consumer loyalty: Looking Beyond the Matix - 05/13/09 03:57 PM
Neo – “Why do my eyes hurt?”
Morpheus – “Because you’ve never used them before.”
One month ago I took the red pill and woke up from the Matrix.
I think it’s important to point out here that this is not a swipe or downplaying the importance of the community. The contributors and discussions that are shared there often times border on the level of brilliance. I have learned immensely from the leaders and contributors there. This is simply a personal account of how I began to look outside the Matrix, and what I … (6 comments)

consumer loyalty: The Future of the Real Estate Office... and Company - 03/15/09 08:47 AM
A note of thanks to Marc and Brian of 1000Watt Consulting, Joel Burslem of FOREM, and Ash Munshi of Terabitz for their contributions to this topic. Picture this… You own a brokerage in a major city. You are an established name. And like everyone around you, you currently suffer at the hands of the real estate downturn.
Business is down 40% and your costs are spiraling out of control. Costs that include:
Print advertising. A surplus of marketing, IT, managers and support staff. And a lease for office space that provides too much room for too many agents who … (168 comments)

consumer loyalty: Bring the Love Back - The Real Estate Wakeup Call - 03/08/09 03:37 PM
You have lost your consumer
You need to solve this problem by making it someone else's problem
You said you were going to change
You said you were going to connect
You were going to understand their needs
You were going to become integrated
You were going to find out what makes your client tick
You were going to let them into your space
Instead you focused on incentives, impressions, and going "viral"
What happened?

Inspiration, anyone? by geertdesager Here's your wakeup call. Heed it before it's too late. Be a provider... not an advertiser... and know the difference. Matt … (2 comments)

consumer loyalty: Making Sense of the Real Estate Web-World’s Future - 02/14/09 06:59 AM
Because many of the leading online real estate sites have opted to source listings directly from brokers, rather than becoming brokers themselves and displaying listings via IDX, there are many gaps in the inventory they display. Consumers are either unaware of this issue, and make life-changing decisions with incomplete information, or throw down their stone and start hopping. - 1000Watt Blog - Online Real Estate's Dirty Little Secret - Aug. 11th, 2008 They're hip. They're flashy. They're engaging... and the consumers seem to love them. 3rd party websites such as Trulia, Zillow and others are more popular than ever before. Why? … (3 comments)

consumer loyalty: The Best Video to Watch to Understand the Changing Industry - 02/10/09 03:12 AM
Take a look at this video. This is produced by and is probably one of the greatest insights into Advertising and Consumers available. Inspiration, anyone? The trailerby geertdesager Please share your thoughts at or join our Facebook group for The Real Estate Trusted Advisors here Matt Dollinger … (0 comments)


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