colorado hard money lenders: Self Employed? Here's How You Can Still Get the Loan You Need - 02/19/19 12:51 PM
Think you can't get a home loan if you're self-employed? You actually can, and it's easier and cheaper than you might think. Let's look at Colorado Self-employed Home Loans.
In the old days before the recession, you could walk into a bank, verbally tell them how much you make, and walk out approved for a home loan. These days, things have changed. Of course, this is generally a good thing — it will keep people who can't afford to make payments from taking on too big of a house. This, in turn, should keep the housing market from disintegrating the way … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: The Difference Between Banks and Colorado Private Money Lenders - 02/19/19 12:31 PM
When you're attempting to get funding for a fix-and-flip or a new business property, is it better to go with a bank or a Colorado Private Money Lender? The answer depends on a range of factors, so let's look at some of the pros and cons.
Banks can offer lower interest rates. Why? Two reasons. First, banks have tons of retail customers who deposit their money into savings and checking accounts. They pay their customers very little in interest (almost always under 1 percent), so they can afford to lend out funds at a lower rate. Additionally, banks can draw on federal … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Here's How to Figure Out Your Loan-to-Value Ratio in Colorado - 02/19/19 12:26 PM
Looking for funding for a fix-and-flip or a refinance? Your loan-to-value ratio in Colorado is incredibly important. Here's a simple way to figure it out.
If you've ever searched the internet to look for funding to buy a home, a commercial storefront, or an income property, you've probably come across the term "LTV." The mortgage industry is full of confusing code words and abbreviations. For newcomers, being inundated with this jargon can feel intimidating. Like most things, though, once you cut through some of the dense vernacular, it's not as complicated as it seems.
As an example, let's break LTV down right now. … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Winning the Real Estate Game Using Colorado Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 12:21 PM
It IS possible to play — and even win — the real estate game using Colorado Hard Money Loans. Here's a rundown of who they work for and why they can be a better choice than conventional bank loans.
Traditional bank loans and Colorado Hard Money Loans differ in a variety of ways, and those differences give borrowers a diverse range of options from which to choose when they need funding. Let's look at some of the most important distinctions:
Because they have complex underwriting and tough regulations to abide by, banks love to do paperwork. They will check your credit score … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Why Colorado Hard Money Lenders Turn Down Borrowers - 02/19/19 12:16 PM
Colorado Hard Money Lenders are known for having low qualification requirements for their loans, but fix and flippers who are new to the game sometimes get turned down. We'll tell you why and help you know what you need to get approved.
Let's face it. We live in the age of the fix and flip. Every week, there's a new show popping up about couples who do flips, and most us know at least one person who's tried his or her hand at flipping. All of this can make it seem like a simple way to make millions overnight. And, yes, it … (1 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Is It Possible to Flip Houses in Colorado with Little to No Money? - 02/19/19 11:53 AM
It might seem impossible, but it is possible to do a flip without any money down. One way is a Colorado Fix and Flip Loan, but let's break down all the options.
There are three common ways to get a property for no money down that you intend to flip. Here they are:
Wholesaling the fix and flip. Wholesaling means selling a purchase contract before you've even bought the property or properties. To do this, you'd find an investor (or a network of investors) and use a document called an Assignment of Contract. This document says that another buyer can take … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: What Happens If You Default on a Colorado Hard Money Loan? - 02/19/19 11:44 AM
It's the scenario borrowers (and lenders) dread the most — what if you can't pay back your Colorado Hard Money Loan? Let's look at some of the consequences. Hint: they're not as scary as they may seem.
Everyone who borrows money has the intention to pay it back. And every lender lends money with the intention of getting it back. In a perfect world, this harmony would remain intact. However, life can be messy. There are unforeseen circumstances that get in the way. The property that looked golden ran into all sorts of roadblocks that killed your profit. The city's unreasonable laws … (1 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Getting Colorado Hard Money Loans for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - 02/15/19 09:20 AM
Medical marijuana programs are now legalized in a number of states in the United States. Many times, Colorado Hard Money Loans are the best option to fund dispensaries participating in these programs.
In his youth, Jerry served in the military completing a Gulf War tour and earning a purple heart. In the early-1990s, he returned to his home in California with post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic back pain. For many years he suffered from these conditions and struggled finding a form of consistent relief. By the mid-1990s, there were legal changes to cannabis, which came to Jerry’s attention. Medical Marijuana was soon … (1 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Buy a New Home Before Selling - Get a Colorado Bridge Loan - 02/15/19 09:08 AM
A Colorado Bridge Loan can help you capitalize on opportunity. It lets you establish financing to acquire a new home without selling the older home in a matter of days, possibly less. This is great news, for many who would not be able to acquire the right property—should they be left to conventional lending institutions and their stringent underwriting processes.
2018 has brought with it an accelerated real estate industry: an upward trend in the market and a multitude of eager buyers at hand. The result has been a shortage of available homes across the board, a pressing demand for available homes, … (2 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Make Money with Colorado Rental Property Loans: Rental Trends 2019 - 02/15/19 09:02 AM
Overall, the experts claim that now is a good time to invest in the rental market. For many, investment in rental property requires a lending source. Conventional lenders for many are out of the question or incapable of meeting the demand of real estate investment. Hard money is the favored alternative for real estate investors. Hard money Colorado rental property loans are able to help you take advantage of the rental market.
