melody botting: Letter to Mike - 06/17/09 03:56 AM
I was recently contacted by an old friend on FaceBook.  While we were catching up I told him I was about to skydive for the first time.  He was very excited because he has been wanting to do it for many years.  As we traded messages back and forth I was even more encouraged to dive.
My phone and email have been blowing up with my friends asking me how the dive went.  Instead of telling the same story repeatedly I decided to post my letter to Mike.  His first jump will be July 11, so he wanted all the details.
"I … (45 comments)

melody botting: What is a Zaxby's??? - 03/10/09 06:15 AM
I have to admit my eyebrow was raised when I saw the sign "Zaxby's Coming Soon" by the roadside.  As in everything, google lead me to the answer.  It is a very popular chicken franchise restaurant.
I dropped in to take pictures but the manager said I needed corporate approval so I cannot post them.  I ordered wings to try them out.  In my humble opinion I wouldn't say they are better than KFC (considering I love KFC).
So if you are in The Colony, TX. I suggest you give them a shot.  They are located at 4547 Main … (28 comments)

melody botting: Dear Diary, my passion is... Real Estate (insert heavy sigh here). - 02/22/09 06:08 AM
When I was a teenager I thought being a Realtor would be the coolest job in the world!  I didn't personally know any Realtors.  The only examples I saw were attractively dressed professionals driving big shiny cars and living in beautiful homes.  They set their own work schedules and helped families achieve the American Dream of homeownership.  What is not to love?
I came from very humble beginnings.  My parents worked for ‘the man' to earn a steady income and had no entrepreneurial aspirations.  The thought of working for 100% commission was a nightmare to them and they instilled that fear … (42 comments)

melody botting: BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE FOR ONE LOST DOG . . . - 02/09/09 12:06 AM
I want to bring attention to this post.  Thanks for reading.

One of the greatest gifts I have ever received as a mother was to witness the deed of my youngest son and his wife this past Christmas.  Richard and Emily amazed me with their sensitivity and generosity - in my mind, personifying the true meaning of Christmas.
While discussing with each other what each would like for Christmas, they decided to make their Christmas gifts to each other in the way of gifts to our local struggling animal shelter. Their scheme was not a … (0 comments)

melody botting: Training Day- or how about training for 79 days? - 02/05/09 01:24 AM
We have a tradition in the Botting household- Every year we train for the Texas Round Up hosted in Austin, TX.  This year the race will be held on April 25th.  Families from across the state come to compete in a 5k and 10k race.  The program started in 2004 to promote wellness and healthier living for Texans.  We are one of the largest states in the US but statistically one of the most under insured.  It just makes good sense to make an effort to promote fitness.
Awards are given for the fittest Texan, fittest kid, and fittest family.  Handicapped … (14 comments)

melody botting: Yeah, no school today! Part II - 01/28/09 12:30 AM
Yesterday I wrote a post regarding SNOW DAY.  It had been raining in my area for a couple of days and the temperature was threatening to drop below freezing.  The kids had a day off from school but it was a joke.  There wasn't much ice and we all got a little bored.
Today is a different story.  It started to sleet around 8pm last night and didn't stop until about 3am this morning.  How do I know?  My electricity went in and out.  It is 21.9 so the precipitation is now a glaze on all the roads.  Now this is what I call … (22 comments)

melody botting: Yeah, no school today! - 01/27/09 12:03 AM
In the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex we have enjoyed a mild winter thus far.  Most days we can get away with a light jacket or sweater to keep us warm.  BUT NOT TODAY!  It has been raining since yesterday and the temperature is continuing to drop.  My children excitedly announced there would be no school today.  (I double checked, just in case).
So what do we do when there is a school closing?  Typically we bake and watch TV all day.  The kids shrugged when I suggested this.  I would love to get new suggestions on how to spend an 'ice day'.  … (53 comments)

melody botting: Tacos for a cause! - 01/19/09 10:01 PM
I love volunteering and giving time to charitable organizations.  There is nothing like the feeling you get knowing you have made a difference in someones life.  In my busy world I cannot always find time and in this market the donation dollars are becoming more sparse than ever.  However, Blue Mesa made it easy.  Everyone has to eat, eh?
The Blue Mesa Grill is a well known restaurant in the D/FW Metroplex.  They have excellent food and atmosphere.  Another thing they have is a desire to help the community.  For every taco sold they donate one dollar to charity.  The money goes … (27 comments)

melody botting: My First Thankful Thursday Post! - 01/08/09 04:43 AM
For my first Thankful Thursday post I would like to introduce Abigail.  I call her Abby, Abbysmell, and anything cute that pops into my brain at the time.

I wanted a small dog.  I have been a dog parent for many years but they have always been large.  You see, my dogs are rescued.  Shelters usually have large dogs and I just cannot resist their big brown eyes.  The sadder the story, the more likely I will welcome them into my home.
My husband is an even bigger sap than I when it comes to these hairy creatures.  He refuses … (37 comments)

melody botting: Home Owners Beware. - 12/17/08 11:34 PM
I received an interesting call from my mother two days ago.  She had been contacted by someone regarding her mortgage.  He told her she could get a loan modification and here is how, "Don't pay your mortgage.  When you receive a letter from the lender regarding the late payments I will contact them on your behalf.  They will make arrangements to modify your loan.  My fee is $299, but you will save at least two months of regular payments."
My heart sank.  I asked, "Are you late?  Why did this person call you?"  She explaned she hadn't been late but has … (42 comments)

melody botting: ***Christmas Parade in The Colony, TX.*** - 12/08/08 03:16 AM
Saturday December 6th there was a Christmas Parade in The Colony, TX.  I personally could not attend but I heard it was the best one yet.  A lot effort goes into these events and the community involvement is treasured.
I am happy to announce the 'Friends of The Colony Dog Park' float won first place in the 'most creative' category.  We were not able to procure a trailer so we used what we had.  (We are a non-profit organization).  The message came across loud and clear, however.  Four large dogs were in the back and 'How much is that doggie in the window' blared … (18 comments)

melody botting: Buyers: If You Want the Plasma TV, Be Sure It's Written In Your Contract! - 12/04/08 12:14 PM
LaShawn Norden made a very good point in her post.  My hope would be a new agent would read it and spare themselves some grief.

