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I may be behind the 8 ball (so to speak) with this post BUT it never hurts to fail safely.We were involved in a seminar this weekend on "METH-LABS and Other Home Hazards", it was very informative and enlightening. Many issues and items were covered and we gained a very healthy respect for the sid...
Typical morning, get up, hit the coffee (hard) throw the first cup down and settle into the normal get ready to go inspect another home routine. I do it, you do it every day of the week. Looking forward to sharing some little tidbit of information that might save someone some heartache in the fut...
The local code officials or gov't. building inspectors, licensed or not do not get it done, Fire investigators, good though they may be can't get it done. Builders generally try but are only as good as their employees, and then suppliers only have control over their products until they leave thei...
Here's a subject sure to raise some conversation and opinion. Smoke detectors; For the past five years a particular State (to remain annonymous to protect the guilty) has wrangled with the idea of making helmets mandatory for all those under the age of 18 who are riding 4-wheelers and mandatory f...
From my own personal experiences, over the past 50...something...years, like most of you, I have heard it said, "strike while the iron is hot" "watch your back" "everyone is out for himslef" and the list goes on. So often people present the attitude that if they don't take it then they won't get ...
It appears that winter has finally determined to rear its ugly (cold) head here in WV. What I am typically finding is that as the temperature declines, the issues for concern rise during the Home Inspection. Things to monitor:Cord usage for electric heaters (not acceptable) plug into outlets dire...
Then there are days that I struggle. I know I am protecting and preserving life but.... I just returned from a general home inspection on a BRAND NEW home. Unfortunately only three of the receptacles were grounded, there were NO ground faults (anywhere) the bedroom circuits were not ARC fault pro...
After eleven yeras and over 2800 inspections it is quite amazing that I have not had the misfortune to have seen the insde of a court room. Oh, I have made mistakes for which I have made ammends but to recieve a court summons I have not. I believed that living in West Virginia, the nations most l...
So often we hear the term "the bottom line" and generally it refers to the monies coming in the door to fill the coffers. I know, as do you all, we have to have some dollars to survive in this world of want and desire. We seem to run and run, sometimes in circles and what we wind up getting for i...
Likely 60% of the issues that we encounter in homes which we record as needing attention are just that. They are not major deficiencies, but are just honest mistakes that could be taken care of with periodic preventative maintenance. As REALTORS, you can affect the outcome of most home inspection...

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