twitter: Looking Beyond the Matix - 05/13/09 03:57 PM
Neo – “Why do my eyes hurt?”
Morpheus – “Because you’ve never used them before.”
One month ago I took the red pill and woke up from the Matrix.
I think it’s important to point out here that this is not a swipe or downplaying the importance of the community. The contributors and discussions that are shared there often times border on the level of brilliance. I have learned immensely from the leaders and contributors there. This is simply a personal account of how I began to look outside the Matrix, and what I … (6 comments)

twitter: Rules for a Changing Game - The Rules of Social Media for Real Estate - 04/30/09 07:40 AM
The Humanizing of the Social Web for Business 4-29-09 - Dollinger
The Humanizing of the Social Web for Business 4-29-09 - Dollinger Matt Dollinger
" In this presentation that I did for the Chicago Sparkt event ( I touched the "Rules for a Changing Game" for real estate and business in general. With the emergence of Social Media into the business world we are moving from a "why" to a "how" strategy for this new technology. In this presentation I talk about what is NOT going to happen in business, and more importantly what innovative and successful companies are … (2 comments)

twitter: The 10 Commandments of Twitter Usage (Real Estate Version) - 04/02/09 01:11 AM
The Ten Commandments of Twitter
(Real Estate Version)

Thou shalt completely fill out thy profile Thou shalt read Nik_Nik’s E-book before posting (Download it Here) Thou shalt LEARN from those you follow FIRST Thou shalt embrace a mentality of COLLABORATION Thou shalt SHARE thy knowledge with those around you Thou shalt READ thy article before sharing Thou shalt NOT SPAM THY LISTINGS TO TWITTER Thou shalt SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE thy new blog post Thou shalt not base your Twitter-worth on FOLLOWERS Thou shalt HELP new Tweeps learn these 10 Commandments Share your own additional Twitter Commandments in the comments below and … (6 comments)

twitter: So you think your "Using" Twitter? Not yet you're not... - 02/21/09 01:41 PM
(In Follow up to an original post at The You Factor) And while we're all hopped up on the topic of Twitter, I wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blogger who I THINK (personally, me...) has probably put together the best list of Twitter Applications around. Twitter apps are all over the place. Whether hooking it up to FriendFeed so that your updates feed to your Facebook status, or a simple widget that resides on your blog to keep your readers up to date (see right sidebar!) these applications allow you to utilize Twitter more effectively and really … (12 comments)

twitter: Why You are More Important Than EVER for Real Estate Data - 01/21/09 09:11 AM
Today Kris Berg over at posted a great entry to their blog entitled, "Countering real estate information overload".  Kris writes a great blog on San Diego housing and is a columnist for Inman News.  This column really made me revisit something that we often times forget in this age of information overload and technology whirlwind...
"You are the #1 Absolute Resource of Factual Information for your clients... PERIOD"
Tell me there isn't a statistic that you know is wrong in the newspaper you read the other day.
Tell me that person walking into your open house knows ALL about the … (5 comments)

twitter: Turn Your Gmail account into a Text Messaging Machine - HOW TO - 12/13/08 02:07 AM
Big shout out to Joel Burslem from FOREM for sending out a Tweet the other day discussing Google Labs' new process for sending text messages from your Gmail account. The full "How To" can be found on the Google Labs Official Gmail Blog here , but it's easy enough. I even put together a quick video (sorry I'm writing this at the hospital so no sound!) that should guide you through the process. P.S. Joel's always throwing out great knowledge (and interesting tidbits of information as well) so you might want to follow him on Twitter if you "get Twitter". You … (5 comments)


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