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The articles on the Internet involving real estate always intrigue me. I google many topics on a regular basis to see what I can learn or what I can pass on to my clients. Recently I had a client ask me if I had a list of steps involved in selling her home. While I have this list in my head and ...
Formulating your energy-saving plan. In additional to the tips you learned in of this series, digging a little deeper, will really pay-off. Once you've identified where your home is losing energy through the energy audit ...
  Now that you've read and made some minor changes in your home to begin saving energy, its time to dig a little deeper. A home energy audit will pinpoint the areas in your house that are using the most energy and suggest...
I get this question all the time "What's the first step to buying a home?" The answer is always the same "get your financing in place." If you are in the majority of the public, you will need to get a mortgage loan to purchase a home. There are various programs available through a wide variety of...
A typical U.S. Family spends roughly $2000 a year on utility bills according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Unfortunately a large portion of that energy is wasted. The good news is there is a lot you can do to save energy which in turn will save money at home. By following this multiple-part s...


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