arizona hard money loan: 4 SIMPLE STEPS TO GETTING AN ARIZONA HARD MONEY LOAN - 12/06/19 12:23 PM
Getting funded through a hard money lender is much less stressful than the process of a conventional loan. Many people aren’t familiar with the process of getting a Arizona hard money loan.First of all, if you are looking to obtain a Arizona Hard Money Loanbut aren’t familiar with the process, take a deep breath. This is most straightforward and painless loan process in existence. This article will cover all the steps you need to take to get funded through a hard money lender.
1. Find lenders— You can use a hard money lender from any part of the country. You can find … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Why Arizona Hard Money Lenders Can Finance Your Dispensary - 02/15/19 08:48 AM
Arizona Hard Money Lenders are the main answer to the financial woes of Arizona’s cannabis industry. Just as they have helped countless businesses establish a foothold in the market, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are here to help individuals reap the benefits of the cannabis industry. Rates for dispensary financing start as low as 7.99% APR. No begging the banks, no lines, no bureaucracy, and no credit required. Consult your broker who knows the ins-and-outs of cannabis in Arizona.
The potential of cannabis in the United States is legion. Frankly, already, the industry’s multi-billion transcendence has baffled many on Wall Street. Why is … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Arizona Hard Money Loans: A Different Approach to Funding - 02/11/19 01:34 PM
Everywhere you look there are ads inviting you to borrow funds through traditional lenders—banks, mortgage companies and the like—but is the standard way the best choice? Find out if a non-traditional loan might be better.
Financing is the biggest problem a would-be investor has when starting unless he/she has a considerable amount of personal funds to invest and most of us don’t fall into that part of the population. Let’s say you have tried to invest before and while it went smoothly for awhile, life changed things and they all required money. Plenty of it.
The next thing you knew you had declared … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Private Money Lenders: Hard To Find, But Worth The Effort - 02/11/19 01:20 PM
A private money lender may be the answer to your funding problems particularly when you can’t use the more traditional types of financing. Look into these loans and find out if this path is one you should take.
You are someone who wants to invest in a good area that can make you some money and a couple of your friends suggested real estate. You think it’s a great idea, but just last year some property you had acquired when you had personal funding was foreclosed on. Since you are a private contractor with income received by the job, you are often … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Benefits of Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/11/19 08:45 AM
Understanding the benefits of Arizona Hard Money Loans will also explain why some borrowers opt for this higher cost loan. In many cases, the cost is well worth the benefits.
Arizona Hard Money Loans are short term loans that are offered by private lenders. In most cases, these loans are only for a maximum of five years, but borrowers have the ability to negotiate almost all of the terms of Arizona Hard Money Loans so it can vary. There are many benefits that borrowers enjoy when using hard money, but for the most part, the benefits can be broken down into three … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Spending Money to Make Money: Arizona Airbnb Loans - 01/28/19 08:34 AM
Earn passive income using an Arizona Airbnb loan to secure an investment property that can bring in money each month. Boost your chances of a higher monthly income with the right real estate investment and idyllic upgrades.Gone are the days of staying in seedy roadside motels, trying to score a last minute reservation in an expensive resort, or shacking up on a friend’s couch when you travel. Arizona Airbnb Loans, also known as rental loans, have changed the way we think of travel, and for homeowners it has changed the way we think of making money using property assets which no … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: A Dream Come True - Private Money Lending for Your Small Business - 01/28/19 08:18 AM
Unfortunately, a small business can’t prosper without funding. Funding can come from many sources—such as family, friends and loans.
If you are fortunate enough your friends and family will have enough cash on reserve to help you grow your business. However, the reality is most of us do not know many people that can just toss us thousands of dollars to invest in our small business.
A business owner can take out a Arizona small business loan from the bank. However, banks require stellar credit and enough monthly income for them to feel secure loaning money to a business— and let’s not … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: What to Expect with Hard Money Loans - 01/28/19 08:01 AM
Hard money loans are funded by individual investors when traditional lending institutions can not approve a borrower for what they need or a borrower needs quick financing.
A typical hard money loan will run between 7% and 15% in interest rates and cost anywhere from 4 to 7 points. Points are an upfront fee of the loan amount. Hard Money Loans in Arizona are short-term loans that generally run between six months and three years.
If you took out a loan with a bank for $1,000,000 you would be paying back approximately $6,000 per month—that is including interest. With a hard money … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Can You Get an Arizona Bridge Loan? - 01/25/19 08:25 AM
What exactly is a bridge loan? The definition of a bridge loan is “a sum of money lent to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one house and the selling of another.”
Basically, what this breaks down to is if you don’t have enough income to cover two mortgages at the same time, you can use a Arizona bridge loan to pay off your initial mortgage while you wait on the property to sell—all the while being able to purchase your new property. Bridge loans are short-term loans that borrowers can qualify for a mortgage on their new … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Give Me 30 Days and I'll Get You $1,750 with Loans for Airbnb Business - 01/22/19 09:40 AM
The average person is now making $21,000 annually by renting out their second home. If you’d like to get in on this cash cow, loans for Airbnb businesses will get you there.
A recent report regarding second home purchases highlights a growing trend. People are purchasing second homes at startling rates, but not necessarily to live in. Whereas about 90% of people planned to live in their second homes just a few decades ago, now fewer than 40% intend to. This, of course, is due to the booming rental industry brought about by home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway.
The data from … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: 4 Unspoken Mistakes People Make with Fix and Flip Loans in Arizona - 01/22/19 09:34 AM
You’ll hear a lot of advice about choosing Fix and Flip Loans in Arizona and ideal rehab properties. However, knowing the things people don’t like to talk about, such as their errors and missteps, will set you apart from the pack.
1. Assuming a property will sell for the same price per square foot as others in the neighborhood. Running an analysis goes a bit more in depth than that. Sometimes newcomers forget to consider features of properties that have recently sold in an area, such as pools or larger lots. Even the overall size of the property can impact the price … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: How Credit Scores Impact Loans and Why Hard Money Lenders Don't Care - 01/22/19 09:11 AM
Few people with rotten credit will get the funding they need through traditional methods. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are less concerned with your credit, so they may be a viable option if you’re getting bank denials.
Insufficient credit and low credit scores are involved in 36% and 26% percent of funding shortfalls, according to a recent Small Business Credit Survey put out by the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. Overall, about 77% of businesses do not get the funding they need, which creates a major gap in lending.
What’s more, 87% of small-business owners are using their personal credit scores to obtain financing, simply … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Top 5 Reasons People are Denied Arizona Business Loans - 01/22/19 09:04 AM
Roughly 77% of people can’t get Arizona Business Loans and lines of credit at all or in meaningful amounts. If one or more of them is holding you back too, you still have financing options.
The Small Business Credit Survey is an annual publication produced by the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The latest version indicates that of those who apply, 23% don’t get any kind of financing and 54% don’t get the amount of cash they need. These shortfalls can effectively shut down a company or stunt its growth. Oftentimes, banks cite one or more of five main reasons for denials.
1) Insufficient … (0 comments)

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