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Happy New Year to you all. My New Years resolution is to be in the rain more frequently this year. It has been such a blessing in the past but like many I get to busy to think about clicking in sometimes. It is my belief that nearly everything that can be said has already been said. What we do he...
WOW, has it been that long since I entered a post to my blog?? Business has been really good and I just forgotten about my friends in the rain. Being the Holiday weekend I have a had a bit of time to sit and relax just a mite. I began to think of what it was that brought me to the point I find my...
I love....... YES...... I LOVE the Olympics. The competition and the camaraderie that is shown between teammates, people working together for a common goal. I watch the concentration and the endurance and the consistency that these young people employ to reach their goals. It is almost mind boggl...
I just read Kevin Corsa's post on "messy" inspection. I need some advice. I have been inspecting since 1997 and have completed over 3K homes to date. So I have seen quite a few different things in my time. Living in WV there are some fairly depressed places so we pretty much take it in stride. I ...
If you don't take care of it now, it will take care of you later $$$$$.... Turning the thermostat on is all that is needed for cool air, right? Likely not, if you have not maintained the HVAC system year round. Neglegence or ignorance is usually the culprit when an A/C system is malfunctioning. W...
When we as inspectors are called for the purpose of performing an inspection we are automatically placing ourselves in a position of authotrity and responsibility. We are positioning ourselves daily as "professionals" in the field of Home Inspecting and for most of us this is a true statement. Th...
Oh no!!!! The sky is falling the sky is falling..... That is the way I felt two months ago when the Doctor called and said "well you need to get in here, your sugar is up and you now have type 2 diabetes". Oh no I thought , I'm BRANDED for life. But wait it gets worse, no more ce cream or sugar o...
  About three times a month it happens to me........I Show up at the home finding the water and the pilot lights off. Of course I call the Realtor to inform them that there cannot be a complete inspection performed, for obvious reasons. The Realtor will typically ask, "can't you just go ahead and...
Good evening to all. Please know that I do believe that you A/R folks are more in-tune with the industry than others may be and this is not pennedto defame any of you. I appreciate this forum and the opportunity to share information and ideas and I certainly do not want to do anything to jeopardi...
Feeling a little down this noon time........ I just finished an inspection on a foreclosure property built about 1940. Very little long term maintenance has been performed on this property. Someone bought it for a "flipper" and then lost it to the bank for non-payment. The client was this sweet, ...

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