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It’s been a while now since I’ve used this forum to address any topic directly relevant to our Industry.  There’s a simple reason for this, day after day I see, I read, I hear reports from various sources providing commentary and projections on the future of the market and the industry, so the la...
Now that you’ve worked hard and found the magical destination we call “Ahead” what are you doing with yourself? Early in our careers as we learn our craft we tend to follow the “work hard” edict because we lack the experience needed to be efficient. Later in our careers we reach a turning point w...
It occurred to me recently that since we were all kids, we’ve been striving to get “ahead”.  From that first day at school we started a lifelong conditioning process that sees us rise in the morning, eat, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep, repeat…. When the weekend comes we ‘recover’ by trying t...
  Back at the start of January, I wrote a similar piece titled “ You Get What You Pay For – Literally”, highlighting the value benefits of supporting local businesses and in turn, keeping your sales tax $ local where you expect to use local services.  While keeping with a similar theme, this piec...

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