metrowest ma real estate: Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate & Community Guide - 07/15/13 09:48 PM
Metrowest Massachusetts Real EstateMetrowest is a very popular area that is located West of Boston. Those that are looking for a place to call home quite often will settle on the Metrowest area for a number of reasons including excellent housing stock, terrific school systems, the commuter rail and easy access to major highways including Route 495 and the Mass Pike. A number of towns in the Metrowest area are far more affordable than those surrounding Boston. Some home buyers however just like to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The Metrowest area is a … (15 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: What's Up With Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate? - 12/02/09 11:19 PM

Every month those of you that read my blog know I like to put together my local Real Estate reports in a number of towns around the Metrowest area including Hopkinton, Holliston, and Ashland Massachusetts.
After working on my reports over the last few days I saw something that came as somewhat of a mild surprise. Sales in the month of November were up substantially year over year as compared to 2008!
The figures below were certainly nothing to sneeze at! In fact this was one of the largest jumps I have seen in comparing a month of sales … (24 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: The Housing Market Will Come Back Just Like The Stock Market - 04/02/09 11:50 PM
We most likely have a little ways to go before Real Estate markets throughout the country finally hit bottom. After all there is still a significant amount of foreclosure inventory that needs to be sold, as well as new foreclosure inventory that has not yet hit the market.
According to Rick Sharga, Vice President for marketing at Realty Trac, a foreclosure listing firm, there were around 700,000 foreclosed homes nationwide at the end of last year that had not been listed yet. This "shadow inventory" of unsold homes certainly could drag the correction out longer.
This period in time however, could … (61 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: The Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate Market What Does The Future Hold - 03/19/09 03:32 PM
Working as a Metrowest Massachusetts Realtor one of the questions I am asked most often is when I think the market will turn around? While I don't pretend to have a crystal ball or a magic hat and certainly am not an economist, it is easy for me to see that the Real Estate market in Metrowest Massachusetts will not be changing all that much in the next year.
Let me say that this is not about being a pessimist or being negative. This is about being very realistic and honest. Over the last six months I have gone on a … (64 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Why Your Metrowest Massachusetts Home Expired - 01/29/09 03:08 AM
As a Realtor you are able to get on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) everyday and see countless homes that have "expired".
The number one reason why any home expires and does not sell is because of an improper price. Unfortunately, this is the hardest obstacle in Real Estate to overcome.
In today's challenging Real Estate market, the price that is set on your home can be more  than 75% of the marketing. What do I mean by that? Simply, if you come on the market at the wrong price, the best Realtor in the country with the most sophisticated marketing … (82 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Bill Gassett's Real Estate Articles Worth Reading - 01/25/09 11:10 PM
The following Real Estate articles cover a variety of topics including short sales, loan modifications, deed in lieu of foreclosure, USDA Loans, tips on selling your home, tax deductions, internet and social marketing, plus many others.
I hope a few of them you may find useful for your particular circumstances. Hopefully some of the articles may teach you a good tip that you may not have thought about or even cause you to think differently.
Working as a Metrowest Massachusetts Realtor for the last twenty three years I have learned quite a bit. Real Estate is a field where you can … (53 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Foreclosure Avoiding it Through a Short Sale or Loan Modification - 12/10/08 01:18 AM
Foreclosure is not a fun word yet it is reality that many across the US are facing in these tough economic times.
There are many ways that home owners find themselves in this predicament including job loss, reduction in income, mounting credit card debt, an increase in mortgage payments, a terrible illness, or divorce. There are probably others that I have missed as well.
A home foreclosing doesn't just effect the homeowner directly. It effects you and I and everyone else that lives near the home.
Foreclosures drive down property values! When you are faced with selling your home and you … (85 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Best Remodeling Projects Cost V.S Value For Your Home - 12/02/08 11:35 PM
The annual Cost V.S Value report for home additions and remodeling projects has been released by Realtor Magazine for 2008. If you are thinking of adding an addition or renovating your home in Massachusetts this is an excellent guide that will at least give you a ballpark on what you can expect for a return on your investment.
"NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® statistics show that home prices have fallen by an average of 7 percent nationally in the past year. But the value of home owners’ investment in remodeling projects has declined only 3.86 percent on average between 2007 and 2008, … (61 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Massachusetts Home - 10/29/08 01:09 AM
As a Realtor representing home sellers in numerous towns throughout Metrowest Massachusetts over the last twenty two years, I have found that there are certain obstacles that will make a home much more difficult to sell.
The following information provides some insight on how to make your home sale go a lot smoother.
Some of the thoughts and information provided has been borrowed with permission from a sharp cookie and friend, Jason Crouch who covers Austin Texas Real Estate.

Frankly, the price is the most important factor in getting your Massachusetts home sold, especially with other … (55 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Hopkinton Holliston Westboro make Boston Magazine 50 Best Public High Schools - 08/27/08 12:02 AM
There are plenty of excellent school systems in Massachusetts. In the area which I cover Real Estate Hopkinton, Holliston, and Westboro made Boston Magazine's list of the 50 best public high schools in the state.
The calculations of the best schools according to a detailed formula. According to Boston Magazine here is how they graded the schools:
"Our goal in compiling this year's list of the area's best public high schools was not to identify only those schools that are performing well, but also those doing so while operating efficiently, too. To gather our data, we consulted school officials, school … (14 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Federal Funds Rate Drop v.s. 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages - 03/25/08 08:00 PM
One of the biggest misconceptions in the mortgage and Real Estate industries is the fact that the when the Federal Funds Rate is dropped that it also means there will be a corresponding rate drop in 30 year fixed rate mortgages. People wake up - It does NOT! In fact many times the exact opposite occurs.
I can't even tell you the number of times I have been hearing lately people making the comment "Hey the Fed is thinking of dropping the rates again...Mortgage rates should be heading down". What can be even more shocking is when Realtors don't realize how things work either! A good … (60 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Home Buyer Tax Credits ~ A Stimulus Package that could Actually Work! - 02/29/08 08:36 AM

