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Summertime is upon us. In Phoenix we are seeing temperatures up to 107 right now, and the focus of valley residents seems to be keeping cool in the desert heat. Working on one’s home may outrank taking a dip in the pool and summers in Arizona are sizzling, so use this time to sizzle up your home’...
As a real estate agent working in the Chandler, Arizona real estate market for the last 4 years, I have noticed the buyers have certain habits when they decide that now is the time to get out in the car and see the inside of homes they are considering purchasing.While it's understandable that you...
Every buyer wants a deal, that's for sure. Especially in this market people are pinching every penny and want to get what they perceive to be a great deal on a home for sale. I work with homes for sale in Chandler,Arizona and I can speak first-hand how conservative people are being right now. Ne...
Congratulations! So you've decided to buy a home for sale. If you were in Chandler, Arizona and I could speak to you directly, I would let you know that there are an abundance of new terms & jargon that you might want to become familiar with should you be able to grasp what certain words mean in ...
I know doubt enters your mind as soon as you read the title. Ok, so maybe selling a home can't be stress-free, but you can certainly have a lower-stress sale.One of the biggest challenges I see in seller is their emotional attachment to the home. They think their home is the best on the whole blo...
As a realtor in Chandler/ Phoenix,AZ I work with alot of buyers who are very conservative about the market, given what they perceive to be a bad economy. People are more money-conscious than they have ever been, and rightly so. Yet with prices in some areas down as much as 65% or more, buyers sti...
Everyone knows the big things you can to do your home that will increase its value and marketability: install granite countertops in the kitchen, pull up that laminate flooring and lay down travertine instead, swap out the basic appliances for stainless steel, or put in a pool.For those of you wh...
Congratulations! You have done probably the most difficult thing possible in today's real estate environment - prequalified to a mortgage loan. Since underwriters have swung the pendulum the other direction in terms of ease in qualifying, you should give yourself a pat on the back for passing thi...
With the real estate market where it is, could the time have come for the single person to capitalize? As a realtor in Chandler, Arizona I do believe the market is poised for opportunity with this demographic. I am finding renters excited to be owners.Of course purchasing doesn't necessarily make...
As our market trudges along, I can't help but wonder what the average person thinks about our current market conditions. Although there is no denying the dismal immediate future, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.First let's go through our challenges:Foreclosures It seems to be inserted i...

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