am proud to have accomplished the following: Blog Posts:  24 Comments Made:  64 Comments Received: 204 Rank in Illinois:  166 Rank in Cook County:  56 Rank in Chicago:  35 Subscriptions:  59 Featured Posts: 1   I have learned th...
   So I have to admit... I have gotten caught up in this whole release of Active Rain Localism as much as the next person.  And where I don't understand some of the territorial marketing commentary going on in some of the posts, I have to admit that it's a pretty neat tool. BUT...  There's a comm...
  My friend Marc Davison over at 1000watt Consulting wrote a post the other day called A House Divided that I think truly addressed the situation that we in the industry are facing right now. "Let's not beat around the bush. There are deep issues festering in real estate. I've addressed some of t...
This is a follow up to my original post "You're NOT Marketing... How to STOP Advertising and Start Marketing!". This Utterz talks more about HOW to incorporate the knowledge of your target audience into your efforts to create true MARKETING campaigns instead of Advertising. Matt Dollinger

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