No one likes personal property disputes. I mean really, closing days are meant to be "happy days" when everyone celebrates, not when you yell or scream because the surround-sound speakers are "missing" or worse...the flat screen TV is no longer mounted on the bedroom wall!
All kidding aside...if you want to avoid an uncomfortable (and potentially deal-breaking) situation, it's very important that you know what "personal property" is being sold with the house and what "personal … (31 comments)

melody botting: Dodie's Seafood Cafe, Carrollton, TX. - 11/30/08 09:53 AM
If there is one thing I can appreciate it is good Cajun and Creole food.  At Dodie's Seafood Cafe located in Carrollton, TX.  they really know their business.  The first time I walked in the door (probably four years ago) I was transported to many vacations spent in New Orleans on Bourbon Street.  The wait staff is courteous and the food is authentic.  So if you are wanting good food at a reasonable price but don't have time to visit The Big N.O. drop by Dodie's on Josey just north of Frankford.  You will enjoy it.


melody botting: Dog gone Funny! - 11/29/08 09:27 AM
The SPCA is a nonprofit organization that cares for animals.  It takes in many homeless pets per day.  They care for them physically as well as emotionally.  It is not all dogs and cats, however.  They often get horses, birds, and an occasional pot belly pig.  Every Year there is a contest held called 'PetFlix Film Festival'.  The Grand Prize is $2500!  Entries must be received by May 15th with a minimal $10 fee.  I love this contest because the entries are very creative and, let's face it, I love animals.  This year I am considering entering the contest.  The competition is fierce … (21 comments)

melody botting: Marketing a Commercial Real Estate Book - 11/19/08 10:00 AM
This book is really getting a lot of exposure.  I cannot wait to get my hands it!

If you look at the post I reblogged yesterday you can see we launched a new book. C Tann-Starr took the initiative to share the info with the AR community (thanks again).  Today (and I probably should have done this a few days ago...) I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes info on our book marketing effort and ask for your help.
I have participated in a number of book launches over the years. But this one is shaping up to be … (4 comments)

melody botting: I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all! - 11/15/08 08:55 AM
I didn't like it but I absolutely loved it!  After holding my breath for over a year I finally saw Quantum of Solace.  Turning blue was the least of my worries, however.  There were no gadgets, very little time with Aston Martin and Daniel Craig didn't show any of his ‘money maker' bod. 
The cast was amazing and the plot was dead on.  I even loved hating the villain in this one.  I don't feel it stayed true to all the Bond movies of the past.  (Though I loved them).  It was more serious and grown up.  Perhaps with the changing culture … (26 comments)

melody botting: Poor guy, he never saw it coming... - 11/14/08 11:29 AM
I had to take my car into the dealership today for various reasons.  It is a three year old Black Cadillac CTS.  Though it has been the love of my life since day one, I cheated.  I was given the latest upgraded model of the same car in a different color.  Let me tell you something, when I turned it on it certainly returned the favor.

Since I had a little time on my hands I decided to treat myself to lunch.  Allen, Texas used to be a small farming town.  Things have changed as of late.  There are many … (40 comments)

melody botting: The Power is in 'The Terms'. - 11/14/08 12:42 AM
In all the years I have been in real estate, the seasoned agents may smirk, I have been told the most important thing in home buying is location, location, location.  Almost nine years ago when I was sitting in my first real estate class the instructor said it over and over.  It is such a common saying you think of it first when someone asks, "What is most important?"  (Old car also comes to mind but that is for another post).
It has shifted.  Did you feel it?  When speaking with two buyers this week they asked me, "What are the interest … (66 comments)

melody botting: Inspiration in the Rain! - 11/09/08 02:57 AM
  I have made many new friends in the blogishpere in the past six + months I have been on AR.  Two have really stood out as an inspiration to me.  Richard Weisser has an artistic touch with photographs and encourages/inspires me to charge the batteries in my camera.  I no longer leave home without my Cannon in hand.  Who knew I would enjoy taking pictures?  Will I ever measure up to his abilities?  Maybe or maybe not.  However, I know he likes trains and I couldn't resist stopping the car and taking this pic for him!
The engineers stopped for … (54 comments)

melody botting: Pay it forward, again. It will always come back. - 11/06/08 06:52 PM
I went to one of my favorite restaurants with a close friend.  The service was unusually slow.  When the waitress finally took our order I had sinking feeling she would get it wrong.  (Sometimes you just know).  I made a point to explain it clearly twice.  After an unacceptable period of time a manager came to the table to tell me they didn't have what I ordered.  I was disappointed because I was ‘in the mood' for something particular but I couldn't have it.  Being that I had invested time already I decided to stay and deal with the change.  When the order … (103 comments)

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