realtors: 10 Benefits a Great Realtor will add to your Purchase Experience! - 04/10/09 07:15 AM

Congratulations! You have decided to take the steps to become a homeowner in today's market. This is no small task and it can be overwhelming. Many new buyers start there search online on their own. In fact 82% of buyers start their search online. I understand that you do not want to be sold or bound to a Real Estate agent. I get it but you have to do your due diligence and hire a professional. Here are 10 benefites a great Realtor will add to your purchase experience:
1) Professional Advice - Real Estate agents are trained … (2 comments)

realtors: Homebuilders are sinking their own ship! REVISITED AGAIN! - 02/08/09 02:19 PM
Several Months ago I wrote the blog that I have pasted below. I wanted to take a moment to revisit that blog because I have seen some change. Locally I attend our MLS marketing meeting on a weekly basis. I have been doing this for the last year. In the last four months or so I have noticed that there are Homebuilders beginning to attend the meetings. At first they were there as spectators. Then they began to market. I said in the blog below that they offer very little commission to selling agents. Most recently JMC introduced the graduated payment schedule. They … (3 comments)

realtors: REAL ESTATE AGENT or MORTGAGE BROKER! Which says more? - 11/11/08 09:37 AM
Recently, I was introduced to a word game that can be rather fun. It is called word warp and if you are an I-phone user you can download the game for free. The game itself is taking six letters and creating as many words as possible with them. To advance to the next level you have to get the word that uses all the letters.
I thought that we could have a little fun here at the RAIN and see which of the titles REAL ESTATE AGENT or MORTGAGE BROKER creates more words. After we get the words that each of the professions … (1 comments)

realtors: United We Stand! Divided We Fall! - 10/01/08 12:10 PM
The current economic climate has many of our borrowers worried and many of us may be in that boat as well. It is very easy to let the media get in your head. They will twist words, exaggerate and spin the column to best make a story. That is the job of a great journalist. To evoke emotion from your reader means that you struck a chord. However, with the bailout news and the state of the economy it may be wise to take a note from a book called The Four Agreements which calls you to "be impeccable with your … (3 comments)

realtors: Mortgage Marketing Tools! What should I choose? - 04/24/08 03:08 AM
There are so many tools in the market too choose from so how do you know what is best for you? Before you jump on the bandwagon of the next great tool you have to know yourself. Mortgage Coach, Loan Magic, Loan Tool-Box and other mortgage marketing software supplement the business that you have built. Many of them are still being revised. They will give you 3-6 months for free because once you have imported all of your contacts and taken a month to figure out how to use 1/2 of the capacity why would you not sign up. I have … (0 comments)

realtors: EXTENSION PLEASE! Offering perspective on why. - 04/16/08 02:40 AM
Can we get a 1 week extension please? I continue to hear that escrows are not closing on time.(not my deals of couurse:) I have come here today to offer my opinion on this subject matter. As we all know the times have changed. Many of the sellers in today's market go by the names Countrywide, Washington Mutual, and Aurora Loan Services not Bob aand Suzie Smith. The sellers are motivated to sell but at their pace and on their terms. Not only do they ask the buyer to get pre-approved through their bank to retain more money but they also take … (0 comments)

realtors: $100 Dollar Oil and $3.55 Gas who pays the price - 03/11/08 11:51 AM
Good thing for technology. In the beginning part of my career I would drive to all of my clients that were within 2 hours of the office. This was done so that I may accomodate their schedules and it was well worth it. The difference at this time was money was lendable and gas prices were affordable. I had clients drive two hours to come see me as well. Now who takes the plunge? Does the borrower drive to your office? Certainly if the value in the loan proposition is there. What if it is borderline that they may be helped? Technology has enabled some … (0 comments)


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