31 days of january: Who Says Blogging Is A Waste of Time - 01/28/11 12:57 AM
Who says that blogging is a waste of time?
I talk to agents ALL the time about blogging and I have heard MORE than one time that it is all a waste of time...getting out and meeting the people is what it is all about.
Well, I do agree that you have to get out and meet the people, but how do you get out and meet the thousands of people that are sitting in their homes surfing the web?
Everyone agrees that most buyers today start searching for the information that they need online, and that by the time they call an … (103 comments)

31 days of january: Fayetteville NC "Fourth Friday" January 2011 - 01/27/11 04:31 PM
Fayetteville NC "Fourth Friday" January 28th 2011...
The Fayetteville Arts Council sponsors this event each month!  The shops in downtown Fayetteville NC stay open later than normal, people are strolling the streets of Fayetteville.This months theme is “High School”, they will be featuring art from students that attend the local high schools! How much fun is that to see what our young people are creating and up and coming artist!I am sure there will be some wine tasting and live music as usual... So why don't you come on down and enjoy the festivities that the Art Council puts together for … (4 comments)

31 days of january: First Time Home Buyers, Rent VS Buy....Video Blog - 01/27/11 05:30 AM
Deciding if you will buy or continue to rent is something that I talk to clients about all the time...Should you purchase a home or rent? You will find the highlights to that question in that blog.  Buying is almost always a good decision and I take the task of helping you find the right home very seriously....This is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make and you need someone in your court to answer all the important questions for you! You need an easy to navigate website to search for homes in Fayetteville NC, when it is … (30 comments)

31 days of january: My Little Fellow....Logan - 01/23/11 01:26 PM
My little fellow...As some of you might remember I was made Mimi (grandma) for the second time on 1-11-11.  I have resisted saying much about it but I am about to bust and I thought you all could use an update on my little Logan!He is doing well....he has such a sweet nature, have hardly heard him cry! Although his Mother tries to tell stories on him saying that he is not so easy going in the middle of the night!!! But I told her that if she would move a little quicker my boy would not have to cry.... ~evil … (19 comments)

31 days of january: Buying a Home in The Jack Britt School District - 01/21/11 12:56 AM
The Jack Britt School District is very popular in the Fayetteville NC area......When looking to buy a home in Fayetteville NC there are a lot of great places to live!  But for this post we are going to be talking about buying a home in the Jack Britt School District.There are SO many great neighborhoods to choose from in a multitude of price ranges....You have Gates Four, this community is gated and boast a wonderful golf course, club house, swimming pool, etc.  The home prices range from $124,000 for a town home all the way up to $799,000. If you can … (8 comments)

31 days of january: Do You Think We Can Close Early? - 01/19/11 12:53 PM
Question from my client... Melissa do you think we will be able to close early?This is a contract on new construction so that question is really easy to answer, YES!
If all the pieces come together... You must get all your paper work into the mortgage company so they can get their part of the transaction completed.  Once the appraisal is ordered it usually is completed within 10 working days.  The appraisal is the one thing that can hold up a transaction that we have no control over. The buyer’s job is to make sure that their homeowners insurance has been … (6 comments)

31 days of january: I Have Been Had..Tagged..Just plain Called Out! - 01/18/11 01:16 PM
OK I have been had...tagged....just plain called out by my friend Donna Foerster!You ask what that means well here are the rules to play tag in the Rain:
Here's Eleanor's MeMe Rules (please paste the following paragraph into your post as you are tagged)
What is YOUR Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for 2011. We'd also like to know more about you, and your background, what is it about you that makes this BHAG so important?  What experiences are you bringing with you into 2011 that will make this BHAG work? So I'm asking you to please share 5 or 6 … (22 comments)

31 days of january: Should I Buy A Home in Fayetteville NC or Should I Rent?? - 01/16/11 04:52 AM
Should I buy a home in Fayetteville NC or should I rent??I hear this question all the time.... I am working with first time home buyers right now that are weighing the options between the two.Reasons to buy:1. The interest that you pay on your mortgage is tax deductible, and we can all use a break on our taxes!2. The home is yours to improve on how you see fit3. The pride that comes with owning your own home is not measurable4. It is one of the most important investments that you will probably make5. Who you have living with you … (8 comments)

31 days of january: Great New Tip... Listing Presentations & iPad Too! - 01/13/11 10:56 PM
I have a Great new tip for all my friends here in the Rain....I follow Tech Savvy Agent on Facebook and the other day he had an article link on his wall from his blog where he had a guest article written by Liz Landry on Prezi.  I read up on it a little and decided to check it out....I have been trying for sometime now to work up a professional looking listing presentation to display on my iPad while at my appointments.  Well I have to look no further! Prezi also has just released a iPad application!! So you work … (55 comments)

31 days of january: Fayetteville NC & The FireAntz Hockey Team - 01/09/11 05:37 AM
Fayetteville NC has its very own hockey team The Fayetteville FireAntz!

I urge everyone to go out and support our team!! There are lots of game throughout the season held at the Crown Coliseum!  The ticket prices are extremely reasonable......
You can visit their official site for all the latest up to the minute news at  FireAntzHockey
These are some photos that I took the last time we were there and I took my grandson Brenden for his first game and he had a blast!! Enjoy and I hope to see you there!

31 days of january: Homes For Sale in Fayetteville NC - 01/03/11 04:38 PM
Homes for sale in Fayetteville NC If you are looking for a home in Fayetteville NC you have come to the right place! You can search for homes in and around the Fayetteville area at Search Fayetteville NC Homes.  While there you can put the parameters for the home that you are looking for. How many bedrooms, baths, garages, etc.... Be as detailed as you would like to narrow your search to find just the perfect home for sale!
There are many other useful features that you will find at Fayetteville NC Home Finder like school information and so on.If you … (4 comments)

31 days of january: Distressed Properties and What That Means When You Are Selling YOUR Home - 01/03/11 04:25 AM
The state of North Carolina has 9.7 month supply of distressed homes on the market...That means that if homes sales stated just the way they are today that it would take almost 10 months to clear the distressed inventory from the market.What does that mean for you as a seller? With SO many distressed (discounted) properties on the market everyone that is looking to buy  a home is looking for a deal.
So for the seller in today's market it means that you must be competitive in pricing your home to sell.  Does this mean that you have to price where … (8 comments)

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