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(The end result is a brainstorm. If you don't like the beginning subject matter scroll to the bottom. You may find something that benefits you:)) If there are cookie cutter comps available, it is fairly easy to help the seller develop a fairly close  listing price.  I do show and tell regarding a...
From time to time you will hear from me about Post Katrina experiences. I will try to give a pre-warning in the title or introduction in case you are one of the people that may be tired of hearing Post Katrina stories.            Some might think, "Get over it people"; Katrina was over a year ago...
Recent blogs regarding photos on the MLS lead me to thinking about agent photos, promotion, and safety. Then because so many couples work together in Real Estate and promote themselves as couplesI wonder if I could get feedback on the following questions.            #1: In promoting by photo, do ...
Face Value            In the recent blog by Leanne Paynter, we discussed the use of photos on the MLS, and, the lack of photos.  For a long time I have wondered why some agents do not use photos and more description. It seems there should be a reason. Speculations run the between: they are lazy, ...
I started this awhile back, long before I knew of Active Rain or my life in Real Estate as I now know it.  I have been so busy with Real Estate related activities that I put writing on the shelf. When I re-read this in my archived documents I began to wonder if I should set time aside for writing...
The National Association of Realtors® claims that as of 10/31/2006 there are 1, 370, 756 members.  Mississippi alone claims 6088 members. This does not include sales agents and brokers who are not members of this trade association. Can anyone find current stats that would include ALL agents and b...
This is a concept. You are invited to read between the lines.Right after Katrina the MGC had 4 main groups of people come in with the goal to lift us out of the 3rd world type lifestyle that Katrina had left us with. Group 1: The volunteers (non-profits), Group 2: Military, Group 3: The Governmen...

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