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Let's bring some REality to Active Rain. Behind the professional photos we see--there has got to be "Kodak" moments with family. If you feel comfortable posting photos of your family, give us your best 2 to 4 shots with taglines. This idea was formed during construction of My recent MEME . Sandra...
  I am a little slow to respond to Sandra Cummings gracious Memeing of me. A Meme is important! How many times do you get a chance to tell folks about 5 important things you want them to know about yourself? Well, in marketing and Active Rain, you may actually get several chances, or even make yo...
So, I am really enjoying the multi-tab features on Internet Explorer. Think about this... I get the creative idea of saving time by putting: Tab 1=Active Rain, Tab 2= MGC.MLX, Tab 3= website always in the works), Tab 4= REliberation, Tab 5= , Tab 6= Http://hud...
I don't know the actual numbers on this (Damion probably does :-), it seems that since February I've been hearing more about "failures to close" and homes appearing back on the market. It could be a MS Gulf Coast thing, or maybe its a national epidemic. Thus, far I have not had a "failure to clos...
Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I believe in "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due". Here are some reasons that I applaud Gateway.They have online chat with Sales; consequently I gave Billy V., a Direct Sales Manager a work out. The same with his team member that 1st assisted me. (I had actuall...
My early morning community photos are almost always at Long Beach Harbor. Its .6 miles from my home and I am hooked on the walk.  The reason I share these photos on Localism is because life is so much more than a house. Its what you see and experience on a daily basis. The people in my photos alw...
A poster in a different cyberspot mentioned that though she had an actual brick and mortar office that often her agents needed to meet clients away from the office. She mentioned that Libraries are good places to meet.I go to clients rather than have them come to me, or we will meet half way. Tha...
This is not Copy/Paste, it is scan/upload :-) Seriously everyone, I thought our Active Rain Community should know about Jeff Fulgram and Damion Flynn being honored in the quarterly issue of our Mississipi Association of REALTORS magazine.  Click here to see Damion's Mag. PhotoIts no wonder these ...
 Note: I had no idea if Damion, or, Jeff would let you guys know about this honor. I thought you should know. Blogging and Active Rain are specifically plugged in this article. I could have made one post and placed them side by side, but it seemed to me that each deserves his own round of applaus...
History: All posts by me, Suzi Gravenstuk, are 100% original. I am influenced by years of study, reading, and research of other people's work. This particular piece was constructed in Microsoft Publisher 2007, today, Friday, July 13th, 2007. The work is saved as PNG, uploaded by 9:30PM and releas...

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