proactivity: Proactive Step #1 of - 10 Things for Struggling Realtors to do Right Now! - 06/18/08 05:24 PM

Proactive Step #1 - Know your Numbers Cold
Thanks to everyone for all of your comments on the initial post "10 Easy Things for Struggling Realtors to do Right Now".  Due to a number of questions and requests I would like to take this opportunity to go through exactly what I have taught my agents to do to know their numbers cold.
Part of this is not only knowing YOUR numbers, but also know the numbers that the PUBLIC may be quoting or using.  This allows you to not only know WHY they may be coming up with these numbers, … (12 comments)

proactivity: 10 Easy Things for Struggling Realtors to do Right Now! - 06/16/08 06:56 PM
So this is a short post... but something I placed as a comment on someone elses blog.  I feel terrible that there are Realtors struggling out there and would like to share 10 simple things that I know will help ANYONE regardless of what area or market.  I hope it helps - Matt
It's nice to see others reaching out to you at this time of questioning.  As a coach I will tell you that Susan has some good insight into finding a company that is proactive (I don't know anything about your company so I'm NOT telling you it … (90 comments)


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