water demand: Water Shortages, Water Rights and Nevada's Great Basin Water - 07/31/10 08:36 AM
The Great Basin is unique when it comes to water because the rivers have no outlet to the sea.

It is made up of many smaller drainage basins. 
There is a complicated system of hydrology below the very interesting geology and topography of fractured, tilted plates of the Earth's crust, that make up the Great Basin. Often referred to as Basin and Range because those tilted plates create mountain ranges that run from north to south. As the Earths crust stretched, cracked and tilted, it created large dry valleys or basins between the ranges. These basins can be compared to … (0 comments)

water demand: Water Rights Sale Inked - 10/31/09 09:02 AM
Recent water rights sale transactions in Nevadaincludes 35 shares of Virgin River surface water. There are about 10 acre feet per share under the Virgin River Share arrangement in the Mesquite and Bunkerville irrigation system. 
"In 1961 water shares in the valley were worth $14 per share and you were a damn fool to buy them" stated Cecil Leavitt, a Virgin Valley board director. He went on to say "Today they are worth more than the land". 
The final sale price for the 35 shares was $2,801,968 or about $80,056 per share. That translates to over $8000 per acre foot for … (0 comments)

water demand: Nevada Water Rights - 08/02/08 05:45 PM
Nevada water rights being piped to Las Vegas. Southern Nevada is a very dry place and Las Vegas is a thirsty city. The Colorado river has extreme demands currently with Arizona, California, and Nevada all drawing water from this limited resource. Agency seeks right to tap three watersheds
Investing in water rights has become the focus of many Wall street money managers and individuals like T. Boone Pickens. Would you like to learn more about Water rights for sale in Nevada? Flatnose Ranch offers both surface (Flatnose Spring) and ground water rights for sale.
Ruling grants Southern Nevada Water Authority 18,755 acre-feet annually of 34,752 … (0 comments)

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