daybreak: Daybreak Highland Park Village Coming Soon - 05/16/17 11:01 AM

The next Daybreak village is nearly ready to launch, with Highland Park Village due to open on the 20th May 2017.
Highland Park Village will be the first village located on the west side of Mountain View Corridor, and will feature smaller more affordable homes.
While villages on the eastside are located around the lake, the west side villages will be located around the Loop. The Loop is a network of parks and nature that meanders around the community, with biking lanes allowing for easy and safe access.

Also coming to this phase will be the hub, a combination pool, bakery and community … (0 comments)

daybreak: Radon and the Real Estate Purchase - 02/13/17 09:02 PM
When purchasing a home many people know that you should have an home inspection, but did you know that you can, and probably should have a Radon test.   If you did not know radon is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It's a colorless and odorless gas found usually at low levels, especially in home basements and is created by the natural breakdown of uranium is rock, soil and water.  When your home is inspected, your home inspector will be able to tell you if a radon mitigation system is already in place, if there is not one then you may wish to perform a radon test. While … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak 2nd Quarter 2016 Real Estate Market Update - 08/12/16 05:44 AM
The 2nd quarter 2016 was another good quarter for the Daybreak real estate market, with the median home sales price climbing 4.30% to stand at $310,000. This price increase was on the back of increased home sales of 175, up an impressive 10.76%.
The amount of time it took to put an home under contract dropped to a median of 19 days, a sure sign of a really strong real estate market, and nearly 60% better than the same time last year.
Median Sales Price: $310,000 up 4.20%
Total Sales: 175 up 10.76%
Median Days on Market: 19 down 57.78%
When we break down the sales … (1 comments)

daybreak: New Heights Park Village Announced for Daybreak - 07/11/16 03:04 AM
Daybreak recently announced the next village to be built will be called Heights Park Village.
The signature feature of Heights Park will be a 20 foot raised viewing area called the Mound. The idea behind The Mound was to create a viewpoint from which people and can get up high and view the surrounding area from one of the highest points in Daybreak. It is designed to accommodate outdoor activities such as picnics and those long evening walks. Explore The Mound Video
he village will has been designed to accommodate many different home styles to meet a broad range of requirements and life styles. … (1 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak Kicks of Commercial Development with Trail Crossing Shopping Center - 03/28/16 09:55 AM
If you have passed the intersection of 114th South and Mountain View Corridor you may have noticed the construction of a Smith’s Marketplace is well underway. Due to open this summer, the Trail Crossing Shopping Center is the first phase of Daybreaks commercial development along the Mountain View Corridor.
The 124,000 sq. ft. Smith’s Marketplace will anchor the shopping center, with other businesses being announced at a later date.
Smith’s Marketplace will be an upscale experience and provide a one-stop shopping option. In addition to being a full grocery store with a huge natural food selection, shoppers will also enjoy shopping from the … (0 comments)

daybreak: UDOT to Covert Bangerter Highway 114th South to Freeway Style Interchange - 02/18/16 12:55 AM
UDOT recently announced an environmental study to look at adding a flyover to the 114th South Bangerter Highway exit (114th South is the southern entrance to Daybreak). This is part of a larger project to allow for the easier movement of traffic by converting many of Bangerter Highways exits into freeway style interchanges. The study is scheduled for completion in May, with construction due to start in 2017.
This is a list junctions and the order in which they are due to be updated (all subject to change of course):
7800 South – Complete
Redwood Road (Riverton) – Under Construction
600 West (Riverton) – … (0 comments)

daybreak: American Academy of Innovation Charter School - 02/07/16 04:43 AM
Following on from the plans for a New Elementary School in Daybreak, we now have details about a new charter middle/high school.
The American Academy of Innovation will be a charter school for grades 7 through 12. The school has been approved by the Utah State Board of Education, received a letter of support from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) for its “potential to help prepare some of our next generation to think globally and help Utah continue to be recognized as a premier global business destination as they move forward in their careers.”.
The school will be located in Creekside … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak 3rd Quarter 2015 Market Update - 10/27/15 01:32 AM
The Daybreak real estate market has really turned around since this time last year. While it looked like the market was slowing in the 3rd quarter 2014, the 3rd quarter 2015 was certainly not slow. The median sales price for the quarter increased an impressive 14.86% to $310,000, on the back of strong home sales totaling 159 (an increase of over 44%). Homes were also selling fast, in fact twice as fast as last year, with a median days on market of 33 days.
Median Sold Price: $310,000 up 14.86%
Total Sales: 159 up 44.55%
Median Days on Market: 33 down 50%
If … (0 comments)

daybreak: 2nd Quarter 2015 Daybreak Home Prices / Real Estate Market Update - 07/16/15 03:06 AM
Daybreak home sales surged in the 2nd quarter 2015, with the number of homes sold increasing 40% to 147 sales. Even with this large increase in sales, median home sales prices remained static, standing at $297,000, a decrease of 1%. Homes also took longer to sell, taking a median of 43 days, an increase of 7.50%.
Given these results people may ask why prices have not increased on the back of strong sales. Well it all comes down to supply of demand. While home sales were strong, the supply of home listings both from resale homes and new construction also remained strong. … (1 comments)

