independent broker: Be an Independent Broker with a Big Brand Marketing - 11/28/12 04:34 AM
Become an independent broker with Metro Brokers, offering Colorado agents and consumers big-brand Service with a personal touch. Find out more online at Join Metro Brokers or call (303) 843-0100.

Interviewer: Welcome to Metro Brokers TV. I am here today with Joe Bingham from Metro Brokers Bingham & Company. Joe thanks for being here.
Joe Bingham: Hi Kari, how are you doing?
Interviewer: I am good thanks, how are you?
Joe Bingham: Great.
Interviewer: Good. Now you are a top producer in the real estate industry so tell me how did you become a Metro Broker?
Joe Bingham: Well I've … (0 comments)

independent broker: Colorado Real Estate Experience you can Trust - 07/10/12 06:41 AM
Metro Broker Pam Adams has over 20 years of Real Estate experience in Colorado and can help any buyer or seller find just the right home. Call Pam at Adams Company - 303-898-3598 or visit<!--more-->

Kathy Soltero: Hi, I'm Kathy Soltero with, and today we are in the studio with Pam Adams, with Adams Company, Pam thank you so much for joining us today.
Pam Adams: Thank you for having me.
Kathy Soltero: You joined Metro Brokers back in 1989, after working for two large brokerage firms, why did you make the switch?
Pam … (0 comments)

independent broker: Buyers and Sellers Trust David Balliet - 01/12/12 03:52 AM
David Balliet of Metro Brokers Balliet Realty works with buyers and sellers in the Greeley area.

Hello, I am David Balliet, with Balliet Realty. I am the owner and independent broker with Metro Brokers and my accreditations as far as -- are listed on my website. I have masters of real estate.
My specialties are working with new home buyers -- first time buyers, distressed buyers, and seniors.
I especially like working with buyers and sellers, so if you have a property to list, I'd love to help you right now, give me a call, my number is … (0 comments)

independent broker: Michael Paul an Independent Broker with Realty Oasis - 10/08/09 05:32 AM
Michael Paul and Independent Broker with Realty Oasis

Kathy Soltero: Hi I am Kathy Soltero with and today we are joined by Mike Paul, Mike thanks for coming in.
Michael Paul: Well thank you for having me.
Kathy Soltero: Tell me a little bit about your real estate company.
Michael Paul: Well I am in Mark Eibner's office at Realty Oasis. I am a broker associate there not a, you know not an independent broker as many of the Metro Brokers are. It was purely just a matter of choice for me I didn't need to be, need to … (0 comments)

independent broker: Former ReMax broker Cher Schafer loves the Independence of Metro Brokers - 10/08/09 05:29 AM
Cher Schafer on Real Estate and

Kathy Soltero: Hi, I'm Kathy Soltero with MetroBrokers TV, today in the studio we have Cher Schafer. Cher Schafer thank you so much coming in.
Cher Schafer: Thank you, I appreciate it.
Kathy Soltero: Tell me a little bit about your real estate office and your real estate company.
Cher Schafer: Well I'm Cher Schafer Homes of Metro Brokers and I'm located out of the Dakota Ridge office which is at C-470 and Bowles.
Kathy Soltero: Are you all by yourself then or do you have any other agents with you?
Cher Schafer: … (0 comments)