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Congratulations on your decision to visit THE Grand Canyon South Rim. Following are tips that should help you prepare to make this one of the best adventures ever. If you are driving, remember to keep on the lookout for animals in the road, substantially before you arrive at the gates of the Gran...
Updated photos replace previously posted flier notification of the September, 2011 Homeless Vet Stand Down.  I was privileged to attend this event as a volunteer. I really did not do much but served as a runner for other volunteers needing things. In between times, I got a few photos of the scen...
It may not be pretty, but for some weird reason I could not resist.  I think I should include a more pleasant photo to go along with this one.   The Great Blue Heron shot is sunset at Long Beach Harbor, Harrison County Mississippi.
Mike Fearn gave me a call yesterday to inform me of the FHA 203 (K) seminar. If you have an interest in this type of loan, you may attend (You do not have to be a REALTOR, or a Real Estate Agent to attend). If you plan to attend without a personal invitation from Mike Fearn or Bo Smith, please gi...
Recently I learned about this group and service through my nephew, Jeremiah who helps in Colorado Springs. I went to the website and was shocked at how much ANYONE can save on the food bill. AngelFood ministries is nationwide and provides a convenient location finder at the website. There is no s...
 Transitions can be intimidating even for those experienced in dealing with change. A bridge helps. I was apprehensive about crossing this bridge. Then, rationalized that people live back there and cross it daily, if not several times a day. Then, I relaxed and realized what a beautiful setting I...
Looking at the local paper; there does not seem to be many jobs available. However, in frequent drive throughs in the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area I have noted that several convenience stores have posted help wanted notices on their doors. At times, Craigslist posts valid jobs. A valid job on Crai...
I met this sweet natured dog while visiting an apartment/mobile home complex bordering the Back Bay in Biloxi. You may greet him at 2600 Old Bay Road. The complex Manager, Diane says that a person in a big black truck just dropped him off and left. No one can adopt him there as he is too big, alt...
The decision not to renew my NAR, MAR, GCAR membership did not come easy. Although one may hold a real estate license without being a REALTOR; it really makes things difficult if one plans to be active in single family home sales. My opinion is that if you intend to sell homes and have access to ...

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Are you excited? If you found me, you are most likely thinking of moving to... I remember the excitement, anticipation and concerns about relocating. Therefore, I try to convey "slice of life" moments with photo-blogs and single photo uploads to assist you in getting a "real feel".