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Wouldn't that be a nice headline? I understand that an online store has been considered in the past, but was tabled because there were more important issues to attend to.  Many of us probably have little tweaks we would like to see done, like adding a convenient spell check feature:-) Figuring ou...
I wrote this story a couple of times in a couple of different styles using Word. It was obliterated both times by the Cyber monster.  So, I began to wonder...maybe I shouldn't tell it, maybe I was being tacky or something similar and Providence was protecting me. I have to test it -- so, here goe...
Recently I read many blogs regarding contact management systems. A statement was made, "Never use your MLS contact planner." I apologize that I do not remember who made this statement or which blog. If I researched that now, it could take me a long, long time, so, I'm just going to continue.Well,...
Recently, a gentleman named Paul Tatham, the Founder of International Realty Plus--gave me an instruction. It wasn't long, 1 short sentence. Get in touch with Dr. Anthony Ziagos.  This was in response to my question about guidelines for press releases in respect to International Realty Plus. Okay...
Many folks are writing about contact management systems including  at agentsonline. I have found many blogs of interest here at AR and there are far too many to link so I closed my eyes and picked one of the best --Considering Top Producer? . Today I took the plunge and went with http://topproduc...
We have some new crossovers, hybrid agents. Okay, those that see the value in straddling 2 or more agent online communities.  Recently I was homesick so I knocked on the doors of some of my mentors and role models at the agentsonline community.  I found that some were already here and some were d...
I am so frustrated I think I need different software, ugrading or something because I can't upload clip art to save my life. On top of that , If I compose in Word or Publisher it still comes to AR as plain text. Have I missed the most elementary of tutorials somewhere? On top of that, we have som...
I was peacefully sleeping and simultaneously thinking about cars. In my sleep debate quasi-dream I remember thinking establish office outside home or bigger car. Car. Okay, what kind? I remember thinking Active Rain members could probably provide some valuable insight. Then my phone rang several ...
If you are a Real Estate Professional, or you are a consumer and want to know what is really going on and you crave more street level knowledge and coaching with a variety of views--Active Rain is THE place to be. My intent is not so much to contribute but to soak in different ways of looking at ...
I was memed this morning by one of my new AR associates, Leanne Painter (I'm the one that is fairly new).  I am honored because I respect Leanne's depth of posts and her helpful attitude.  Of course I immediately questioned her, "Okay, I'll do it, but what is the purpose...."  Then I decided to s...

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