videos: It's called VIDEO............ - 09/20/10 02:04 PM
Imagine watching TV, clicking to your favorite show. Due to programming changes, REALTORS have taken over the broadcast. Popcorn, muzack and a slideshow, anyone? Um..... it's called VIDEO for a reason. That's the message that needs to go out to REALTOR-land this week (and for some time to come, I suspect). While millions of lowly seventh-graders seem to have no problem filling up YouTube with high-definition video, too few adults in charge of the housing industry have figured out that movies require one critical feature: Movement. What's with the slideshows, folks? A panning set of photos doesn't cut it in the … (5 comments)

videos: OnScreen: Helpful Resources for REALTORS 7/10 - 07/21/10 02:41 AM

Being prepared for the summer market means REALTORS need to know the latest trends in economics, consumers, sales, technology and management. Here's our July collection for real estate professionals to explore.
Economic Trends New IRS rules for small companies will require tracking goods as well as services purchased. Get prepared! From the¬†Wall Street Journal Government Ownership of REO properties is increasing, according to the Ludwig von Mises Blog. Monitor inflation calculated the 'old fashioned' way with this handy tool from ShadowStats. Is the housing market simply in the middle of another 18 year cycle? This Cato article seems to think so. … (1 comments)

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