off topic and humor: Happy Easter! - 04/20/19 08:47 AM

Easter is such an amazing time of year.
If you are a Christian it is the most holy day on the calendar. We sometimes forget the Holiday is not about bunnies, chocolate, peeps or is about a celebration of Jesus. He is risen!
The time of year is also about rebirth. The trees and plants begin to blossom, the birds chirp and the baseballs begin flying out of stadiums.
Enjoy the Holiday, however you choose to celebrate it!

off topic and humor: Back Patio Garden Fruits & Veggies - 04/26/18 12:46 PM

I promised Ron and Alexandra Seigel that I would post some of the fruit and veggies growing on my back patio.
Here you go this first photo this is one of the three pineapples that are growing (these are so just cut off the top and plant it in a pot).
This is from the lemon tree planted about a year ago...the lemons are huge and still have a way to go.
This is a dual planter with both chive and potato. The chives grow so fast you can use them in a matter of days.

off topic and humor: Remember Why we Celebrate Veteran's Day! - 11/11/17 09:20 AM

This is a simple post.
We simply should be reminded today to salute those who join or have joined (or were drafted) into our armed forces. 
These brave men and woman know when they leave home, that they may never come back.
They do it for incredibly low wages, less than ideal living conditions, food that I would prefer not to eat and often in places that I would choose not to visit.
They often turn out to be the best people I know...and they almost always have the most interesting stories to tell.
I have spoken to many of them today (we have 2 area … (10 comments)

off topic and humor: Who Needs a Groundhog? - 02/06/17 07:10 AM
Forget about those ugly little animals that pretend to predict how long it will take before Spring will finally hit in the northern and eastern parts of our great in Florida we have a different way of predicting the coming change of season:
...and the difference between Groundhogs and Palm Trees? The Florida Palm Tree has a 100% chance of being correct so come on down for a visit!

off topic and humor: Happy July 4th 2016 - 07/01/16 09:44 PM
July 4, 2016
I have been writing on activerain since the first year (2007). Nine years in and still going strong!
Every year I love to wish all the great friends I have made happy holidays. So to all those around the USA I wish you a very Happy and safe July, 4 2016.
With all the scary people and stuff going on around the world (and in our Country), this year above all others, be proud to be an American...and what that stands for!
Have the best Holiday Ever!

off topic and humor: Happy Thanksgiving...Maybe it's time to Bring Back the Four Freedoms! - 11/24/15 12:06 AM

Before the U.S. entered World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt talked about the four freedoms Americans (well...really all people) should have. After World War I the United States had a long period of Isolationism. Just like today no one wanted to go to war. After the Speech many members of "the Greatest Generation" realized that these freedoms were truly the fabric of what makes America great.
Based on this speech the great painter Norman Rockwell came up with paintings to depict each freedom. Today, as many freedoms around the world are being taken away from those who only wish to live their lives the way they … (9 comments)

off topic and humor: A New Addition to Our Space Coast Family - 01/05/15 10:32 PM

I have been promising my boy a dog for quite some time.
I had certain requirement's...small, under 2 years old, no shedding and a rescue dog (I do not believe we should be buying dogs from puppy mills with millions of good dogs needing homes and being put to sleep).
...then Nino came along. Nino is an older (around 7 years) dog. He is medium sized (not small at all) and he sheds all the time. He is a rescue dog and because of his age he was very hard for the foster Mom to find him a home.
Since … (15 comments)

off topic and humor: Happy Thanksgiving 2013! - 11/27/13 01:07 AM

To all my friends and all those who read my blog...Happy Thanksgiving from here on the Space Coast. I am looking forward to the slight chill in the air we are going to receive from an arctic blast (in the 40s...burr) in the morning. It is still forecast to warm to 70 I am sure I will be able to struggle through!
My 12 year old will be with me this year and we have big plans for the day. I hope everyone gets to spend time with their loved ones...and can look back on Thanksgiving 2013 with only the fondest of … (6 comments)

off topic and humor: My / Obamacare Nightmare on the Space Coast - 10/23/13 12:57 AM
As Realtors, we are all independent contractors. Our average demographic would be much older than the national average...and we (because we all own our businesses) must fight to find decent priced health care. 
In short: We should be poster children for Obamacare!
My nightmare all started two days before the October sign on started. I wanted to get info on the four plans available (if you do no know, or have not gone on the site can choose from bronze, silver, gold and platinum). I was not looking for a price...just the differences in what the four plans would cover. The only … (8 comments)

off topic and humor: How Your Perspective On Life Can Change - 02/13/13 11:15 PM
Yesterday it was an all-time high temperature of 88 degrees here on the Space Coast. It truly gave me the feeling of a warm, sunny summer day on the beach (which of course I took full advantage of).
Here is a picture of the beach today:

It is overcast with some cool looking funky clouds. Everybody who has come into Starbucks (I am sitting and working across the parking lot from the ocean) has been wearing long sleeves, sweaters, sweat pants, etc...
Here is the funny 9:50am the official temperature is 72 Degrees. It is so funny to see … (11 comments)

off topic and humor: Breakfast at Sunrise in Satellite Beach, FL - 10/05/12 04:33 AM

