hard money loan: What's the Difference Between Hard Money and Other Construction Loans? - 02/19/19 12:41 PM
Just like the real estate business, the lending business has changed a lot over the last several years, but one thing is always constant: investors need funding for their construction projects. So which route should you go: conventional bank loans or Colorado Hard Money Construction Loans? Let's look at which one is best for you.
Here's what you need to consider when you're looking at a traditional or a Colorado Hard Money Loan for a construction project:
How fast do you need your money? When you're building, sticking to the budget and schedule are two of the most important elements to success. … (0 comments)

hard money loan: What Happens If You Default on a Colorado Hard Money Loan? - 02/19/19 11:44 AM
It's the scenario borrowers (and lenders) dread the most — what if you can't pay back your Colorado Hard Money Loan? Let's look at some of the consequences. Hint: they're not as scary as they may seem.
Everyone who borrows money has the intention to pay it back. And every lender lends money with the intention of getting it back. In a perfect world, this harmony would remain intact. However, life can be messy. There are unforeseen circumstances that get in the way. The property that looked golden ran into all sorts of roadblocks that killed your profit. The city's unreasonable laws … (1 comments)

hard money loan: Do Colorado Hard Money Loans Affect Your Credit? - 02/19/19 10:39 AM
Because Colorado Hard Money Loans are private loans that operate outside the traditional banking system, we get this question a lot around here: will a Colorado Hard Money Loan affect my credit? Let's break it down as clearly and succinctly as possible.
The answer to this question comes down to the differences between a conventional bank loan and a Colorado Hard Money Loan. When you get a common mortgage or loan through the bank, they will run your financial life through a system of checks to see if you're the type of person who will pay the loan back. This will … (1 comments)

hard money loan: How I Used Arizona Hard Money Loans to Help People in Need - 02/19/19 10:19 AM
I always wanted to help people, so when I learn about Arizona Hard Money Loans, I knew that was what I needed to make it happen. Learn how I did it here.
Millions of people all around the world are homeless. It breaks my heart to see them living without a roof over their head. I wanted to do something to help at least a few homeless people, but I never had enough money to make it happen.
One day I was browsing the Internet, and I stumbled upon Arizona Hard Money Loans. All I had to do was use my property as … (1 comments)

hard money loan: Fuel an Investment with 90% Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 09:45 AM
You can invest in real estate with 90% Arizona Hard Money Loans. Find out how here.
Have you ever thought about investing in real estate, but then didn’t think you could because you don’t have the cash to do it? Well, if so, don’t let cash stand in your way.
There are loans that can help you invest in real estate, so you don’t have to worry about not having the cash. One of these loans is called a 90% Arizona Hard Money Loan.
90% Arizona Hard Money Loans are a bit different from other types of loans. They are secured by your investment … (1 comments)

hard money loan: What Arizona Private Money Lenders Do and How Borrowing Money Works - 02/19/19 09:23 AM
If you’re considering using Arizona Private Money Lenders but you’re not sure what they do or how borrowing money works, read this article. It will give you all the information you need to know.
Most people have no idea that Arizona Private Money Lenders exist. They only learn about them when they hear a friend used one or they decided to do a search online to see if there was an easy and quick way to borrow money.
This is unfortunate because lenders have helped many people get the money they need in just a couple of days. This can be a huge … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Try These 4 Tactics to Get 90% Texas Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 08:55 AM
Most lenders offer 50-60% LTV (loan-to-value) as a standard. However, you can get 90% Texas Hard Money Loans if you know what lenders are looking for and adjust your strategy to suit.
1. Bring on a partner with experience. There’s a fairly large learning curve when it comes to real estate investments. Particularly as things stand now, with the markets leveling out or only climbing slowly, the success of any given project depends largely on the skill of those involved. If you don’t have experience or are weak in one or more areas of fix-and-flips, bringing on a partner who is strong … (1 comments)

hard money loan: Can You Really Be Mortgage-Free with Texas Private Money Lenders? - 02/19/19 08:33 AM
The mortgage-free lifestyle is the stuff dreams are made of, but many people believe it’s not within reach. There are actually many ways to accomplish this, and Texas Private Money Lenders can help set you on the path to financial freedom.
Data from Forbes Magazine concludes the average person is now leaving school with close to $40,000 in debt and one-in-ten with student debts is in default. On the other side of things, Value Penguin places the average amount of credit card debt at over $9,000 for balance-carrying households, while CNBC concludes nearly three-quarters are in debt and the majority believe … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Why Use An Arizona Hard Money Loan? - 02/19/19 07:51 AM
One type of loan you need to be familiar with, as a buyer or a real estate investor, is an Arizona Hard Money Loan. These are short-term, higher interest loans that can be used when traditional financing either is unavailable or won’t work for your situation.
A typical Arizona Hard Money Loan will run you anywhere form 7.99% to 15% and anywhere from 3-7 points. Points are an upfront fee of the loan amount. Unlike traditional financing Arizona Hard Money Loans are short-term loans, which make them perfect for a fix and flip. These loans generally run from 6 months to … (0 comments)

hard money loan: How Arizona Hard Money Loans Work - 02/15/19 11:55 AM
Arizona Hard Money Loans work similar to conventional loans—with half the hassle and much more flexibility.
Just like a traditional bank, borrowers must apply for an Arizona Hard Money Loan. However, instead of waiting weeks, if not months, to find out if you are approved—you find out typically within a day or two. Unlike banks you are generally financed within two weeks. This is helpful for investors who have found a property and don’t want to lose it to an all cash buyer.
Like traditional loans, Arizona Hard Money Loans have an underwriting process. The good news is Arizona Hard Money Lenders do … (1 comments)

