hard money loans: Loans for Flipping Houses: What Are The Dangers or Hidden Costs? - 12/07/19 02:32 PM
 Hard money lenders are the go-to source for financing when it comes to flipping houses. These lenders overlook the distressed condition of a property while giving loans as a percentage of a property’s potential value, but it is essential to carefully consider the cost structure of any hard money deal.
Some hard money deals are structured in two parts. The first portion of the loan secures the purchase of distressed property and the second portion of the loan covers the cost of renovations. The rehab portion of the loan is often distributed bit by bit as work proceeds, and this has important … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Self Employed? Here's How You Can Still Get the Loan You Need - 02/19/19 12:51 PM
Think you can't get a home loan if you're self-employed? You actually can, and it's easier and cheaper than you might think. Let's look at Colorado Self-employed Home Loans.
In the old days before the recession, you could walk into a bank, verbally tell them how much you make, and walk out approved for a home loan. These days, things have changed. Of course, this is generally a good thing — it will keep people who can't afford to make payments from taking on too big of a house. This, in turn, should keep the housing market from disintegrating the way … (0 comments)

hard money loans: What's the Difference Between Hard Money and Other Construction Loans? - 02/19/19 12:41 PM
Just like the real estate business, the lending business has changed a lot over the last several years, but one thing is always constant: investors need funding for their construction projects. So which route should you go: conventional bank loans or Colorado Hard Money Construction Loans? Let's look at which one is best for you.
Here's what you need to consider when you're looking at a traditional or a Colorado Hard Money Loan for a construction project:
How fast do you need your money? When you're building, sticking to the budget and schedule are two of the most important elements to success. … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Here's How to Figure Out Your Loan-to-Value Ratio in Colorado - 02/19/19 12:26 PM
Looking for funding for a fix-and-flip or a refinance? Your loan-to-value ratio in Colorado is incredibly important. Here's a simple way to figure it out.
If you've ever searched the internet to look for funding to buy a home, a commercial storefront, or an income property, you've probably come across the term "LTV." The mortgage industry is full of confusing code words and abbreviations. For newcomers, being inundated with this jargon can feel intimidating. Like most things, though, once you cut through some of the dense vernacular, it's not as complicated as it seems.
As an example, let's break LTV down right now. … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Winning the Real Estate Game Using Colorado Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 12:21 PM
It IS possible to play — and even win — the real estate game using Colorado Hard Money Loans. Here's a rundown of who they work for and why they can be a better choice than conventional bank loans.
Traditional bank loans and Colorado Hard Money Loans differ in a variety of ways, and those differences give borrowers a diverse range of options from which to choose when they need funding. Let's look at some of the most important distinctions:
Because they have complex underwriting and tough regulations to abide by, banks love to do paperwork. They will check your credit score … (0 comments)

hard money loans: How to Find and Finance a Rental Property - 02/19/19 12:06 PM
If you're thinking about becoming a landlord for the monthly income and property appreciation, you're probably full of questions about how to make it happen. Here's a guide that covers all the basics, from researching properties to getting a Colorado Rental Property Loan.
Research, research, research. Take a course on real estate. Make friends with local agents. Read up on property values. Study the trends of every neighborhood in your area. Being well-informed will go a long way toward making the right decision about your investment property. Know your cash flow situation. To figure out whether you can make money … (0 comments)

hard money loans: What Happens If You Default on a Colorado Hard Money Loan? - 02/19/19 11:44 AM
It's the scenario borrowers (and lenders) dread the most — what if you can't pay back your Colorado Hard Money Loan? Let's look at some of the consequences. Hint: they're not as scary as they may seem.
Everyone who borrows money has the intention to pay it back. And every lender lends money with the intention of getting it back. In a perfect world, this harmony would remain intact. However, life can be messy. There are unforeseen circumstances that get in the way. The property that looked golden ran into all sorts of roadblocks that killed your profit. The city's unreasonable laws … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Do Colorado Hard Money Loans Affect Your Credit? - 02/19/19 10:39 AM
Because Colorado Hard Money Loans are private loans that operate outside the traditional banking system, we get this question a lot around here: will a Colorado Hard Money Loan affect my credit? Let's break it down as clearly and succinctly as possible.
The answer to this question comes down to the differences between a conventional bank loan and a Colorado Hard Money Loan. When you get a common mortgage or loan through the bank, they will run your financial life through a system of checks to see if you're the type of person who will pay the loan back. This will … (1 comments)

hard money loans: People Denied by the Bank Get Arizona Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 10:32 AM
Don’t stress over not being able to get a loan from the bank. Owner-occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona can help you get the money you need quickly.
We understand how you feel right now. You applied for a loan from your bank, so you can invest in real estate, but they denied you. Maybe it was because of a low credit score, or you don’t have enough income, or one of the other excuses they come up with these days. What matters is that they aren’t going to give you money, and you need money.
The reason we became private lenders was … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Profiting from Vacation Rentals with Residential Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 10:26 AM
If you’ve ever dreamed of having a vacation rental, you need to read this. Residential Hard Money Loans in Arizona can help you make a dream a reality.
Imagine being able to vacation with your family any time you would like in a rental that you own. The times you are not in the vacation home, you rent it, and make a lot of money doing it.
Millions of people do this all the time. This is your chance to do the same thing.
How Residential Hard Money Loans in Arizona Make It PossibleWith Residential Hard Money Loans in Arizona, you can get the … (0 comments)