This morning I had to meet clients quite early, so I got an even earlier start and had breakfast at the beach. I went and got a bagel and coffee and ate it out on the wooden walkover that protects the dunes at Pelican Point Park in Satellite Beach, FL.
I watched the sunrise for about 30 minutes while I ate my bagel...that is when I saw the sun break through the clouds and form this very pretty here it is, breakfast in Satellite Beach (or should I say breakfast on Satellite

off topic and humor: Morning View from Ponce de Leon Park in Melbourne Beach, FL - 07/22/12 11:38 PM
I know my many Activerain friends from the Northeast coast of Florida may disagree...but much debate exists about the exact location that the great explorer Ponce de Leon landed. many now believe he landed closer to Central Florida. This park is one of the potential spots in which some scholars believe (based on ship records) he may have landed.
On a beautiful Sunday morning here are some pictures of the park and the beach. This is a great place to come. The park never seems to have too many tourists or even locals along it's shore....just a great place to … (7 comments)

off topic and humor: Happy 4th of July! - 07/03/12 09:44 PM

It is that time of year again. We celebrate the birth of our Great Country! To all my friends out in Activerain land...please have a very safe and happy 4th of July.
I hope you all have a great time and see lots of fireworks. My boy and I are going to watch the festivities here in Melbourne Florida. We will be watching the fireworks at Front Street in Historic Melbourne so if you are in the area and see me, come by and say hello!
Happy Independence Day!

off topic and humor: Happy Easter! Happy Passover! - 04/07/12 09:33 PM

To all my family, friends and blog readers....
I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter or Passover. It was amazing this morning to see so many fellow Space Coast residents finding spots along the beach to attend one of our countless Easter Sunrise Services.The beaches are absolutely packed.
Enjoy your chocolate bunnies or chocolate covered Matzos today! Spend as much time as you can with family and friends....we can all worry about going back to work or school tomorrow!!

off topic and humor: Happy Thanksgiving 2011 - 11/24/11 01:00 AM
Hello to all my friends in AR land.
I just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have so much pain in the World...yet it is amazing to me that in a time of high unemployment and a home crisis that has no equal in American History people in the U.S. can be so giving.
One of the ladies in my office is collecting clothes for children who are in major need (even in Florida we have some cold nights and you can not believe the number of children who no longer have a place to call home). Her … (4 comments)

off topic and humor: When it Comes to Real Estate...Does it Matter Who Wins the Presidential Race? - 10/19/11 01:59 AM
I occasionally get into conversations about real estate with fact the minute they find out I am a Realtor (wear your badge and this will happen even more often) they begin asking questions. Usually...How is the market? Are you selling anything right now? and many more questions come up...but lately I have been asked how I think a change in President might change the market.
I think this is a fair question.
I know most people have strong opinions on each of the Republican candidates...and also have opinions either way on President Obama. My opinion is strictly based on how … (3 comments)

off topic and humor: Memorial Day Wishes - 05/28/11 05:21 PM
To all the veterans of all the wars (too many) that the United States has fought in...I write this with great gratitude for the service you have given to your Country.
We are forever in your debt. No matter what you may read in the press or what is said on the networks...please know that we...the people who live and work and die in our great Country believe in what you have done and hope you have a wonderful is your Holiday!!!!


off topic and humor: NBA Playoffs Very Interesting Stuff - 04/30/11 08:08 AM
I have been watching many of the NBA playoff games. Last night I was shocked that San Antonio went out in the first round.
I am looking forward to the Boston-Miami series...and I think the Lakers will be in trouble with Dallas.
In the playoffs it sometimes comes down to which team is hungrier...and it seems to me Dallas has been trying to win for so long Mark Cuban will buy everyone in the U.S. a drink at the bar if his team wins!
Boston-Miami I think will come down to how effective Shaq can he plays the entire series the … (0 comments)

off topic and humor: Wednesday Photo - 04/20/11 07:33 AM

Here is a picture from my hotel room in Indialantic Florida. This is the view from the private balcony. It overlooks the pool, bar, deck...and of course the beautiful Space Coast beaches. The beauty of this area is not just the gorgeous beaches...but also the fact that the beach is less then an hour from Disney World as well as the Universal Studio parks. What a great time and what wonderful year round weather!

off topic and humor: OMG...My METS are just SOOOOO Bad!!! - 04/16/11 04:21 PM
I was watching some of the two double headers this week that the Mets participated in.
They lost both both games of both Double Headers....that makes them 4 wins and 11 losses...what an ugly start to the season.
I new they would not be great...but I hoped they could be a 500 team. It appears at this point with no real starting pitching...and the starter doing the best job...Chris Young just went on the DL.
This is gonna be a long season for METS fans. We will need to suffer through the fact that our owners are out of money...or going … (7 comments)

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