Housing markets across most parts of the United States are facing their greatest downturn since the great depression.
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has proposed to Congress an additional stimulus package that I believe actually has a chance to make a real difference. This new stimulus package would create a tax credit for the purchase of a home.
 Recently, NAHB chief economist David Seiders told the Senate Finance Committee that "Tax credits for the purchase of a home are a means of eliminating excess inventory, relieving some of the pressure on falling housing prices and ending the … (13 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Milford Regional Medical Center ~ Milford MA ~ Black Tie Gala - 02/25/08 07:28 AM

                                         Milford  Massachusetts Medical Center Black Tie Gala 
Milford Regional Medical centers annual black tie gala will take place on April 12th. This is the 4th year for this spectacular Milford Massachusetts event. The theme of this years event will be the Golden age of Hollywood. This years Hollywood extravaganza will include the red carpet, search lights, walk of fame, awards, magnificent cuisine, signature drinks, live entertainment, dancing, an exciting auction, and a fabulous guest performance by The Pointer Sisters.
The Golden Age of Hollywoodwill offer all this and more. The event will take place … (6 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: RE/MAX Executive Realty Hopkinton ~ Homes & Real Estate for sale ~ Bill Gassett - 02/24/08 07:04 AM
I am a Realtor that is a big fan of Internet marketing. Over 85% of all buyers find their home online. Part of my marketing strategy online includes marketing my homes in the RealBird site.
Below is a map of homes I am marketing in towns around Metrowest Massachusetts including Hopkinton, Milford, Grafton, Upton, Medway, Mendon, Framingham, and Uxbridge. If you click on the homes on the map you will be taken to an individual listing page that gives you all the information on the specific home.
You will notice there is a slide show presentation, video home tour, large pictures … (28 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Real Estate & Homes ~ Realtors ~ Massachusetts Real Estate Market - 02/23/08 06:43 AM
The Real Estate market has changed quite a bit over the course of the last three years in Massachusetts. The prices of homes in the Metrowest MA region have continued to drop. The peak in the Real Estate market in Massachusetts occurred in the Spring of 2005.
What many home sellers fail to realize is that if you need to sell your home now and purchased anytime between the middle of 2004 and the end of 2007, you are most likely going to lose money. You are in all likely hood not going to be able to sell your home for what … (21 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Massachusetts Property Tax Relief - Who Qualifies to save? - 01/31/08 02:52 AM
Most in Massachusetts would never think there are actually tax programs available to save you money. After all we didn't get the name "Taxachusetts" for nothing.
Lately, it seems everywhere you turn there is bad news. The local Real Estate market has been down in the dumps, the stock market has taken a fairly big hit, the cost of oil and energy in general is out of sight, and there is talk of a recession.
With the exception of historically low mortgage interest rates, there have not been many reasons to get overly excited by the present shape of our economy.
Taxes have been an … (8 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Massachusetts Tax Stamps ~ Hidden Costs in Selling Your Home - 10/23/07 06:34 AM
As a Realtor representing many home owners selling their homes, it has come to my attention numerous times that many people are unaware of the tax on selling a home in Massachusetts. This tax is levied on the sale of any home sold in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Presently the tax rate is $4.56 dollars per thousand.
In other words if you sell a home for $500,000 your tax would be $4.56 x 500 for a total cost of $2280. When you have certain expectations for what your check will be coming from a closing, a short fall of $2280 would not be … (40 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Marathon Deli ~ Ashland MA Business Profile - 10/17/07 07:54 AM
Marathon Deli located at 250 West Street (Rte 135), Ashland Massachusetts is a terrific local sandwich shop on the Hopkinton/Ashland town line.
Marathon Deli is owned by Doug Fifield and Jim Johnston, who established the business in 1997. They are currently celebrating their ten year anniversary in business.
Although it doesn't look pretty this is an outstanding place to get a great sandwich or wrap! I happen to be a regular customer and frequent Marathon Deli at least a few times a week.
 The atmosphere is extremely social. Doug and Jim really make you feel welcome. One of the great things about this … (10 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Carbone's Restaurant Hopkinton MA ~ Family Tradition for 74 Years! - 09/28/07 05:05 AM
Carbone's Restaurant located on 280 Cedar Street (Rte 85) in Hopkinton MA has been a traditional Italian/American Restaurant for the last 74 years. Three generations of Carbone's have kept this place growing for many years. This Hopkinton MA landmark opened for business in 1933 under the management of Edward Carbone who named his establishment, "The Good Fellows Club." He was soon joined by his mother and father who began to serve home-made pasta, fried chicken, and veal cutlets.
When Edward left to serve in the armed forces during World War two, his parents continued operation of the restaurant until his return. The capacity of … (10 comments)

metrowest ma real estate: Creative Marketing for Home Sellers in Metrowest MA - 08/05/07 03:27 AM

Creative marketing is essential to successfully set yourself apart from the competition. As a top Hopkinton Massachusetts Realtor, I am constantly searching for new and innovative tools that will distinguish my seller clients from the rest of the market. The embedded V-flyer above is a perfect example of this. It can be used in websites, blogs, and emails. I use this a a tool to promote all the homes I am marketing. The V-flyer can also be downloaded to top search sites such as Google.Base and Trulia, opening up terrific exposure for the homes I am selling throughout Metrowest … (11 comments)

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