hard money loan: All About Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/15/19 11:40 AM
What is an Arizona Hard Money Loan and who benefits from these loans?
Arizona Hard Money Loans are unlike conventional loans. They are funded by private investors that are often referred to as Arizona Hard Money Lenders. These loans are based on the value of the property that is being purchased versus the borrower’s credit worthiness. The amount of the loan can be based on either the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) or the after-repair-value (ARV). The LTV is the ratio of loan divided by the value of the property being used as collateral. The ARV is what the property will be worth after … (1 comments)

hard money loan: Financing For Rental Properties: Conventional Mortgage Or Hard Money? - 02/15/19 11:18 AM
Buying a rental property is a fantastic way to get additional income. However, it doesn’t come risk-free.
Every investment comes with risks, weighing the pros and cons of buying and managing rental properties one will see that if the market is good and the investor is skilled—rental properties are a great way to attain wealth.
Of course, before diving head first into becoming a land lord you should have enough information to decide if the income stream is a good fit for you and you need to understand the choices when it comes to financing.
Financing For Rental PropertiesThe first thing an investor needs … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Saved by an Arizona Bridge Loan - 02/15/19 11:11 AM
I had just turned 40 when my father died and I inherited his home. It was a difficult time for our family. And to add to the stress, I had just recently decided to purchase my first home.
Along with the sudden death of my father I was also thrown into a whole slew of new financial responsibility. Being an only child, with an extremely small family, I inherited my father’s home. This had been my childhood home and along with many good memories came the wear of those memories. The house hadn’t appraised for much and needed an enormous amount of … (0 comments)

hard money loan: The Real Deal on Hard Money - 02/15/19 10:57 AM
You’ve heard the term “hard money.” But, what exactly is hard money? In simple terms, hard money is a loan that is secured by the borrower’s real estate from a non-traditional lender.
Arizona Hard Money Lenders play an indispensable role in financing a variety of real estate deals. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are private lenders that have money and lend to investors at a slightly higher interest rate. The lenders are not insured by the FDIC, as traditional lending institutions are. Therefore, they charge a higher interest rate in place of the void of insurance.
Compared to traditional banks, Arizona Hard Money Lenders … (1 comments)

hard money loan: What Is An Owner-Occupied Property? Can Hard Money Lenders Help? - 02/15/19 10:51 AM
An owner-occupied property is the primary residence one lives. A property with up to four units, as long as the owner lives in one, is also considered an owner-occupied property. A vacation home that is outside of the county a person lives is also identified as an owner-occupied property.
What exactly is an owner-occupied loan? These are loans where the borrower lives in the property for which the loan is being obtained. There are tighter regulations involved and longer waiting periods for mortgage loan approval when working with a traditional bank. Banks also focus solely on a borrower’s credit worthiness and income … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Why Use an Arizona Hard Money Lender? - 02/15/19 10:45 AM
Arizona Hard Money Lenders are individuals that have money to lend to projects. They will finance a borrower’s who bring projects to the table that an Arizona Hard Money Lender can anticipate will have a large return.
Why would anyone need an Arizona Hard Money Lender when they have a bank? Great question! There are many reasons to use hard money. A huge advantage to working with an Arizona Hard Money Lender is they do not focus on your credit report or your monthly generated income. Their focus is on your assets. Why? Because banks and individuals want to know they … (0 comments)

hard money loan: How an Arizona Bridge Loan Can Alleviate Stress - 02/15/19 10:40 AM
An Arizona Bridge Loan is money that is lent by a bank or investor to cover the interval between two transactions. A typical example is when a person is buying and selling a house.
Selling your home or buying a new home can be two extremely stressful times. Sure, it it exciting. However, it is that in between time that can easily cause anxiety for a buyer and seller. An Arizona Bridge Loan is simply a short-term loan that is used in both residential and commercial real estate.
Borrowers take out Arizona Bridge Loans when they want to buy a new house before … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Texas Hard Money Loans and How to Use Them - 02/15/19 10:14 AM
If you want to get into investing in real estate, bank after bank might deny your application and Texas Hard Money Loans might be your only option, but what's the best way to use these loans?
Hard money is asset-based rather than credit based so it is easier to qualify for, especially for first-time investors who might be in tricky financial situations.
That doesn't mean hard money is cheap. Usually, these loans entail a double-digit interest rate, so you should pay them back quickly. Now think, what type of real-estate investment involves a quick turnaround?
You guessed it, house flips.
Advantages and disadvantages of using … (0 comments)

hard money loan: Soft vs. Texas Hard Money Loans: Finding The Help That's Right For You - 02/15/19 10:07 AM
How should you go about financing real estate? Money is money after all, but there are different types of money. Whether you are a first-time real-estate investor or a long time player, what is the right source of money, and what’s the difference between soft money loans and Texas Hard Money Loans?
Hard money is secured, by hard assets that you can touch and feel, like real-estate. Your credit and income are a non-factor, which might sound too good to be true. Well, hard money is a bit more expensive, interest rates are usually above 10 percent, and loan terms usually entail … (0 comments)

hard money loan: The Benefit of Purchasing Rentals with Texas Hard Money Loans - 02/15/19 09:43 AM
Most in the real-estate investment game consider Texas Hard Money Loans to be best suited for house flips, but what about long term rentals? Why would you want to use hard money to buy a rental property? Since hard money is supposed to be paid off in a handful of months, it’s easy to assume this type of financing isn't meant for long term investments.
But hard money allows you to finance distressed properties based on their worth after their repaired. With hard money you can pay nothing for your next rental using a simple strategy: buy a distressed property, raise … (0 comments)

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