hard money loans: How I Used Arizona Hard Money Loans to Help People in Need - 02/19/19 10:19 AM
I always wanted to help people, so when I learn about Arizona Hard Money Loans, I knew that was what I needed to make it happen. Learn how I did it here.
Millions of people all around the world are homeless. It breaks my heart to see them living without a roof over their head. I wanted to do something to help at least a few homeless people, but I never had enough money to make it happen.
One day I was browsing the Internet, and I stumbled upon Arizona Hard Money Loans. All I had to do was use my property as … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Why You Should Always Get a Loan from Arizona Private Money Lenders - 02/19/19 10:14 AM
Have you been considering Arizona Private Money Lenders? If so, these are the reasons you should use one over a bank.
Have you ever tried to get a loan from a bank? Not only do you have to sit at the bank for two or more hours, but you’ll feel like you’re signing your life away. Putting your signature on 20 pieces of paper just for one loan isn’t a good time, nor does it make you feel really good.
Getting a loan shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s why Arizona Private Money Lenders stepped in. They wanted to make it easier on borrowers.
When … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Fuel an Investment with 90% Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 09:45 AM
You can invest in real estate with 90% Arizona Hard Money Loans. Find out how here.
Have you ever thought about investing in real estate, but then didn’t think you could because you don’t have the cash to do it? Well, if so, don’t let cash stand in your way.
There are loans that can help you invest in real estate, so you don’t have to worry about not having the cash. One of these loans is called a 90% Arizona Hard Money Loan.
90% Arizona Hard Money Loans are a bit different from other types of loans. They are secured by your investment … (1 comments)

hard money loans: How Residential Arizona Hard Money Lenders Made Me a Million Dollars - 02/19/19 09:40 AM
You read that right. Residential Arizona Hard Money Lenders made me a million dollars, and I am going to show you how to do it for yourself.
I was a regular hard working person for years. I would get up in the morning, drive into work, clock in, do my job, and then clock in. I would go home, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. The next day, I would do it all over again.
After a while, I felt so bored with my life. There wasn’t much to it. There was no excitement. Sure, I had a loving wife and … (0 comments)

hard money loans: What Are Owner-occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona? - 02/19/19 09:35 AM
Have you ever heard of Owner-occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona? If not, you’re about to learn all about them.
With Arizona Hard Money Loans, you have to use property with equity to secure it. Since lenders who provide these types of loans do not care about credit history, income, or savings, they need a way to ensure they will receive their money back. If they didn’t, people would just take their money all of the time and not pay them back. They would lose all of their money and then not have any to help other people out with their financial … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Why Arizona Hard Money Lenders Want Properties with Equity - 02/19/19 09:18 AM
Are you questioning the reason Arizona Hard Money Lenders want property with equity? Find out the reasons here.
Many people are surprised when they hear that all they need to secure an Arizona Hard Money Loan is property with equity. They feel as though there is some sort of trick involved because it seems so easy.
The truth is that it is easy. This is why Arizona Hard Money Lenders do it.
Property with equity means that they can make their money back if the person they lend money to doesn’t pay it back. This way they don’t lose money.
Think about it for a … (1 comments)

hard money loans: The One Thing You Need for Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 09:11 AM
You only need one thing for Arizona Hard Money Loans. Find out what that one thing is in this article.
What if you could get a loan that didn’t depend on your credit history, income, or savings? What if you could get a loan needing just one thing? It would be easy, right?
Arizona Hard Money Loans are the easiest loans to get. You only need one thing to secure the loan.
What is that one thing? Property.
As long as you have property with equity, you can get an Arizona Hard Money Loan. It really is that easy.
How It WorksWhen you need a loan, … (2 comments)

hard money loans: Try These 4 Tactics to Get 90% Texas Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 08:55 AM
Most lenders offer 50-60% LTV (loan-to-value) as a standard. However, you can get 90% Texas Hard Money Loans if you know what lenders are looking for and adjust your strategy to suit.
1. Bring on a partner with experience. There’s a fairly large learning curve when it comes to real estate investments. Particularly as things stand now, with the markets leveling out or only climbing slowly, the success of any given project depends largely on the skill of those involved. If you don’t have experience or are weak in one or more areas of fix-and-flips, bringing on a partner who is strong … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Top 4 Pitfalls of Owner Occupied Texas Hard Money Loans - 02/19/19 08:45 AM
True owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas are relatively unheard of in the industry. If you’re looking for one of your own, it’s important to become familiar with some of the drawbacks before you commit.
1. You, personally, must live on the property. Many people seek out owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas in the hopes of getting a better deal on financing, simply because most “owner occupied” lending options do have better terms. The logic behind this is simple: people will fight tooth and nail to keep their home. There’s less risk for a lender, so the lender … (0 comments)

hard money loans: How to Spot Scam Texas Hard Money Lenders - 02/19/19 08:11 AM
If you’ve worked with Texas Hard Money Lenders before, you know how they operate, but if you’re applying for a loan the first time, it can be difficult to know what to expect. Arm yourself with the information you need to spot a bad deal, so you can have a successful venture.
Outright scams are incredibly rare when it comes to Texas Hard Money Lenders. The only news-worthy case in recent history involves investors who believed they were funding deals and unfortunately lost $1.2 billion, according to a Mortgage Professional America report. On the borrower side of things, similar events are … (1 comments)

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