daybreak: 1st Quarter 2015 Daybreak Home Prices / Real Estate Market Update - 04/09/15 01:55 PM
The first 3 months of the year delivered a bit of a mixed bag for the Daybreak real estate market. While the number of sales saw good appreciation with 86 homes sold (some of this was probably down to the unseasonably nice weather), the median sales price actually declined 12% to $265,981.
We can see the reason for the decline when we examine the breakdown of types of home sold. There was strong appreciation in townhome sales (up 92%) and condos sales (up 40%), while single family homes sales fell 7%. This means that the trend for the quarter was for smaller … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak UT 2014 Home Prices - 01/08/15 01:08 AM
Daybreak’s housing market experienced another good year, with a median home price increase of 6.89% in 2014. This means that in the last 3 years sales prices have increased between 6 and 8 % each year. Even with these increases the median home price of $290,000 is still below the peak of $293,360 seen back in 2008. Home sales were slightly up, going from 366 in 2013 to 382. The only negative is that homes took longer to sell, taking a median of 58 days to go under contract which is an increase of over 50%. This increase in the time … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak 3rd Quarter 2014 Market Update - 11/10/14 02:05 AM
The median home sales price for a Daybreak home increased just 1.32% in the 3rd quarter 2014, with the number of homes sold also showing a small increase of 2.91%. The big jump was in the number of days it took to sell a home which increased more than 88.57% to 66 days. So why the big jump in days on market? Well it’s all about oversupply. The home builders feeling better about the market have really stepped up their building of spec homes (homes built without a buyer). This is causing a surplus of homes for sale on the market, … (0 comments)

daybreak: South Jordan City to Takeover Oquirrh Lake - 10/28/14 03:41 AM

When Daybreak was formed part of the agreement was that Oquirrh Lake and several Daybreak parks would be passed over to South Jordan. In fact several parks including Calendar Square, Sunrise Mountain and Hillside Park are already under South Jordan City control. But now the much larger project to hand over ownership of Oquirrh Lake from Kennecott Land to South Jordan City took a step closer with a Sep. 30th meeting.
Oquirrh Lake is a total of 35 acres, and forms the center piece of the Daybreak community. It’s walking trails, beaches, boating and playgrounds are used by people … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak 1st Quarter 2014 Home Sales Data - 05/14/14 05:21 AM

The Daybreak housing market had a good start to the year showing strong home sales and sales prices. The median home price climbed an impressive 19.78% in the first quarter (when compared to the same time last year), with the new median home sales price standing at $305,450. While the number of homes sold remained flat (72 vs 74 last year), the time taken to sell a home dropped substantially, taking a median of 39 days (falling from 60 days).
2014 First Quarter Home Sales
Median Sold Price: $305,450 up 19.78%
Total Sales: 72 down 2.70%
Median Days on Market: … (0 comments)

daybreak: Two New Daybreak Villages - 03/04/14 03:37 AM

For those people that don’t know, Daybreak is new home development located in South Jordan UT. This master planned community is the largest new home development in Utah and is currently expanding at a great rate, in fact 1 in 6 new homes in Utah is sold in Daybreak. To keep pace with the demand Daybreak recently opened two new phases, Lake Village and Creekside Village.
The first to open was Creekside Village. Located on the northwest side of the Lake this village features Brookside Park. This is the second largest park in Daybreak and features many facilities including … (0 comments)

daybreak: January 2014 Daybreak Home Sales - 02/07/14 06:28 AM
January is usually the slowest month for home sales, and this year was no exception. There were a total of 15 sales in January, 9 single family homes, 5 townhomes and 1 condo.  The median sales price for a Daybreak home stood at $282,500, up from $250,000 a year ago.  The median price per square foot stood at $107.50 up from $94.82.
Single Family
Homes Sold 9
Median Price $381,570 ($307,500)
Median Price Per Sq. Ft. $107.50
Median Days on Market 74 days
Homes Sold 5
Median Price $195,000 ($205,638)
Median Price Per Sq. Ft. $135.38
Median … (0 comments)

daybreak: Daybreak Home Sales for 2013 - 01/09/14 04:32 AM
Daybreak Real Estate continued its recovery in 2013, with 356 homes sold a rise of over 20% when compared to 2012. The median home sales price rose steadily, showing a 6.84% increase (which coincidentally is the exact same as in 2012). Homes were selling much faster taking a median of 37 days, an improvement of 41%.
Home Sales Data for 2013 Homes Sold 356 (296) Median Price $269,500 ($252,250) Median Days on Market 37 days (63) * Figures in brackets are for 2012.  
While these figures are very encouraging, we did see somewhat of a slowdown towards the … (0 comments)

daybreak: New Daybreak Villages on the Way - 06/02/13 02:10 AM
If you have visited the Daybreak Utah  community recently you will have noticed a large amount of building going on. Of course there is the usual new home construction in the Eastlake and North Shore Villages, but there are also two large parcels of land currently being torn up ready for development. One of them located on the east side of the lake (where the trees were stored) and another on the west side of the lake just south of the Brookside model home village. Well today I found out what these areas will be. Daybreak is building not one, but two … (0 comments)

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