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A practice-based look at branding, social media, marketing, technology, and Web 2.0 focusing on its successful integration into your business.
I'm often not one for forwards, but this movie moved me so much that I had to share it. With all of the things that we go through on a daily basis, all the work, all the family, etc... it's often hard to remember to Pay-it-Forward. I hope this will help everyone remember... and make a difference ...
Proactive Step #1 - Know your Numbers Cold Thanks to everyone for all of your comments on the initial post "10 Easy Things for Struggling Realtors to do Right Now".  Due to a number of questions and requests I would like to take this opportunity to go through exactly what I have taught my agents...
So this is a short post... but something I placed as a comment on someone elses blog.  I feel terrible that there are Realtors struggling out there and would like to share 10 simple things that I know will help ANYONE regardless of what area or market.  I hope it helps - Matt ", It's nice t...
So, what do you actually KNOW about your clients and referral sources? You probably know the following demographic information: 1. Where they live. 2. What they do for a living. 3. What their general income looks like. 4. Their race, sex, and family status. 5. Possibly their educational level. B...
“He who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others.” - Leib Lazarow So what do James Bond and the most successful Real Estate agents that I know have in common that so many others lack? It's simple really... they all have an unbelievable amount of confidence. Seriously though. ...
So I was sitting in Starbucks this morning across the street from one of our offices, meeting with a couple of agents. In between meetings I approached the manager (Kelly) to see if she might have a couple of minutes to talk. I told her that I was interested in finding out about the culture, men...
I think that one of the most common questions that a Real Estate agent gets from their client has to do with justifying your commission. As the video, "I am not a Lead" from 1000Watt Consulting states, "I'm happy to pay 6%. Just tell me what I get." Well, thanks to a friend I met on ActiveRain, n...
Read any real estate magazine, talk to any coach, or read any literature, and they will most surely say the same thing... "GET BLOGGING!" Where I have recommended this to a number of the agents that I work with, my first recommendation is to take your time, find your voice, and read some to find...
I know that I am veering away from my second installment of Web 2.0 statistics but after reading this post ( on Inman yesterday, I decided I needed to comment. In fact I URGE everyone and anyone of the real estate community to read thi...
 It seems that EVERYONE wants to jump on the doom and gloom of the Real Estate Market nowadays without ever REALLY figuring out what the data means.  The post jumped out at me yesterday from the Inman Blog.  "Case-Shiller: Home prices drop in 19 of 20 metros"Now typically I take everything with a...

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