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           I took a listing with "issues" towards the end of January.  The home was moderate, cute and almost new in a subdivision of older homes.  The home could have probably brought $10K to $12K more if it were in the newer subdivision a field and a creek away. Fortunately, the owners understo...
Please note that this is a public blog and is encouraged to be linked, fed, copied...   My original questions was to find out: What is the beginning date and time and the ending date and time of the AR blog week. Then, similar to preachers who start out with one sermon and then end up preaching a...
Today is an Active Rain right of passage for me. I remember in the beginning, looking at the Active Rain Celebrities and thinking, first of all--I would never get there. Well, I am not a celebrity, still starting from 0, 85K is not bad. Many others have started later than me and progressed farthe...
I was reading this blog this morning (Check it out to understand my train of thought) . Then because of my recent concern regarding a localism post, I wondered...If a subject is considered "Tabu" at work--should it be considered "Tabu" if you are blogging in a work capacity? Should you discuss wi...
Mississippi Buyers and Sellers: For those of you who wonder about Mississippi Death Disclosure regarding real estate law, here it is... Real Estate Transfer Disclosure for the State of Mississippi. Click here! Keep in mind there are exceptions that may apply. Look to the menu on the left side. Cl...
Thank GOD Gustav did not have the power or longevity of Katrina. Hwy 90 was officially closed today, but I had authority this time to snap a few pictures. Keep in mind that some pictures may look bad because of Post Katrina damage, not Gustav damage. Please also keep in mind that the Gulf Coast i...
First, I apologize to the Long Beach, MS Government and other workers because I did not think the curfew applied to me. When I started out I was just going to walk around the block. Then I became obsessed, and kept walking. I admit it was very windy. I rationalized that I grew up in North Texas a...

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