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I don't know what change I made, but whatever I did it created a frustrating issue with using blogging platforms. The Hand will only disappear if I click on spell check. I cannot highlight. It makes resizing photos a pain. So, if any one has any ideas, please let me know.I use Windows Vista for B...
It is great having the Bay Bridge and the Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridges operable again. The Bay Bridge between Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis seems to be getting a lot of activity on the pedestrian/bike path.            A friendly biker on the Bay Bridge. Everyone I encounter on Bay Bridge seems...
 Sunday, April 20th, around 4:30 AM I was awakened by what I thought was the sound of my son gagging. He had been ill a couple of days before, so I got up to check on him. I also thought I smelled burnt popcorn. I remember wondering why my daughter was microwaving popcorn so early in the morning....
Are you in the business of helping buyers relocate or otherwise find new homes listing below $100, 000.00?Are you looking for a new home priced below $100, 000.?Do you wonder what you can possibly get on the Gulf Coast for below $100, 000?Well, then, it may be in your best interest to contact:Rib...
Somewhere, deep in my blog archives is a blogport of my experience at last year's Fair Housing Conferance. I met the most awesome people. Every moment was enlightening and educational. The odd thing about my "day off"at the Gulf Coast Fair Housing Conference was that I met several "random" contac...
*Anyone needing information regarding market activity, please call your REALTOR (or me if you do not have a professional alliance at this time.) The following information includes only the search criteria defined for each chart. Search criteria for the top chart will not be the same for the botto...
     I am privileged to attend a church pastored by a dynamic couple. I used to fall asleep in church. NO more, Yeah!!! They are such dynamic teachers that I literally absorb a lot of teaching (sorry, Pastors I have not acquired the ability to speak the scriptures as you do...).     Pastor Felix ...
 In appreciation to Carlene Alfonso, Judy Freemon, Ann Prewitt, Laura Nobels,              You obviously work so had at being the BEST at what you do. You are prepared. You have shared personal experiences to drive home theof our careers, our risk, our rewards.Agency: "Don't Get Caught in Court",...
I have not had cause to use the "My Referral" button on my home page until the last day or so. WOW! What a way to get hooked up! I feel confident that any who responded would be a great choice in assisting my client. Now, the issue is choosing among great responses.  There is a kink in the Bridge...

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