self employed: Self Employed? Here's How You Can Still Get the Loan You Need - 02/19/19 12:51 PM
Think you can't get a home loan if you're self-employed? You actually can, and it's easier and cheaper than you might think. Let's look at Colorado Self-employed Home Loans.
In the old days before the recession, you could walk into a bank, verbally tell them how much you make, and walk out approved for a home loan. These days, things have changed. Of course, this is generally a good thing — it will keep people who can't afford to make payments from taking on too big of a house. This, in turn, should keep the housing market from disintegrating the way … (0 comments)

self employed: Rental Property Loans: Advice for the Self-Employed - 02/15/19 09:49 AM
Banks don't like to give Texas rental property loans to people with irregular incomes. So if your self-employed, you might think there is no way to buy into rental properties, but you'd be mistaken.
Because you can always use hard money, but if you do a google search for this term you might end up thinking to yourself, "so they don't care about how much money I make, and they charge over ten percent in interest, it sounds like a scam."
But hard money is a legitimate way to finance short term real-estate purchases. The high-interest incentives you to pay these loans back … (1 comments)

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