active rain contest: A Much Needed Spring Cleaning - June 2018 Active Rain Challange - 07/01/18 03:47 PM
A Much Needed Spring Cleaning - June 2018 ActiveRain Challenge 
THANK YOU Debe Maxwell, CRS  for hosting this challenge!  
The Challenge
Go back and cleanup 10 older blog posts. Sounds like a simple task Right? Well this took me some time.  Went to work for a local builder late last year and have not been participating much within Active Rain. I would stop by and read blogs or answer a few questions. A few months ago I placed my licenses on inactive status. I have reactivated my Texas licenses and returned to working with buyers and sellers.    
This challenge came at … (4 comments)

active rain contest: Respect Fellow Rainers - 01/21/18 01:51 PM
Respect Fellow Rainers
When was the last time I visited the Active Rain Community Guidelines?  I'm sure I read them when I joined Active Rain.  Lynn B. Friedman is hosting the 2018 Blog Jumpstart Challenge.  I almost missed the 15 blogs in 25 days contest. 
Today my challenge is to share a topic from the Active Rain Community Guidelines that I find appealing or worthwhile.
Honestly, I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the Active Rain website.  At first I did not comprehend exactly what I had found.  I'm sure I read the guidelines and clicked submit and visited a few times before I noticed a … (2 comments)

active rain contest: 3 Personal Goals for 2018 - 01/16/18 12:06 PM
3 Personal Goals for 2018
It’s already mid January.  Last year I started blogging, this year I have not written one single entry!  I’m not one for making new year resolutions.  I prefer to set goals. Goals that are attainable mixed with a few that will take much more time, effort and accountability.  I am up for this challenge. Participating in my first Active Rain challenge of 2018 is my initial step toward reaching my goals.

Once again I’m staring at a blank screen.  Why is it hard to get back on track?  Perhaps time management is my number one hurdle. … (4 comments)

active rain contest: Reaping The Benefits From My Best Business Practices - 08/31/17 11:25 PM
Reaping The Benefits From My Best Business Practices
How did I get started? What should I continue doing to grow my business? Reaping The Benefits From My Best Business Practices. How did I get here? I spent time visiting with local agents, attended countless continuing education classes offered by title companies as well as previewed our available inventory during the first year of my real estate business.  This routine kept me updated on our market and helped me get thru my first year as a licensed REALTOR®   An Active Rain Challenge by Anna Banana Kruchten has me looking at my best business … (1 comments)

active rain contest: August Blooms In Azle Central Park - 08/09/17 10:05 PM
 August Blooms In Azle Central Park
Belinda Spillman is hosting an Active Rain Challenge this month. “Show Us Your Summer Blooms and Crops.”  Here is my entry.
During the past couple of weeks we have experienced a few storms with high winds in Azle, Texas. Honestly, we do not experience all four defined seasons in a year. My favorite time of the year is Fall.  For a short time we have cooler weather and colorful trees across the horizon.  Texas weather varies sometimes we will experience hot, wet and cold in a 24 hour period.  Although it’s mid August, with temperatures in the 100’s … (8 comments)

active rain contest: Enjoy Free Entertainment By Local Bands Under The Stars In Azle Texas - 07/17/17 10:15 PM
Enjoy Free Entertainment By Local Bands Under The Stars In Azle Texas This Summer
Enjoy Local Bands Under The Stars In Azle Texas During June And July.  “Music In The Park” is presented at Central Park in Azle.  Friday evenings are our date night. Come on out, bring  your chairs, blankets, ice chest with soft drinks, snacks and join us as we enjoy a variety of free concerts that will entertain every age group.
The Amphitheater at Central Park on Main Street in Azle is the place to be on Friday nights from 8:00 to 10:00 pm for great entertainment and fun-filled … (5 comments)

active rain contest: 3 Brands I Must Have - 03/29/17 09:19 PM
3 Brands I Must Have
Once again it's near the end of the month and I'm sitting here writing my entry for the March Challenge on Active Rain.  Following are three of my favorite items. Must haves for my household.  Brand loyalty, does it make a difference?   Yes.  Ever visited a store and not find the exact items needed?
First and foremost, the most important item on my list would be treats for my furry friend. The little one that that lives inside our house and makes more noise than you could imagine if her cookie jar is empty.  
GOOD 'N' FUN … (16 comments)

active rain contest: Why I Love My Job As A Fort Worth Realtor - 02/28/17 11:51 PM
Why I Love My Job As A Fort Worth Realtor
It's the end of February and time to complete another Active Rain contest.  What I love about my job is the perfect topic this month.   I've been told, "If your doing something you love it's not a job."  I agree!  This is my career, a lifestyle, one that I do enjoy.  Of course I have good days and bad days.  
Why do I love this relationship?   First of all, I get to plan my schedule.  This is one of my favorite perks.  I didn't have this opportunity before - I had … (10 comments)

active rain contest: 2 Tools I Love Using In My Real Estate Business - 02/28/17 10:45 PM
2 Tools I love using in my real estate business.
 Active Rain is sponsoring a contest this month which offers me a chance to share a couple of my favorite systems or tools that I love using in my real estate business.  
Besides using my smart phone and padfone which uses Google Chrome I had to narrow my choices and only share two  different tools that help make my workday run smoothly.  Of course, once again I find myself writing just a few minutes before the clocks strikes midnight and I miss the contest. 
Finding My Way With WAZE
Anyone that knows me definitely understands my need … (9 comments)

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