Trends in rental property investment:Many people are renting rather than purchasing homes: Millennials are a substantial cause of the rise in renting. Many look back to the Great Recession as … (2 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Colorado Private Money Lenders: Institutional v. Non-Institutional - 02/15/19 08:54 AM
Colorado Private Money Lenders are considered non-institutional because their funds do not come from the Federal Reserve, but rather the pockets of individual investors. Due to this, Colorado Private Money Lenders are less restricted by federal mandates. With fewer restrictions, they can loan to individuals with rotten credit, non-conventional income, bankruptcy, delinquencies, and foreclosure history.
Colorado Private Money Lenders are investors. In order to invest, they pool together large sums of money, multi-million-dollar sums or greater. Some private investors have access to personal wealth and invest individually, other private investors are part of an investment group who together pool sufficient funds in … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Denver is Booming and So Are Rentals - 02/12/19 09:50 AM
Rentals aren’t going out of style anytime soon. As an investor, rental properties are a fantastic way to bring in income. A Colorado rental property loan can make that a reality!
Denver is a hot spot for people who are looking to move to the mountains. Companies are buying up surrounding areas and bringing jobs, as well. All those people need places to live and renting is the way to go for some of them.
If you’re an investor, or want to become an investor, here are some tips for using your Colorado rental property loan to its maximum potential!
Know the NumbersA rookie … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: What Makes a Good Investment Property? - 02/12/19 09:42 AM
Choosing an investment property is the first step to obtaining funds from a Colorado hard money lender. Here are some criteria you should be looking for to make a good selection.
Fixing and flipping is a great way to get cash as an investor. But how do you know which properties to choose? Many novice investors will make mistake when they choose their first properties and lose money on the project. Here are some things you’ll want to look for before applying to a Colorado hard money lender for your property!
Worst Property in the Best NeighborhoodAs an investor you’ll want to know … (1 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Finding the Perfect Colorado Hard Money Lender - 02/12/19 08:31 AM
When you’re making a big real estate investment purchase you want to be selective about your Colorado hard money lender. Here’s how to find just the right one for you.
Most people wouldn’t purchase the first car they ever saw and test drove. Most people wouldn’t purchase the first house they saw without comparing it to others. So why would you go with the first Colorado hard money lender you find?
Research is the key to picking the right Colorado hard money lender for your investment project. Some Colorado hard money lenders will be picky on the location and property type. You can … (2 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Hard Money Facts: What Your LTV Percentage Means - 02/12/19 08:20 AM
If you’re taking out a Colorado Hard Money Loan you’ll want to understand the LTV and what the percentage attached to your loan means. Here’s a quick rundown to get you in the know.
When you research Colorado Hard Money Loans you’re going to see numbers like 70% LTV and 80% LTV. What does this mean for you as a borrower?
If you’re investing in property the loan amount is going to be weighed against the purchase price and the value of the property. The LTV is the loan to value, meaning the amount of the loan divided by the assessed value of … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: 3 Benefits You Can Expect From a Colorado Bridge Loan - 02/12/19 08:14 AM
Colorado Bridge Loans can save you in a tight financial situation. Here are three things that you can expect when receiving a Colorado Bridge Loan from a Colorado hard money lender.
Depending on your financial situation and what purchase you want to make, a Colorado Bridge Loan can save you when you need to fund a real estate purchase quickly. Put into simple terms, a Colorado Bridge Loan will give you temporary funds while you’re waiting for permanent financing to come through.
There are many reasons a Colorado Bridge Loan may be needed. Here are three times you would benefit from using a … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Don't Count Out Colorado Hard Money Lenders for Your Next Investment - 02/12/19 08:07 AM
Make sure you have all the facts about Colorado hard money lenders before you make the call on who is going to fund your next investment project.
If you’re familiar with the investment and lending industry then you’re sure to have heard of Colorado hard money lenders, and if we had to guess there have been some negative pieces of information attached to what you’ve learned. Why is that?
In our experience, Colorado hard money lenders get a bad rap because people use them for the wrong reasons. Here are some scenarios where using Colorado hard money lenders might not be beneficial for … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Colorado Hard Money Loans to the Rescue! - 02/11/19 01:41 PM
Investors with poor credit know that you can’t wait months or even years to repair their credit in order to make moves. Colorado Hard Money Loans allow them to quickly obtain funds.
According to, about one third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601. That can be a huge determining factor in a bank’s decision to fund a loan. It’s a fact that has to be faced along with the fact that it can take months or even a year or more to fix a credit score. While it’s absolutely a good idea to work on your credit, investors … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Retire Early with a Real Income from Colorado Rental Property Loans - 02/11/19 12:31 PM
The right investment in a rental property lending opportunity can open the doors you need to retire early! Learn how to make a real income with Colorado Rental Property Loans and how these amazing lending opportunities are transforming lives.
Imagine having the free time to get back to spending time with your family and doing the activities that truly make you happy. With the right lending opportunity, you can get started with making a large income by collecting a residual income from rental properties. How might this amazing opportunity be possible?
When you invest in a rental property, you are investing in a … (0 comments)

colorado hard money lenders: Colorado Hard Money Loans were a Dream Come True for this Aspen Family - 02/11/19 12:24 PM
A low credit school and an impossible amount of medical bills were keeping the Petersons from buying their dream home until they found the assistance of Colorado Hard Money Loans.
The Peterson family was struggling financially and stuck living in a crowded apartment in a bad neighborhood. They were struggling with substantial debt brought on by medical bills for their youngest son’s diabetes and other health problems. All hope was seemingly lost, and the family was getting discouraged that they would be able to get into a real home. Their two-bedroom apartment felt far too crowded with two adults and four children.
That’s … (1 comments)

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