grab bag: VOTE - IT'S YOUR RIGHT!! - 11/04/08 07:41 AM
It's amazing how a little thing like checking a box can feel so good. Today is the day that we can choose those politcians that will screw up our lives even more. Wait, did I say that out loud? I's the day we can choose who will represent us. And if we don't like them - we can vote them out in the next election! Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the media hype - but I can't help but feel excited about voting today. I was so excited, as a matter of fact - that I decided to walk … (1 comments)

grab bag: Chicagoland Lock Boxes - 2 different systems? - 06/05/08 06:35 PM
Chicagoland Lock Boxes - 2 Different Systems?
Today I traded in my old Supra e-key for the new ActiveKEY.  I was happy to get this new key - until I got home and started doing some research.  It appears that, while 3 Associations in Chicago's far west suburbs (including my own) are upgrading to this new SUPRA Lockbox from GE - the rest of Chicagoland is upgrading in May to the Sentrilock Lockbox System owned by NAR.  One key system is accessed through a wireless device the size of a small phone - the other with a smart card.  Just when two of our local MLS boards merged - it seems … (9 comments)

grab bag: Memed from the birthplace of Route 66! - 05/31/08 05:05 PM
When I first heard about meme's I dreaded the inevitable blog chain letter! Yes, that's how I thought of it.  But now that I've been Memed by Anthony Clark - I think it's kinda cool.   Did you know there is an actor named Anthony Clark who was in the movie Killing Cinderella? The first thing I did was read the memes of other people he tagged.  Then I researched Meme on google.  Yes, I spent way too much time on this!  You could say - I lost my head!
I decided to have fun with it.  I googled the offending memer, Tulsa oklahoma and memes.  I researched other … (1 comments)

grab bag: Van Halen ROCKS!!! In Real Estate??? - 05/30/08 08:06 AM
Tonight I am going to see VAN HALEN!  I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself!  I've always been a big fan of Van Halen since high school.  Now, David Lee Roth is back with the band!  Unfortunately, Michael Anthony is not - but Eddies son Wolfgang will be taking his place - 3 Van Halens and a Roth! 
Since I couldn't resist blogging about the Van Halen Concert - i thought I should at least TRY to connect it to real estate.  But I never thought it would be so easy!  After googling Van Halen Real … (6 comments)


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