water rights for sale: Water, Food, Drought, and Population Growth, How Limited Are Your Resources? - 05/23/10 03:46 PM
Nevada Ranch and Farm Land with Water Rights Issues

Are you unsure if all the hype about water and food shortages in the future is real or just?
The science is mounting and it is not any one single cause or source. You may not buy into global warming or maybe you do and just do not believe it is man caused. Either way drought is real.
As mentioned the science is mounting in favor of serious problems in coming decades for mankind’s ability to provide adequate fresh drinking water and food to the increasing billions of us on … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Nevada Land For Sale, Irrigated Farm Land, Cattle Ranches, Nevada Land with Water Rights - 05/05/10 12:59 PM
Farmland, Water Rights … (1 comments)

water rights for sale: Nevada land, Irrigated farm and Ranch Land with Water Rights For Sale - 04/24/10 02:58 AM
In an effort to improve exposure and reach a broader market Chris W. Miller is proud to announce his new association with
Independence Realty
Reno and Las Vegas Real Estate and Western Nevada PropertiesLeo Dupre, Broker-Owner, Independence Realty 775-691-88881005 Terminal Way, Suite 155 Reno, NV 89502460 W. Main St #101, Fernley, NV 894088275 S. Eastern Ave. #200 Las Vegas, NV 89123Serving Las Vegas, Reno-Sparks, Virginia City and Fernley
My new association with these offices will give all the Nevada farm and ranch land listed with me greater exposure to the entire state of Nevada market. Properties listings will soon be available … (1 comments)

water rights for sale: Food, Water and Real World Issues, Copenhagen’s Missing Ingredient - 12/02/09 02:52 PM
When the well runs dryLas Vegas depends on Lake Mead, the Colorado River for its water supply. So do the other six states that are parties to the Colorado River Pact of 1922.
California grows much of the produce you eat.
The Ogallala has been over drafted for the last 60 years and it will not last forever. From the North Plains District, The Ogallala Aquifer within the boundaries of the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District is declining at an average of 1.74 feet per year (1,082,631 acre ft). Could the well run dry and if so what next? Can they … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Ranch Land in Nevada - 11/21/09 09:59 AM
Nevada Ranches and Farms, in general own their water rights. These water rights are sold as an appurtenance to the land.
Land in Nevada without water can be desolate. Most every Nevada Ranch and Farm has water rights. For more information on Nevada water rights the Nevada State Engineers office is your best bet. The State Engineers office regulates and controls water rights in Nevada.
Water rights being sold with Nevada farms and ranches may be for irrigation, livestock watering, or domestic use. It may come from live springs, artesian wells or be pumped ground water. Regardless the use or source, they must have have water rights … (2 comments)

water rights for sale: Water Rights Sale Inked - 10/31/09 09:02 AM
Recent water rights sale transactions in Nevadaincludes 35 shares of Virgin River surface water. There are about 10 acre feet per share under the Virgin River Share arrangement in the Mesquite and Bunkerville irrigation system. 
"In 1961 water shares in the valley were worth $14 per share and you were a damn fool to buy them" stated Cecil Leavitt, a Virgin Valley board director. He went on to say "Today they are worth more than the land". 
The final sale price for the 35 shares was $2,801,968 or about $80,056 per share. That translates to over $8000 per acre foot for … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Land, Food, Agriculture, and Water Rights - 10/21/09 07:45 AM

Fortune magazine,  June 22, 2009 issue has a good article on "Why Farm Land is Hot". Why ETF's are investing today for the long haul on the food and water shortages in our future. From 1960 to 2000 the world went from over one acre of arable land per person to just over a half acre of arable land per person.
Growing populations and the shrinking supply of arable land will be a key focus of humanity as millions starve in the not too distant future. Water in many locations is the key to food production.
Water rights in Nevada are our … (2 comments)

water rights for sale: Land and Water Rights in Nevada - 09/15/09 08:52 AM
Interested in the future of Real Estate development and agribusiness in Nevada? 
Look closely at the water supply. Look closely at the water rights for sale. 
Southern Nevada Water Authority is planning a 327 mile pipeline to bring more water to the Las Vegas Valley at a cost of 3.5 billion dollars. This fact alone should tell you something about the available supply.
Whether it is climate change, normal drought,  or increased demand, the future for water's value has only one way to go. One thing is certain, we can not live with out it. Water rights in Nevada and the Southwest in general … (1 comments)

water rights for sale: Nevada Water Rights - 08/02/08 05:45 PM
Nevada water rights being piped to Las Vegas. Southern Nevada is a very dry place and Las Vegas is a thirsty city. The Colorado river has extreme demands currently with Arizona, California, and Nevada all drawing water from this limited resource. Agency seeks right to tap three watersheds
Investing in water rights has become the focus of many Wall street money managers and individuals like T. Boone Pickens. Would you like to learn more about Water rights for sale in Nevada? Flatnose Ranch offers both surface (Flatnose Spring) and ground water rights for sale.
Ruling grants Southern Nevada Water Authority 18,755 acre-feet annually of 34,752 … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Flatnose Ranch Water Rights For Sale - 07/21/08 03:47 AM

This ranch consists of approximately 1,200 acres of deeded land running up Dry Valley to Echo Dam State Park, then East up a beautiful valley headed by Flatnose Spring. The spring water is currently being used as "Gravity Flow Irrigation Water." These surface rights are owned along with approximately 2600 to 2900 acre feet of ground water rights and will convey with the ranch. The water rights are currently being used primarily for irrigation with some domestic use. There are eight … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Irrigated Farm Land For Sale with Water Rights - 07/10/08 10:37 AM
Irrigated Farm Land with Water Rights For Sale.

Eden Valley Farm, Humboldt County, Nevada
This Property offers a total of 2877 acres, with 2294 irrigated acres. There are seventeen wells supplying water to eighteen circle pivots, each irrigates one 160 acre quarter section. The property has water rights appropriated from the State of Nevada, the priority dates are primarily August 1976. Total diversion for the 18 certificates is 9,070 acre feet per year. The ground is mostly considered to be cultivated first class 4+ tons Alfalfa, typically allows for three cuttings per year. Other plantings have  included wheat … (0 comments)

water rights for sale: Water Rights For Sale Lincoln County Nevada - 02/26/08 06:21 AM
Looking for Land for sale with Water Rights?  The U. S. Census Bureau projects that Nevada will lead the way in population growth over the next 25 years, including Lincoln County, to more than double its population - 114 %.  Lucrative tax incentives and a robust economy continue to attract new residents to cities throughout the state.  Nevada is one of a handful of States that does not have State Income tax making Nevada more popular than some other states. 
Lincoln County Nevada is an Old Western wonderland.  Since less than three percent of the land is privately owned and ninety seven percent … (0 comments)

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