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 It would be depressing for any buyer to see a picture like the one above. It brings me pleasure to share with you what I provide to my clients. I provide this information to you after you are pre-approved for a mortgage and begin looking for a home. It's important you are aware of any threatenin...
   Now, now, don't cry. Yes, the interest rates seemed to have darted upward this afternoon.  Some lenders sent e-mails notifying of price changes not once, not twice, but four times!!  However, although the interest rates took a swing upward, let's ride this wave out.  It's normal to have a ripp...
 Grab a fork and dig in ladies and gentlemen!  Interest rates are quite appetizing.  According to today's mortgage interest rates, I'm able to obtain interest rates in low 5%'s for a 30-year fixed! For those of you who have interest rates around 6.25 +, or if you want to shorten your mortgage ter...
Picture this... It's the week before you're scheduled to close on the home of your dreams. As you're packing boxes, the phone rings.  It's your loan officer, hostile, because they still haven't received from you a document the underwriter had requested.  If that paper is not received today your c...
 Yes, I am a screaming fan of FHA and VA loans!This past year, pre-qualifying your buyer has become even more difficult. What I can't quite understand is why realtor's are not offering the opportunity for their clients to pre-qualify for FHA loans?   Are they still under the impression the FHA gu...

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