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When I was at the bank yesterday, I overheard one half of a conversation.   The Bank representative was trying to calm down an irate customer whose deposit had been put on hold. Of course, I don't know what kind of check he had deposited, and I'm not a banker, but I empathized with the customer -...
Do you have some old dear friends, you know the kind; they are there for you whenever you call, and they know you are always there for them?  You stand beside each other - even when someone is wrong.  Your good friends will tell you that you're wrong --- but they will still stand beside you. I ha...
Quiz: 2009 FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER TAX CREDIT   QUESTION:  What types of homes do not qualify for the tax credit?   •a.       Mobile Homes? •b.      Townhouses? •c.       Houseboats? •d.      They all qualify?   ANSWER: d. they all qualify! "Basically any home that is used as a principal residence ...
Sometimes, it's good to get away, take a little walk out outside and clear your head.   Although the seasons change, plants bloom and die - the landscape and the land remain fairly unchanged. In nature, things appear the way "they should be" and we are much more likely to accept those unexpected ...
Commuting to work is not for sissies!  On the news, the other day, they were talking about a new website:             This website invites readers to write about their horrible commute to work. The main focus of this website is not complaining, but a call to action for governm...
Photo by Mary Douglas, United Country  Ponderosa Realty, Red Feather Lakes, CO ---800-531-2195 "A Day in the Mountains will always soothe your city soul"
Hello Friends, I've been on a little trip to the Western Slope of Colorado. I went with my Mom(79) to see her sister (84) - There was so many beautiful places between here and there - if we had stopped for every photo op -- well, we would still be on our way there!  About 100 miles west of Denver...
I've been watching Annie Duke on the celebrity Apprentice. Annie is a World Champion Poker Player; I love to watch her play. Smart, Sassy and nerves of steel - Annie. Except for the infrequent trips to Las Vegas, I seldom play poker anymore.  We used to have a group of friends that would play a f...
I usually write a post every day, but I have not had one creative thought for 2 days. Why? Because, I've been writing offers and my thoughts have been consumed by buyers.  Will their offer be accepted? What might the seller come back with? Will the seller really fix the plumbing? What will happen...

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