irvine real estate: Gators, Gumbo, and a Great Program! - 11/05/11 08:04 PM
About two months ago, a buddy and I embarked on what can best be described as the ultimate mancation, four days in the marshes of Louisiana hunting alligators and hanging out with some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.  
On our first night, we were greeted at the airport by a friend of a friend, who I had never met prior to this trip.  Thirty minutes after getting picked up, we were sitting in his house eating home cooked gumbo. (If there is one thing I loved about Louisiana, it was the hospitality shown by everyone … (20 comments)

irvine real estate: The Truth Behind the Numbers - 10/31/11 03:06 PM
Many potential homeowners are in a state of indecision when it comes to making that big purchase.  Unable to pull the trigger after witnessing the catastrophic events of the past few years, many are waiting to see if the estimated 5-10% drop in real estate prices is really going to happen.  The main problem with that theory is this: Who really knows if there will be another drop in real estate like some are projecting?  We could very well be at or near the bottom already.  I personally believe that we will see another small drop in the next year or … (3 comments)

irvine real estate: I Thought We Were Friends! - 10/27/11 06:50 PM
I had a conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday who owns a few properties in a small Oregon town.  He shared with me a story that is not unlike that of many people who have been devastated by the bubble burst and predatory lending.
He has lived in the same town for most of his life and used the same bank to obtain loans on all of his houses for the past 22 years.  For the past five years he has been upside down $600.00 a month on an investment property, never being late or missing a payment.  Recently, … (6 comments)

irvine real estate: Quail Hill - Irvine - 10/26/11 08:27 PM
When it comes to buying a home in Irvine, you really can't go wrong.  That being said, Quail Hill Irvine stands out as an upscale community that caters to singles and families alike.  With 14 different neighborhoods ranging from apartment living, to condos, to starter homes and luxury living, Quail Hill has something for everyone.  Couple that with amazing schools, first class amenities, and convenience, and you have a place to live that is hard to rival.

Schools - If you live anywhere in Orange County, then you know that Irvine has some of the best schools in California … (0 comments)

irvine real estate: Irvine Pumpkin Patches - 10/25/11 07:57 PM
If you are looking for a place to find that perfect pumpkin, the city of Irvine has a few great pumpkin patches to choose from!  

Tanaka Farms - Pumpkin Patch 
Located at 5380 3/4 University Drive, Tanaka Farms offers a truly great pumpkin picking experience.  There is no cost for parking or admission and you actually get to pick the pumpkin right off the vine!  There is also a free corn maze and wagon rides and a petting zoo for the kiddos. (not free).  There are also games, arts and crafts, and food available on the weekends. … (2 comments)

irvine real estate: If it ain't broke... make it better! - 10/25/11 07:08 AM

One of the biggest misconceptions in business is the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".   Many businesses both big and small who share this sentiment put themselves in precarious situations.  They ultimately end up being vulnerable to the innovation of their competitors, resulting in reduced profitability and in some cases, closing the doors.  Although there are many that come to mind, the one business that resonates in my mind is Blockbuster.
 They had the marketshare on video/dvd rentals across the United States for years and had all the infrastructure in place to own that market … (1 comments)

irvine real estate: More Than Ordinary! - 10/24/11 06:28 PM
This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch the Womens U.S. Olympic Volleyball Team play an exhibition match at Irvine Valley College, and as a volleyball coach, I was impressed with the incredible talent that was displayed.  But, sitting there,  I couldn't help but think of all of the years of hard work and sacrifice that brought each and every player to the court that day.  Lou Holtz, one of the most successful college football coaches of all time, said this, "I can't believe that God put us on earth to be ordinary."  The idea that all you have to … (3 comments)

irvine real estate: A lesson I almost learned the hard way! - 10/24/11 02:07 PM
Years ago, while running my construction company, I learned one of the biggest lessons of my business life.
I had received a lead from one of the lead generation companies I used on a regular basis and after reading through the scope of work, I decided that I wasn't going to contact this potential client, as the type of work that he desired didn't really fall within my area of expertise.  We could technically do the work but I just didn't feel that my guys were proficient enough, so I left it at that.  A couple of days passed and I … (3 comments)

irvine real estate: 10 things to do in Irvine for under $10.00 - 10/22/11 05:20 PM
There are plenty of things to do in the city of Irvine, especially if money is not an issue.  But, what can you do without breaking the bank?  I decided to put together a top ten list of things you can do all for under $10.00...enjoy!

1. Hot Air Balloon Rides - The Great Park in Irvine allows visitors the opportunity to take a hot air balloon ride for absolutely FREE!  Although the balloon is tethered to the ground, you still get to soar 400 feet above the ground and take in the views of the city.  Here is … (12 comments)

irvine real estate: What does 2.5 million get you in today's market? - 10/20/11 06:09 PM
Even with the median listing price falling to $446,000 in Orange County, there is still an abundance of luxury homes available for those who are willing to pay the price.  So, I thought it would be interesting to see what an even 2.5 million gets you in today's market.  According to there are exactly nine homes listed at that price, ranging from the hills of secluded Orange Park Acres to the beautiful coast of San Clemente.
On the other hand, if you have that kind of money laying around and you are still leary … (6 comments)

irvine real estate: A Unique Partnership - Free Paint Job and Great Service - 10/20/11 01:33 PM

Nothing is worse than buying a new home and knowing that you still have to paint before moving in.  Momentum Realty Group knows this and has come up with a great solution.  We have partnered with an Orange County based painting company that is licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to take care of all of your painting needs.  All you need to do is close a listing with us and we will foot the bill on any four rooms in your new home.

Call us today for a listing appointment and we look forward … (2 comments)

irvine real estate: Woodbridge - Irvine - 10/19/11 08:12 PM

The city of Irvine offers many choices of commmunities to live in, each with their own special amenities.  That being the case, I thought it might be enlightening to highlight a different community each week.  And what better place to start than the place I call home...Woodbridge!
The one thing that seems to separate Woodbridge from any other community in Irvine are the two lakes that bisect the community into what is known as North Lake and South Lake.  Each of these lakes have a fleet of sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats available to rent for a minimal … (0 comments)

irvine real estate: Why Irvine?? - 10/19/11 05:40 PM
It’s been four years since we decided to move back to Southern California and if there is one thing that I’m sure of it’s this…Irvine was the right choice!   While some people like to bash the “master planned communities”, we have embraced all that the city of Irvine has to offer.   From top notch schools to beautiful parks, to the perennial “safest city in the U.S.”  label, I would be hard pressed to find a better place for a family to settle down.   Couple all of that with falling home prices and low interest rates, and you have … (2 comments)

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