economic meltdown: The Real Reason Banks Won’t Modify Your Loan and It Involves Grandma’s Pension - 05/21/10 09:10 AM
I began working on this project last year at the peak of the modification frenzy and finished it about a month ago.  I originally planned on posting it last week on the eve of the Mortgage Servicers Convention in Dallas.  I decided hold off because I didn't want to ruin the fun of the champagne fueled Conga lines or the Mad Men style skirt chasing that usually goes on at conventions sponsored by the financial services industry.
The findings of my year-long investigation would have put everyone into a panic mode and stopped the flow of the Dom Perignon for the Conga lines … (2 comments)

economic meltdown: MFI-Miami Report Persuades Judge to Deny Motion to Foreclosure Mill Law Firm - 04/01/10 06:39 PM
Miami-On March 25, 2010, Judge Stuart Simons of the 11th Circuit Court in Miami handed down a ruling in Wells Fargo v. Cirigliano (Case #08-288-46-CA10) dismissing Well Fargo’s Motion for Summary Judgment against MFI-Miami’s client John Cirigliano.  
“This is great news not only for John Cirigliano,” said MFI-Miami President Steve Dibert , “but it means the judicial system as whole is finally understanding the level of fraud that was committed by mortgage professionals during the boom.” 
Cirigliano’s mortgage appears to contain forged documents, multiple levels of deceptive practices by the broker and the now defunct GreenPoint Mortgage, fraudulent appraisals, … (0 comments)

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