sellers: More Housing MisInformation... When Will it Stop? - 09/15/10 04:26 AM
Poor REALTORS! The misinformation campaign about the housing market continues with yet another announcement of a “drop” that is entirely meaningless. When will real estate brokers take control of the information story?
<!--more-->Yet another announcement is making the media rounds today, lowering confidence and confusing the consumer. Trulia (amongst others) released data today indicating that home sellers “slashed” prices for homes "on the market" last month. The media, untrained in either economics or real estate, is churning this report as if the “market has dropped” once again. Even financial networks are making the mistake of saying this latest price reduction … (31 comments)

sellers: Real Estate Home Buyers Need to Get Over It - 08/03/10 02:59 AM
At some point, we can't blame sellers for everything that troubles the housing market. It's time to give buyers a wake-up call - and tell them that whatever's holding them back, it's time to get over it!
It's fashionable to point out how home sellers are unrealistic - in this, or any market. Traditional real estate lore contains countless stories of sellers who think their home is "special,"  not subject to market forces that sometimes sweep away equity and exceptionalism. Many such stories may be true, but to the extent that today's buyers are still hesitating, even smart sellers have to … (7 comments)

sellers: Why Overprice Property Just a Little? Go for it! - 07/23/10 07:02 AM

Saying a home is just a "little" overpriced is like saying you're just a "little" pregnant. Sellers who do it should insist on the full benefit of overpricing. And it's in their agent's best interest to help.
Every day, homeowners decide to list their homes at prices the market supposedly considers "over priced." Even with the benefit of the internet, showing what other homes nearby recently sold for, they do it anyway. Despite years of industry and media attention, overpricing remains the norm, in every market, every price range. Truth be told, nobody really tries to stop them from doing … (29 comments)

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