medical marijuana: Get in on a Hot Industry with Cannabis Loans - 02/19/19 12:46 PM
With more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, the cannabis industry is exploding. Learn how to get in on this burgeoning industry with Colorado Cannabis Business Loans.
Today, marijuana is legal for recreational use in nine states and is legal for medicinal use in 30 states, including Colorado. If you're looking to get into the business, there are a few steps you can take first.
Find out if your county or city is currently allowing applications for licenses. Because the government is trying to control the number of new cannabis dispensaries that pop up, some cities and … (1 comments)

medical marijuana: Getting Colorado Hard Money Loans for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - 02/15/19 09:20 AM
Medical marijuana programs are now legalized in a number of states in the United States. Many times, Colorado Hard Money Loans are the best option to fund dispensaries participating in these programs.
In his youth, Jerry served in the military completing a Gulf War tour and earning a purple heart. In the early-1990s, he returned to his home in California with post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic back pain. For many years he suffered from these conditions and struggled finding a form of consistent relief. By the mid-1990s, there were legal changes to cannabis, which came to Jerry’s attention. Medical Marijuana was soon … (1 comments)

medical marijuana: Why Arizona Hard Money Lenders Can Finance Your Dispensary - 02/15/19 08:48 AM
Arizona Hard Money Lenders are the main answer to the financial woes of Arizona’s cannabis industry. Just as they have helped countless businesses establish a foothold in the market, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are here to help individuals reap the benefits of the cannabis industry. Rates for dispensary financing start as low as 7.99% APR. No begging the banks, no lines, no bureaucracy, and no credit required. Consult your broker who knows the ins-and-outs of cannabis in Arizona.
The potential of cannabis in the United States is legion. Frankly, already, the industry’s multi-billion transcendence has baffled many on Wall Street. Why is … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: Break into the Cannabis Industry with Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/15/19 08:43 AM
With a cannabis business plan, a location, and an idea of possible returns, securing the money is the next big step. However, if financing is needed, the banks will say no. Arizona Hard Money Loans are the best option for cannabis dispensaries in Arizona.
As of 2011 with the Medical Marijuana Act in effect, the ADHS (Arizona Department of Health Services) began to accept applicants care givers and card recipients. Nearly a year later in 2012, state-regulated dispensaries began to appear. Currently, there are more than 150 dispensaries in Arizona. Dispensary applicants must pay an application fee of $5000, must have three … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: Start a Legal Cannabis Business with Arizona Hard Money Loans - 02/15/19 08:36 AM
The future is green. The sale of legal cannabis in the US is a multibillion-dollar industry poised to become an economic titan. Revenues from medicinal marijuana continue to grow. Take advantage with Colorado Hard Money Loans.
Here’s a quick history lesson: In 1937, the Federal Government passed the Marijuana Tax Act banning recreational use of cannabis, not necessarily medicinal. By 1970, the feds passed the Controlled Substances Act federally banning both recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. Between the 1970s to now, the year of our Lord MMXIX, cannabis laws have seen astronomical changes. Namely, many states have decriminalized, legalized, or medicinally … (1 comments)

medical marijuana: Cannabis Business Loans: The Future for Hard Money Lenders in Arizona - 02/01/19 12:07 PM
Arizona hard money lenders have to stay on top of financial trends. Currently, cannabis business loans are top dog. Learn more about how investors are using hard money cannabis loans to open up their own businesses.
The Arizona cannabis industry is exploding and investors are trying to get their hands on some of that money. Dispensaries are popping up all around the state, serving the tens of thousands of medical marijuana card holders.
When a new growth industry pops up, you want to get in the business early. Cannabis business loans in Arizona and working with a hard money lender allows you to … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: Why Don't Banks Offer Cannabis Business Loans in Arizona? - 02/01/19 09:49 AM
Most start-ups need a helping hand, but if you’re getting into the marijuana industry, you’ll find banks rarely offer Cannabis Business Loans in Arizona. A lot of this has to do with bureaucratic red tape, but you can cut through it with alternative lending.
The marijuana industry is booming now, thanks to favorable legislation enacted by most states. It’s no longer spoken about in whispers, but in professional circles and in terms of dollars and cents. Many savvy investors have jumped into the emerging sector, and with great success, but if you’re trying to start your own grow operation, dispensary, or are … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: Arizona Hard Money Loans: A Win-Win for Your Cannabis Business? - 01/28/19 10:49 AM
Arizona cannabis business loans are hard to come by. So what if you run into a crippling business expense? The bank isn't an option, equity is expensive, and crowdfunding offers no guarantees. So how do you find the help that's right for you?
A hypothetical grower already has a dispensary lined up to buy his first crop, but then, the utility company raises his electricity bill, doubling his cost of electricity per kilowatt hour. Since it's his first crop, he's strapped for cash.
It is a catch 22; until his first crop comes in he won't be able to pay his electricity … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: Eager to Open an Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary? - 01/25/19 09:11 AM
If you have driven down any major streets in Arizona, you have seen medical marijuana dispensaries. Thinking of opening a small business? A dispensary may be a great option. But, how do you get a loan for an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary?
Even though there are many states that have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana—it still isn’t considered “legal” by the federal government. What that means to entrepreneurs looking to open a dispensary is a traditional bank will likely not lend to a borrower for this purpose. And, in all reality, it may be a very long time until banks will … (0 comments)

medical marijuana: All About Arizona Cannabis Dispensary Loans - 01/25/19 08:18 AM
With the legalization of medical marijuana in Arizona, the need for financing of cannabis marijuana business operations is booming.
In 2016 legal recreational and medical cannabis states generated between $16 to $18 billion. By 2021 it is projected to reach $68 billion. These figures do not include other cannabis related industries such as doctors and growers. There are numerous jobs that are being created due to the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. These people then spend their money at other businesses. This money ends up paying local and state taxes—these businesses lead to benefits for real estate and construction, as well. … (0 comments)

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